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The Economic Justice We Should Be Voting For


The Economic Justice We Should Be Voting For

Isaiah Poole

Polls are open Tuesday in four cities that are listed among the 10 “worst cities for black Americans” and two of “America’s most segregated cities,” according to reports published last year by 24/7 Wall St.


Simply to broaden context - because economics domestically are part of the largely kleptocratic globalization putsch/push - today’s Keiser Report might be of interest.


So long as Big Business decides, the Race Issue will be relegated to the back burner.

That’s why Mr. Sanders’ challenges to the 1% and its control not just of the national conversation, but also the parameters of the possible presents the ONLY hope for progress for the Black Community. The Clintons, as Wall Street’s and the War Machine’s salespersons can only provide lip service along with an occasional crumb.


Poole is spot on saying : “perhaps blacks are not demanding enough”. Russell Simmons and the Clintons ignore the fact that presidents who advanced the civil rights agenda (FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, JFK and LBJ) were not confronted with and didn’t pursue the lukewarm demands that Simmons and Clinton admonish blacks and the rest of the 99% to limit themselves to. Had those presidents pushed Clinton’s lukewarm agenda, none of the civil rights legislation of the 50s and 60s would have advanced, and the Jim Crow era would have never ended.


Thanks for the RT link.

The discussion confirms that reorganizing the Federal Reserve and breaking up too-big-to-fail banks needs to be the highest priority if there is any hope of advancing the agenda of blacks and the rest of the 99% and reversing the power of the 1%.

With Clinton and Trump’s GOP opponents committed to doubling down on serially failed economic policies, and no evidence that banking reform is on Trump’s radar, electing Sanders is the only hope for real change.


What hypocrisy? Gee bend over backwards for CLinton and excuse the status quo why don’t you?

Well gee we don’t criticize the Clinton’s because Bill gave us a great economy that gave blacks jobs right? The invention of the computer and its introduction into our everyday lives saved America’s economy as I remember it (let’s not mention not enforcing anti trust/monopoly laws on Microsoft.) yet Bernie wanting to help the poor isn’t enough but also is too much to be delivered on?Yeah right!

No f’n mention of paying a minimum wage of $15ph min. wage while Hillary begrudges only $12. Like that doesn’t matter to someone who is poor? That right there is why black elites are more concerned with being perceived as being pro Hillary not because it will do much for the black community but because they think it will solidify the status quo in which they are only just establishing themselves and actually do not want change any of that either just like many democratic status quo white elites. They fear change because they are doing well. Meanwhile some poor family is wondering why their leaders are telling them not to vote for the guy who wants them to be able to go to college free and wants to double the min. wage.

To read this article you kind of have to forget that Obama is black. Not much changed while a black man was president but somehow everything is talked about as if nothing had changed since Jim Crow ruled the roost. Except it did didn’t it. What didn’t change was that even a black president didn’t do much for blacks than did white presidents.

Meanwhile the one politician who fought for civil rights and protested and marched and got arrested for the sake of justice …that isn’t mentioned either. I think some things are becoming clear to Americans that won’t easily go away. First that there is a permanent status quo elite who are protecting their places up at the big house. Secondly that black leaders and elites manipulate people talking about what people today are deserved because people dead for a hundred years were slaves. Yes those people should have got that 40 acres and a mule and more actually. That is the truth. However could someone please explain why today’s black leaders will ignore a civil rights activist who wants to increase the min wage and provide free college education (another thing not mentioned in this article) as well as Medicare for all … That why such things do not count as doing far far more than ever did Clinton who also gave us NAFTA and the crime bill and all the rest that have done nothing to help blacks?

Someone please tell me exactly what exactly did the Clinton’s do that is so positive for the black community? What specifically actually helped because they did so much for blacks right? When young Bernie was marching with MLK, Hillary when young was sitting on the board of Walmart. Maybe Hillary getting so much money for those speeches from Wall St will magically trickle down to a min. wage worker?

Please tell me why free college and better wages and health care for all and which would be astounding benefits to a min wage family and working class family wouldn’t finally break the cycle that keeps the poor uneducated their potential and opportunities down?


Edit added for clarification about Bernie marching and Hillary sitting.


Hers’s hoping lots of people in the five states are feeling the Bern and participating in the Movement.


“It’s time to not merely vote for a candidate but for the kind of transformation that once and for all repairs the damage of our racist past and makes America whole.”: This is why the USA needs socialism.


Or consider the broader issues. Since Reagan, the US has embraced a full socioeconomic and political agenda that has kept us locked into a downhill slide. Want to discuss race or class? Both? America now has a poverty crisis – not just a low wage problem. The great majority of desperately poor are white. Note that we call poor black people “disadvantaged” and poor white people “white trash,” and treat them accordingly. Meanwhile, liberals have maintained a pep rally for the middle class during the years of this administration, and have worked to imply that the worst-off anyone can be in the US is a low wage worker.

We have been profoundly divided and subdivided by class and race, pitted against each other. This ensures that there can be no massive People’s movement needed to push back against the growing fascism in this country.


This generation obviously rejects socialism, and particularly rejects democratic socialism (which does, dare I say it, include a legitimate welfare system). Face it, Americans overall so strongly believe in the success of our deregulated capitalism that they think everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. It would be stupid to change such a system.


Yesterday, Bernie got routed in Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina with Hillary winning a squeaker in Illinois and possibly another neck-and-neck race in Missouri. Democratic establishment voters are so intimidated by Trump they are turning in force to the support of Hillary - while many are not at all happy with that choice. In fact, a number of dis-enchanted-with-Hillary Democrats have already turned to Trump and more may well do the same.

The DNC elites’ concocted belief that Hillary’s personal perfidious flaws - her mendacity, untrustworthy character, personally and politically enriching flirtation with Wall Street money powers - should be set aside as she has the superior political experience, demographic network, and toughness to defeat Trump which Bernie lacks. Besides, she will caste a blind eye to the Democratic elites’ powers and privileges of being spoon money fed by a pervasively corrupt political system that doesn’t give a damn about Main Street.

America will get just what it deserves if Trump wins the presidencywhich is very likely. Hillary is no match for Trump but rather is rich fodder for his psychic energy for ruthless character assassination. Besides, macho-man Trump is seen by a fast growing Republican voter insurgency electorate as the authentic outsider who’s vowing to crash the system (as is Bernie Sanders in his own way) - with a new mix of liberal and conservative policy initiatives along with some insane ones (e.g., building a wall along Mexican-U.S. border and exporting 11 million Mexican families for possible reentry on a legal basis).

The only hope for Bernie against Hillary would be if could win convincingly in California and New York plus a few other mid and northwestern states. But that’s not going to happen, I’m afraid. The to-date pledged and unpledged (i.e. massive super delegate endorsement of Hillary ) voter math is not in his favor by a substantial margin.

All I can say is … heaven help America! Our nation may be about to elect a narcissistic sociopath as President.


Wereflea: Good post but you MIS-SPOKE on something & I DON’T want all your observations invaiidated as a result. You note Bernie Sanders’ civil rights “marching with MLK”–THAT WAS IN THE 1960s “while Hilary was sitting on the board of WalMart”–THAT WAS FROM 1985-1991.


sigh lol…I didn’t mean it literally but you are correct…, it should have read something more like >>> when he was young Bernie marched with MLK and when Hillary was young she sat on the board of Walmart.

Edit readded - I edited/corrected it to clarify but I never intended it to be literal but just a comparison of who they have been through the years.