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The Education Inequality Struggle


The Education Inequality Struggle

Marian Wright Edelman

This has been a hard year for poor children and children of color in a gridlocked and cantankerous Congress. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) replacing the No Child Left Behind Act was enacted after gutting a strong federal role in education policy designed to protect these children and jeopardizing their opportunity for a fair and adequate education to prepare them for work in our globalizing economy.


The only thing that will ensure that Educational Equality will come for everybody is a change in our whole societal structure. Over the years, and all too often, policies have been implemented that are affectively band-aid solutions, as well as attempts to treat the symptoms of a deeply ingrained, age-old societal problem without actually getting at and treating the underlying root causes, and all too often, it has led to disaster, because such policies have served to exacerbate already-existing situations, such as flight from the public schools, very high student school drop-out rates, and already-existing racial/ethnic/socioeconomic hostilities.


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You're absolutely spot-on, Cookies. That's why a change in our whole system and how our society works overall is really the only way to end poverty and to ensure an equal education for all children here in the United States.

You're also right when you say that a child growing up in poverty often repeats the cycle.

Thanks for a great post.