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The Economist’s Premature Obituary for the Sanders Movement


The Economist’s Premature Obituary for the Sanders Movement

Justin Anderson

Earlier this month, the US politics opinion column of the Economist (6/7/18), pseudonymously written by “Lexington,” was accompanied by a cartoon depicting Sen. Bernie Sanders (Ind.–Vermont) with a comically oversized hook nose. Perhaps cartoonist KAL was unaware of the connotations of the hook nose in antisemitic caricatures of Jews over the years, though this seems unlikely.


Something we should never lose sight of is the writers of the mentioned publications are paid to be dismissive of progressive ideology. Even if they wanted to project those values in a positive way, their editors wouldn’t allow it.


Boycott Corporate Media.

Like Nancy Reagan always said,

“Just Say No.”


The mainstream British press are little more than lazy Fascists. They’re flaccid and flowery writing has deteriorated to the level of George Will’s best columns. Yes, it’s that bad!
The British analysis of the American Left, while always appearing quite smart and pithy, leaves the reader, in the end, wondering whether the writer was suffering from bovine encephalopathy. And, their teeth are truly …well, kissing a Brit is akin to kissing the south end of a horse walking north.
As it is my intention to be fair to the British Crown, my anonymous sources tell me that Prince Charles is proof the Queen did have sexual relations with Mr. Ed, The Talking Horse.


“The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.”
John Kenneth Galbraith


The Economist is way off base, as usual.

I see several questions regarding Sanders:

  • How much credibility did he lose by betraying his base to endorse HRC and parrot the “Russia” nonsense?

  • How can the DNC be forced, persuaded, cajoled, or ridiculed into allowing a small-d democratic choice of big-D candidate? The DNC has given ground twice, reducing the number and strength of superdelegates. But they have clearly not simply given way to allowing a legitimate election process. They have also produced other new rules to prevent a popular candidate like Sanders who has had ties outside the party from entering the fray.

I’d welcome a Sanders nomination as an improvement, given the field. But the point is moot. The DNC is working against him, and he is willing to bend to their disapproval, as he showed in 2016. He’s doing good work in Vermont, but it would be more practical to start working for an authentic challenge or 3rd party candidate from the start.


How charming! You’re a credit to your country and make it so hard to see how you elected that great big mirror to your country’s culture and psychology, Donald Trump. .


I voted for " the other woman ", Dr. Jill Stein. Like the best of the French political class, I know " you don’t get your meat the same place you get your potatoes ". Ah, Paris in the the spring, if you will.