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The Elders Issue Scathing Rebuke of Israel's Trump-Approved West Bank Annexation Plan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/11/elders-issue-scathing-rebuke-israels-trump-approved-west-bank-annexation-plan


the sanity of elder wisdom speaks to us with clarity and vision. May their words be heard and acted upon by this country and everyone else on the planet.


The argument made to this day that the State of Israel has always been the aggrieved party and that the war in 1948 just as example was a matter of Israel defending itself against aggressive Arab nations.

The fact is this. Israel unilaterally declared itself a Country and began expelling Palestinians from territories the new State of Israel claimed as its own. The Arab league had never agreed to the partition plan as it was till under negotiation and they were concerned that Israel was getting more territory then their population warranted and that the rights of the Palestinians in what was to become Israel had to be protected.

Imagine if you would the Province of Quebec here in Canada claiming independence , then claiming that Labrador was to belong to this new Country and then rounding up First Nations peoples and English speaking Canadians at gunpoint and ordering them to leave .

If the rest of Canada intervened which side would be deemed to be acting in “self defense” ?


Wow, what a brilliant ‘solution.’ I’m still struggling to find anything whatsoever in this plan that is of benefit to the Palestinian people. Uh, let’s see. If you drop all claims against Israel, we’ll let them take all your land, officially, and you can enter into new “peace negotiations” at that point. Good luck.


Why don’t the Israelis just be done with this shillyshallying and just execute all Palestinians at the Dome of the Rock tomorrow at sunrise. Pompeo looks a little like Goring anyway so I’m sure he’d be pleased to attend the festivities. Then we can all stop pretending that Israel doesn’t equal Nazi Germany. Because this ‘plan’ is just slow motion slaughter with the US as head of the cheerleading squad… that glimmer of optimism I had reading the article about The Elder group just died…


In the year 2020, in a raw sense, might makes right. If the US provided overpowering military aid to the independent country of Quebéc – and if, say the newly established country contained valuable natural resources which its “leaders” were willing to profitize for US corporations – then, according to ‘might makes right,’ Quebéc would be acting in “self-defense.” There would be throngs of armed Quebecois proclaiming exactly that. And the corporate media/propaganda would be amplifying their proclamations to the nth degree, thereby making them de facto “true” in the minds of the uncritical masses.


I hope I’ll be proven wrong to say that a peaceful resolution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict is no longer tenable. Both the regime in Israel and the rabid vulture capitalism in the US are beyond peaceful democratic redemption. There’s no way but war at this point to dealing with both cancers.

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Sorry, elders, prayers and pleads have always fallen on deaf Zionist ears. The sole solution now and into the future remains war. Zionism as Nazism must be eliminated by means of force.


We continue to pay the price for not investigating 9/11. The only thing that sucks more than the truth, is continuing to avoid it.


I know the bar is already extremely low when Trump’s involved; but I have to say that Jared Kushner really gives me the creeps. Especially with the smile he’s displaying in that picture.

Alone among most governments, the Trump administration has said it will support the annexation of West Bank and Gaza and all territory claimed by the Palestinians as long as Israel agrees to enter peace talks with the Palestinians within a year after they finish expelling them.

“Annexation is not in line with international law,” EU foreign policy spokesperson Peter Stano
told [the] press Monday. “If it goes ahead, the EU will act accordingly.”

– Yes, the EU will issue three tut-tuts instead of the usual two.
If we’re lucky, Canada will issue one tut-tut instead of the usual none.

Hu merl:
And if only Israel would remember what the nazis did to them—oh wait, those people are mostly dead- by now-----weird then how the current Israelis act as if no oder ople were ever treated so badly----oh but, what a lovely way to attack other nations and steal their land.And, worst of all get away with it. : (


@timebr, there are other ways- all that’s needed is just for enough people (bilaterally) to be sufficiently open-minded, to be willing to consider them… The following 431 words, are the barest minimum that I’ve been able to pare the ideal solution down to, while remaining sufficiently comprehensive:

A border is drawn (based approximately- but not necessarily exactly, factoring in mutually agreed upon land swaps- on the ’67 lines), demarcating the states of Israel, and Palestine. And any settlers who wind up behind the Palestinian border, are granted an “amnesty” by Palestine (and thus will be permitted to remain in Palestine), in exchange for Israel opening its borders to a comparable number of diaspora Palestinians (and any Palestinians beyond that designated number that are permitted to relocate to Israel, can instead relocate to the new state of Palestine). And there could be variety of citizenship possibilities, for the settlers in Palestine & the Palestinian returnees to Israel (i.e., they each could be given the choice of either having only Palestinian citizenship, or only Israeli citizenship, or dual Israeli-Palestinian citizenship).

And after this initial, onetime acceptance of the present settlers by Palestine, and the designated number of Palestinian returnees by Israel (as stipulated by the peace agreement), from then onwards- Israel will retain full control over immigration into Israel (and thus can keep its Law of Return for Jews), and likewise, Palestine will have full control over immigration into Palestine, with every bit as much power to accept or reject whichever prospective immigrants they’d like to (and so by way of such immigration policies, Israel can maintain its Jewish majority & thus secure its Law of Return, and Palestine can maintain a Palestinian majority that will secure an analogous policy favoring Palestinians immigrants. For a state can’t function as a Jewish homeland if diaspora Jews can’t immigrate into the state, and similarly a state can’t function as a Palestinian homeland if diaspora Palestinians can’t immigrate into the state.)

And while the border between Israel & Palestine will be closed in terms of permanent residency & citizenship, it could be entirely open for everything else (work, travel, etc.) And the two states could be joined in a confederation, where they could perhaps share the same currency, mass transit systems, water & electricity grids, and other commonalities for the sake of efficiency and convenience (so that the two states would effectively operate as a single state, in all respects except for immigration and citizenship- a restriction that’s vitally necessary so as to preserve the existence of Israel and Palestine as distinct states).

And lastly, Jerusalem could be either divided (with East Jerusalem going to Palestine, and West Jerusalem going to Israel, and with all Palestinians and Israelis having unfettered access to their respective holy sites throughout the entire city), or remain whole (and be administered by an international body, i.e. the UN).

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