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The Elders Decry Trump's 'Baseless Accusations' of Electoral Fraud, Call For Him to 'Accept the Verdict' of the American People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/12/elders-decry-trumps-baseless-accusations-electoral-fraud-call-him-accept-verdict


Is Trump in a competition for the most reviled major world leader since 1954 (when Stalin died). If so he is doing well?


Feels good to have the world rebuke the bully. Right on!


Four years of disgust, four years of torture from the lying, and now fear of dangerous tantrums.


In related news, a group called The Juveniles praised Trump for trying to stage a coup.


How long will take to sanitize the WH after the Covid riddled Trump administration leaves? Mark Meadows and Trump will probably walk around licking door knobs.

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Seeing how the GOP’s corporate sponsors have owned enough Congresscritters to own the US gubmit going back to Newt’s contract on America a quarter century ago, the 21st century continues to see the corporations buying gubmits in other nations. Trump and the GOP’s autocratic rule in the US accelerates the rate at which other nations succumb to autocracy.

Its all part of the corporations’ goal to turn the world into their neofeudal empire wherein they own it all while the 99% own nothing.


Please face the facts! This problem with a recalcitrant President is deeper than one perverse man. The US is almost 250 years old. For many decades, Americans have been loudly crowing about how it is the oldest of democracies and also the most democratic of them all. Yet in all the years of its existence it has never learned how to hold a fair and fraud free election, or at least an election that no one can point to actual fraud having been practiced. Why is that? Why does the self declared best democracy in the World constantly complain about irregularities. Let me tell you something, many older democracies than America’s have held elections year after year with no cries of fraud, none! Does that surprise you? It’s time the US grew up and started acting like a real democracy. In fact it’s long past time for it to do so!

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Many good points Archie. The past four years, not only have many Americans awoken to the fact that the entrenched form of government that exists here is in fact quite far from what most scholars would describe as a Democracy, but, a great number of the nations of the world have deep reservations about this Duopoly’s ability to maintain a working relationship as a major world partner.

Are the republicans charging fraud from the democrats with the vote counting as a dodge? The old Cheney shuffle. The best defense is a good offense…
Covering up their own voter fraud? By the way, that nobody is even looking for.

Trump hasn’t come out of his bunker for 5-6 days now. Is he still in the country?
Asylum somewhere?
I know, a bit cynical. but trump helped it along.

With Global Warming risks rising amid the continuing failure of our own nation
to give leadership to STOP the burning of fossil fuels here and to ensure clean
up of pollution –

We continue to face new cases of the Covid Virus over 159,000 yesterday –
with a madman in the Oval Office still unrestrained and still ignoring the Virus –

A Supreme Court which is a further threat to democracy in regard to arming right wing
militants – an attack on the Voting Rights Act – and putting our government and all of
our elected members of government up for sale to the highest and wealthiest bidders
in “Citizens United” – a case based in the lie of corporations being “people.”

A Supreme Court which has ignored GOP voter suppression across the nation which
extends not only to AA’s and POC, but actual Democrats and liberal voters being targeted.
It’s sat idly by while Trump has tried to destroy the nation’s confidence in our US Postal
Service and “Vote by Mail” which has been judged now by our Department of Homeland
Security to have been “the most secure” vote in decades based in PAPER BALLOTS,
PEN and Tracking Numbers. And while the actual damage being done to our Post Offices
has been carried out by the Administration’s own appointee, Post Master General Louis
De Joy who seems to have bought the position for $600,000 and more.

And this right wing Supreme Court continues to sit idly by while our madman President
preaches lies about election fraud to his followers in order to deny his loss of the election.

Now, not only politically compromised by its ties to the GOP, it is further compromised by
its ties to the Catholic Church.

We have some very serious problems in the US which need to be attended –
including a US Congress crippled by GOP Senate rule which refuses to allow any House
legislation to be voted on. And while this same GOP Senate continues to move right wing
and “unqualified” Judges onto our Courts.

Is this Supreme Court once more “standing by” –