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The Economy Isn’t Working. That’s Exactly the Plan.

Look to the Austrian School (economists), the invention of Neoliberalism, the book The Road To Serfdom, the work of Milton Friedman and the Chicago School (economists) in the USA. Also the development of neoliberal corporate globalization out of the Bretton Woods institutions, especially after the GATT morphed into the WTO.


Superb work by Freeman, outlining the intentional decimation of the US economy by what i call “the looting class” for reasons that should be clear. Thanks for steadily posting his articles here.


And who are these people voting for----Republicans??? There were two directions being offered in 1980------Carter was talking about sacrifice and living within our means-----Reagun was all about unleashing those capitalist forces??? Of course that means borrowing and selling until the party ends.

And Democrats moved to the right because Republicans kept winning these mid-west and southern states. These states like Ohio screwed themselves. Trump let thousands of auto jobs leave Ohio and they still voted for him???

But what a great economy—work for Door Dash—make your own hours—drive your own car----use your own phone-----who needs a babysitter the kids can go with you----put them to work----maybe you might make min wage-----

And this is the other big LIE-----the real cost of inflation—we are a third world country.


Good mention of the Powell Memo. That is one of the earliest “smoking guns” of this effort. The case for Supply Side Economics was extensively debated in the late seventies and early eighties. Arthur Laffer was one of the earliest exponents. Jude Wanniski, of the Wall Street Journal was one of the most visible. George Gilder’s book, Wealth and Poverty, was among the most influential.

The case above is what I call “hydraulic social physics.” If you shoot a ball up into the air and know its velocity and the angle of inclination, you can calculate its apex, when it reaches there, how far it has travelled, etc.

In social contexts, the relationships are not as mechanically exact (hence, hydraulic). But if you pass legislation specifically intended to benefit the wealthy, which supply side economics was very clear about, and you measure the outcome, and the wealthy end up being benefitted, I argue that you have a pretty good working model. No occult forces at work, no unintended consequences. A simple match between intention and outcome.


I must add, we didn’t “build” the continent, either. It was already here. We could not have made it. It’s beyond human ability to do that, and the exact opposite is true. The Earth “built” us!

These are not just innocent or creative ways of articulating reality, the distortions in the language of the author. This is our hubris. It’s how we confer cultural entitlement century after century. Our violence is justified, specifically in this case, by our supposedly great creations!

So, it’s two lies in one. The first lie that we “built” the Earth itself, and the second is the omission of all we obliterated, and the rivers of blood we waded in doing it. That’s how evil endures. It requires a lie first.

It’s why this culture never changes in any substantial way. We create our own reality with which we brainwash people starting the moment they are born.

Growing up in Massachusetts we were taught of course about the Pilgrams—and Witch trials in Salem-----outside of school I would learn about King Philip and the Peak house-----but teachers avoided this subject------I do think they were afraid of what would happen if they went into this subject. The thing that blows me away is that these native people had resided in that area for over 14,000 years-----and “americans” have been here what 400 yrs???

I didn’t even know the name Massachusetts was from a native tribe until I was out of “school”.


“Build out” doesn’t mean “build.” It means add infrastructure to, to develop.

While I agree with you are we sure we are not all on the same side of the fence. Your points are well known here. At least with most. Yes the desire to do this had been around for decades, if not centuries…, but the conditions finally came together, as you say, and the gas pedal was floored when they finally got raygun in. You can add up all the events before, nixon, Carter, Johnson, Kennedy, even Eisenhower was played. Now we see that trump was the expected result of the devolution.

I have always believed that the raygun democrats were always repugs.

This article has a lot of what has been going on. I think the author has been listening to me for the last 40— years.
Great article.

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OK, a good summary of what’s been going on since Reagan, but what is the solution? Ideally, a peaceful transition to democratic socialism is in order, but how? Or are we going to have a violent upheaval like the French Revolution? The stakes are much bigger now because predatory capitalism will stop at nothing. As long as a dime is to be made, making the planet uninhabitable makes no difference. Killing the host doesn’t make any difference to cancer either.


Oh, they built all the buildings with all the forests they cut down and all the habitat and lives they destroyed. Well, big fucking deal, eh?

How unimpressive. Destroying what cannot be built, for too much of what can. We won the planetary Darwin Award.

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Indeed. “If we build it, we are dumb.” Took out many peoples and species in the process. And even at this late date, can’t even seem to see the onrushing catastrophe unleashed…

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I didn’t even know the name Massachusetts was from a native tribe until I was out of “school”.

Most people do not in the least make the connection between the names of states, cities, mountain ranges (Adirondack, Appalachia) lakes (Tahoe), rivers (Potomac), etc., etc., and the origins of those words.

Your teachers didn’t talk about it because Native Americans are “invisible” in this culture (on purpose), and Black Americans are “hypervisible” for equally racist reasons. They have obliterated more than the populations of indigenous people. They have obliterated the truth.

The current estimates are that indigenous people have been here at least 15,500 years, and there is evidence that they have been here much longer, possibly as long as 23,000 years in SE US.

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The problem is, we only build dead things. And we kill too many living things to make all those dead things.


Thank you for correcting me. I had never heard the term before, and basically understood what it meant, but I should have taken the time to know, and I did mean that whatever we “built” we made out of things we didn’t “build,” things that were already here and that humans can’t build.

We always leave that part out when we’re bragging about all we have done.

I hate this culture. If I were CEO of the universe, there would be psilocybin in the water supply.

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Used to fantasize about dosing the water supply, decades ago when i was young…

It’s a good idea. Impossible, but good nonetheless.

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The US economy almost single handedly won the second world war?

So those 25 million dead Russians were just a nuisance factor?

80 percent of all German losses were against the Russians. The USA had barely entered the war when the USSR broke the back of the Germans at Stalingrad. The Russians lost more soldiers at Stalingrad then all of the western allied forces combined through the entire war. The vast majority of German Armor and its air force was lost on the eastern front to T-34 tanks, Sturmovik and Yak fighter jets and the Russian soldier with his and her rifle. The mighty US economy had little to do with Russian victories at Leningrad, at Stalingrad, and at Kursk.

The US role in winning world two was in joining in after it all but over .


Early on in the days of Colonialism , the Spanish Empire was the mightiest in the world. It had pooled tremendous wealth by STEALING it from the Peoples of the Americas and of the Far east and through the use of slavery and genocide.

The British built their Empire the same way. Fully half of its total income came from plundering India of its wealth. The Industrial revolution was financed through the profits made from slavery and Colonialism.

The USA followed that very model. Its wealth was via slavery, genocide and theft.

It pretty easy to “create wealth” when you steal it from others. The economy worked pretty well for those doing the stealing.



Thank you for engaging here. You seem like an intelligent person. It’s sad your contributions are always so venomous. But venom is not an argument. It only degrades the quality of the discussion for everybody.

First, let’s be clear, the issue you focus on—industrial production during World War II—is entirely irrelevant to the discussion at hand. It is the fallacy of misplaced concreteness. That is to say, while it MAY be true, it has essentially nothing to do with the argument in the article, which is about U.S. economic policy post-1980. But putting aside the histrionics and the irrelevance, here are the actual data.

U.S industry supplied almost two-thirds of all weapons systems used by allies in World War II, including those used by the Soviet Union. It produced 297,000 aircraft, 193,000 artillery pieces, 86,000 tanks, and more than 2,000,000 army trucks. Before the Battle of Stalingrad—the most decisive battle in the European theater—the U.S. supplied the Soviet Union with 10,000 tanks, 14,000 aircraft, and 350,000 trucks. None of this production was based on “slavery, genocide, and theft.”

This is a really important issue and you might actually have something to contribute. So, please dial back the vitriol. It doesn’t make you look more intelligent, and it certainly doesn’t make you more persuasive. It only degrades the discussion for everybody. Thank you.

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