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The Electability Spin Machine

The Electability Spin Machine

Jeb Lund

Here's where the spin begins.

Ordinarily you would think math would settle the issue of who won or did not win an election, but that's not the country we live in. The spin started months ago, and will continue forever. Barack Obama didn't win 2012: That RINO Romney surrendered it to him. And he didn't win 2008: The media didn't vet him, and George W. Bush's big-government conservatism handed half the country over while the New Black Panther Party and ACORN stole the rest.


Bernie has been the vehicle for the Occupy Movement and the Elizabeth Warren movement to manifest itself in votes. These political movement against big corporate money had to show up some way in this election. Someone had to run to allow these movements to have a say in who will be the next president. It is hard to say beforehand who is electable. Certainly Dukasis and Kerry seemed to be electable during the primaries but they turned out to be poor candidates in the general election. Bernie Sanders has never had success in any election other than in almost all white states, Vermont and now Iowa. Whether this success can translate into more diverse states which are more typical in the US is an unknown. We know Hillary Clinton seems to do better in diverse states based on her successful elections in New York and the states she won in the 2008 primary. It all adds up to an interesting period ahead once the New Hampshire votes are counted.

First, I’d like to applaud Mr. Lund. His writing style is brilliant for its allusions, metaphors, and overall bite!

Part of the article reminded me of a good defense attorney telling the jury: “You will hear…”

If only the mass media was not in the hands of the corporatists so that someone with a voice like Mr. Lund’s could “get out there” and remind the public that it will hear MANY lies dressed up as incontestable truths; and that these (false) assessments represent the way “serious adults” think, and so forth.

Just as vaccines are based on adding a small toxic substance into the body in order to catalyze the production of antibodies, a truth serum needs to be ministered to the body politic to ward off the Deception Campaign that the Hillary machine is about to pump up.

It’s such an unfair fight when one team has the apparatus working for it (and by one team, I mean pro-corporate candidates like Trump, Cruz, and Clinton); and one is left out or misrepresented without any sufficient air time given that he might correct the record.

Nonetheless, it is a miracle that Mr. Sanders has gotten as far as he has.

And for the C.D. posters who insist that Sanders is just another Obama-hope candidate dreamt up for mostly theatrical purposes… one wonders how they will SPIN the SPIN that has Sanders on the receiving end of a machine that would like to destroy him… or otherwise render him invisible, irrelevant, or nonexistent.


I have copied and pasted 15 of this fraud’s posts. They all work to discredit Mr. Sanders.

Notice, too, that on work-days, “Lrx” is up first to post on a number of threads so that he can plant sometimes subtle, but always critical memes regarding Sanders’ stands, electability, and so forth.

This IS a paid gig!

He’s like the dinner guest who gossips to everyone present, “I wonder if Ted is having an affair.” And Ted is the guy whose house the party is at.


Extra accolades to Bernie for doing so well in a CAUCUS, a forum that inherently favors establishment candidates.

Relying on young voters is an additional challenge Bernie faces seeing how so many young voters were burned after they put so much effort into getting Obama elected.


“We know Hillary Clinton seems to do better in diverse states based on her successful elections in New York and the states she won…”

Look at the power of this subliminal messaging.

We know.

The WE implies consensus and the word know implies certainty.

Clinton “seems” to do better.

Her successful (note the use of that term) elections.

She won. (= she IS a winner).

This is a PAID messenger.

Just to keep things in perspective a new Iowa KBUR poll came out today and had Clinton leading by 9%. The margin of error was 4.1%. All that you can conclude is this is close. Since Clinton is leading in 4 of the last 5 Iowa polls I would say she still has a slight edge. The evening of Feb 1 is going to be really interesting

It appears to me that Clinton is simultaneously running in the primary to defeat Sanders and raising money to run in the general election. Certainly raising money at an event sponsored by a hedge fund is not going to help in the primaries where her Wall Street connections are her biggest problem. But when you look at the most recent polls you can see why she thinks that she will probably win the primary battle. A 19 point lead nationally, a 3 point lead in Iowa, a 37 point lead in South Carolina, a 17 point lead in Pennsylvania, a 25 point lead in North Carolina, a 34 point lead in Minnesota…

Sanders isn’t being very candid about his healthcare proposal. The British do pay a third for healthcare but their physicians are employed by the government and they ration healthcare. Certainly he would not propose that. Therefore, the cost of healthcare would not be reduced that much by going to a single payer system which the British don’t have since they have a government healthcare system. Ending the fee for service system in hospitals which O’Malley said he did in Maryland would be one way to reduce costs. If Bernie does win the nomination he needs to get the specifics of his plan out before the Republicans scare everyone about things he may not be proposing. More details please Bernie.

The main objective here is to defeat the Republicans. That should be obvious to anyone who has watched the Republican debates. The incrementalism is not something Democrats want, it is something that has been forced on them by the Republican opposition. The best either Clinton or Sanders will be able to achieve is incremental change. Bill Clinton found out that was all he could do and so did Barack Obama. To get these incremental changes you also have to agree to things you don’t want so the Republicans can get their incremental changes. That is how the game is played now and there is no reason at the moment to expect anything different. Neither side can get what they really want and the most pressing problems are not really addressed as Congress keeps kicking the can down the road.

If Trump is the nominiee that could completely change the electoral map. Also, if Cruz or Rubio is the nominee that would put the Hispanic vote up for grabs and again change the electoral map. In other words, predicting this time around is basically a guessing game. The one thing to worry about when it comes to Sanders is he plans to raise taxes. He says his health care plan would save people money but he hasn’t explained how other than by eliminating insurance companies. But most of the cost of health care is due to hospital bills. He as also proposed a carbon tax which I think we certainly need but Republicans will spin that to higher electric bills. He has proposed a small tax for paid family leave. He has proposed a tax on stock trading to pay for free tuition at all public colleges and universities but it remains unclear who decides what the tuition is and what would be the consequences of this tax. He has proposed huge amounts of spending on infrastructure but hasn’t said how that would be paid for. So one could see the Republicans rolling out the old tax and spend liberal campaign or perhaps with some tweaks to tax and spend progressive or tax and spend socialist. At least this this something to consider.

This is just a sampling. This poster’s PURPOSE is to discredit Sanders.

A message forum should welcome HONEST opinions… not those paid to INDUCE opinions by repeating their own Talking Points on a daily basis.


He or she rarely engages with posters. It’s almost as though his/her posts are composites, a group product, a sophisticated boilerplate.


Just look at photo. Grim face Sanders and smiling Hillary. Jeez. No bias here. Why do you publish this smear?

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Nice piece Mr. Lund. let’s hope that the voting public will not be that Pavlovian! So far the media spin machine is creaking and squeaking as it spins its wheels. Despite a "Where’s Bernie"lets not mention his name game … which apparently didn’t work all that well now did it - a virtual tie. What virtual? It’s a tie! Sheesh!

My fav was how Hillary preempted her relief when that was the last thing she was feeling at the end of the night. She even sounded scared. Who knew that Hillary feels that she is a progressive. Apparently a really real - real progressive because she said it several times. I guess she was trying to become familiar with using such unfamiliar terms and how they sounded?

Ah such relief to have edged out her opponent by a resounding … um?.. uh?.. by such a resounding … tie? A tie? Is it just me but does that sound like that wasn’t all that much relief in the word tie?

Despite the spin and the machine that spins the spin machine…

Everybody knows now that Bernie really can win. Yeah really! Ain’t it something to see and Iowa is like a conservative’s paradise dagnabbit!

Heck, Iowa is a place where republicans are accused of being too liberal! Bernie tied Hillary and that is only because the state leans to the conservative and Hillary knows it. She sounded scared and a bit more than that… she sounded dejected. She knows now that she may lose … again.

Bernie on the other hand just trounced the conservative rightwingnuts and assorted oligarchic servants by doing about twice as much better than they were hoping for. They wanted to be able to say >>> Look see! We told you that he couldn’t do it.

Except he did and did it better than they can stand. Lol

Go Bernie… guess Where’s Bernie? He’s actually in the lead as we’ll see in New Hampshire!

Yay Bernie!


GREAT article! Wickedly funny, e.g. (for those who have seen any of the Republican Debate-like Spectacles):

All of this is excellent spin. Wonderful, fantastic spin. Beautiful, luxurious spin. Trump has a spin guy, he’s very very good.

Along with deeper insights:

This is the claustrophobic world of small meaning that is born when everyone knows the only idea you have to aspire to is the reaffirmation that the Republicans are worse.

And topping it off, some of the references to other publications are amazing! For example, the link to an article in The Baffler (one of the best publications going, IMO) led to this:

And isn’t that the simpler explanation of left dissent from Team Clinton? It’s not that critics of Hillary are largely misogynist or even that they’re obsessed with political purity. It’s that she’s a proven neoliberal warhawk, a Wall Street sycophant, and a consistent enemy of the poor.


A lawyer is my guess.

Total hit piece. We in the 99% are used to these kind of attacks.
The corporate pundits who are writing to keep their corporate masters happy, are tools.

The spin machine is jazzed up saying Berine is only winning (heavily) in NH because it is next door to his state, totally disregarding the fact the Queen only managed a statistical tie with Bernie Iowa. Iowa is the state right next door to her home state. Lets not talk about that.

The two photos of the candidates lets you know what you are in for before you even read this.

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The truth will out Cookies… best you hear it from me! The pressure to keep this under wraps is too much to bear… it is whispered in secret places …among those who know and rumored in dark and savage corners that…

Bernie once dallied with …a comb over!!!

It is not known if this scurrilous rumor is true…apparently many have been sworn to lifelong secrecy - possibly photos incinerated …shhhh!

Shocking if true wouldn’t you say? Yikes!

There’s always something with politicians.


The horse race is on, the spin machine is set at full power – to the detriment of the country. Maintaining a democracy requires ensuring an informed public. This campaign cycle has largely been issues-free. The core point: The middle class want to narrow the gap between themselves and the rich, while maintaining the canyon between the poor and middle class. Nothing new. Be realistic. The Dem voting base had always consisted of the “masses” – poor and middle class, workers and the jobless. An entire chunk of the voting base – the poor, and those who get why unrelieved poverty is such a critical issue – has only been more deeply alienated over the last seven years. This isn’t happy-talk, but it would be wise to take this into consideration.

On one point: It was actually much of the media marketed to liberals that was trying to sell Clinton as a “bold progressive” through most of 2015.

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Sec of State Hillary changed all that. She made a point of stressing her militarist conservative bona fides. Now she pretends like she isn’t an oligarchist no less. It is simply cynical and shameful.

I think though Iowa showed her that you can’t play both sides at the same time.

This is a little long - my apologies. :pensive:

I would actually feel sorry for Hillary if she weren’t so unrelentingly dishonest. I don’t think there’s anyone in the race who’s worked harder than she has to get to this moment, who’s put in the work, studied the issues & just plain done everything that any human being should have had to do to demonstrate her qualifications to be President of the United States. Unfortunately, and quite unfairly, she’s just the wrong person for the job at this moment in History.

JFK nailed it when he said that “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” That’s where we are right now.

We have three possible paths forward in this country: A Peaceful Revolution under a Bernie Sanders’ Presidency, Same Old, Same Old under a Hillary Clinton Presidency, and outright Facism under any of the GOP candidates currently polling at the top of the pack - most notably of course The Donald. And I’m not even certain that Hillary could make Same Old, Same Old fly for very long. The mood in this country just doesn’t support that assumption.

The time has arrived when a growing number of people in this country appear to be coming together, and making choices about who we intend to become as human beings and what kind of country it is in which we wish to live. And then we’re deciding what our role as citizens might be the process of recreating not only our own country, but also the world we want to leave to our children. We are either going to come together, roll up our sleeves, and remake the United States into something quite different & quite wonderful … or we’re going tear it apart .

Hillary is simply incapable of leading that effort . I’m not hearing a Vision, and I’m not seeing any capacity for creating and/or communicating a sense of where we could be going. And I’m not even sure it’s her fault. I think she’s been in politics for such a long time, and taken so many hits from people who hated her just for being who she was or where she was, that she only knows how to play defense. And she has so many scars that she is incapable of seeing beyond those scars into the realm of what might actually be possible. She appears to have lost the capacity to hope, to dream & to envision anything beyond incremental progress. At least that’s the way it sounds to me.

And of course there’s that other factor limiting her vision & her “range of motion” - the degree to which she’s indebted to those that have funded her political career. She’s so tied down and twisted up and entangled with the people that have paid her way that I don’t think she can see beyond small steps, half measures and “what’s possible.” Just as she did with healthcare, she appears to believe that you have to start with what you think “they” might be willing to give you, and negotiate down from there. At this moment in history, that’s just not going to cut it.

Hillary simply couldn’t govern the way Bernie will be able to govern … even if she wanted to … and she doesn’t. There’s no Vision. The mantra "I’m the safe choice because I’m the most “electable” just doesn’t inspire. There’s no call for a Peaceful Revolution - just sit back and “trust me.” No Thank You.

So I’m going to continue to Feel the Berne & ignore the Serious People & the Beltway Pundits with their investments in the Status Quo & their various Agendas. I believe with all my heart that what Bernie says is possible - is actually possible - it’s just going to take a little hard work. And we’ve never been afraid to roll up our sleeves & work hard in this country.

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Thanks for bearing witness Siouxrose.

Apparently you did not read the article. This was not a hit piece against Sanders, but quite the contrary.