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The Economic Rationale for the Democrats’ Aggressive Agenda

The Economic Rationale for the Democrats’ Aggressive Agenda

Jared Bernstein

Just because Congress is anchored in a toxic combination of partisan gridlock and Trumpian chaos doesn’t mean policy debates are dead. Democrats are working overtime to craft an alternative to the status quo, including progressive tax reform, jobs programs, pushback on climate change, universal health care, expanded Social Security and more.

As it happens, economic conditions right now make this an excellent time for a bolder-the-better agenda.

Fiscally conservative Democrats, Republicans and Independents should like a version of Single Payer that is National Deficit Neutral. For example:

Single Payer Detail


Democrat’s promise of domestic improvements are impossible bulls#!t while they support the ongoing draining of America’s treasury and credit line by the Murder Profiteers running foreign policy.

America is being attacked from within and being destroyed by a military tapeworm. That tapeworm has stolen the US Flag as it’s own standard, but has left the constitution back in the dust.


Something so simple-----make social security solvent----and I would think democrats could get Trump to sign on. I hear so many young people talking about how they will never see their social security—and this would help create a stable economy.

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I will harvest truck loads of hundred dollar bills from the money tree in my back yard long before “the democrats get Trump to sign on” (to make social security solvent).

“Economic rationale” implies that enough voters have at least a basic understanding of economics to make decisions based on economic principles.

I inhabit highly educated social circles, yet few of the people that I associate with have ever taken an economics class in high school or college.

How many of you readers and the people that you know have taken an economics class ?

I took 101 and was bored-learned nothing. However, after 9-11 I knew it was imperative to learn a LOT about a LOT of stuff. I’ve read a lot of Keynesians as well as noting that other economists sometimes have real insights. I urge everyone to learn. Keep up.