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The Elders Call for Surge in Global Cooperation to Combat 'Current Disarray' Set Off by Covid-19, Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/22/elders-call-surge-global-cooperation-combat-current-disarray-set-covid-19-climate

I hope that the Elders can prevail—as Trump and his method of ruling the world seems to have created many mini Trumps all over the world. If Trump was a dystopian movie-----Earth would implode—and it seems ready to implode in so many ways right now. : (

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Isn’t it rather strange ? Here we have a group claiming to speak for the World, yet they do not have representatives from all the countries around the world. In fact the color of the representatives clearly displays the biase that this group holds for the REAL people of the World. I’m Australian, and I did not see ONE indigenous Australian Elder representing my country. Apparently we are unable to voice our opinion, or simply don’t matter at all. Doesn’t say much for this group, does it ?

Hi itchyvet1:
No, since Nelson Mandela and others began this group, I have no problems with believing that what Nelson Mandela and Ban Ki Moon and others began, is a great idea. It is a group originally formed of many people of many nations—but peole who have consistently worked for the benefit of all of us.
I am sure that skin color or nationality is a measure of who belongs---- and this group appears to show people from many nations. You are from Australia—that’s nice but perhaps you should try out New Zealand as that nation appears to work for the common good----I understand the head guy in Australia is not that interested in All people. So perhaps in only LOOKING for what appears to be there—contact this group and see how you could help. : )