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The Election Circus Begins


The Election Circus Begins

Chris Hedges

It is January 2019. This signals the start of the 2020 election circus. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the first big-name Democrat on stage. But we will soon be deluged with candidates, bizarre antics and endless commentary by fatuous TV and radio pundits.


Great article --this is one quote from article

The corporations that own the media and the two major political parties have a vested interest in making sure there is never serious public discussion about issues ranging from our disastrous for-profit health care system and endless wars to the virtual tax boycott that large corporations have legalized.


Well, that was thoroughly depressing—and the most depressing part is that we have another 23 months of this bloody circus to look forward to before the NEXT round starts.

It appears we can never get out of election season because it’s really one long money primary, and far too many have been feeding at that trough for far too long.


Corroborates my previous posts that Presidents are selected before they are elected to legitimize the political farce which I have called a dog and pony show and Kabuki theater to entertain the spectators.


Being in an eternal election cycle assures that anybody not bankrolled by the Oligarchs will not be able to afford to run with the majority of the deluded electorate sighing “The _______(pick a third party) Party isn’t serious about running”.


I hear that. I am beginning to fondly anticipate the post-collapse, dystopian future, just to get out of the present.


Mark Burnett created Survivor (one of the first early day contestants walked in front of a train 8 weeks after being on the show) then the Apprentice, and our least popular so-called president in USA history.



So we just need to vote the GOP off the island, right ?


Can the SCOTUS go with them? They’re not being at all helpful, either.


Imagine if Donnie resigns when offered a Get-Of-Jail-Free card and the GOP nominates a kinder, gentler, more polished fascist. The Democrats will lose the fuel for voter enthusiasm and will have to run on policies. If they nominate a war-mongering, centrist, neo-liberal (which they will) there is a very good chance they’ll lose again. I haven’t voted Democratic since Jesse Jackson in 1988 and they’ll lose my vote to the Socialist Equality Party again if all they offer up is the same old, same old. I refuse to vote for the lesser of two weevils.


Chris Hedges nails it again in this great piece. The Matt Taibbi quotes that he includes are also spot on, Hunter would be proud.


Mr. Burnett has a lot to answer for.


Mr. Hedges,

Your grasp of the reality we as a nation face gives me even more of a reason to be cynical in this time of our lives where the two Corporate parties addiction to Money is in direct conflict with providing equitable representation to me and you.

I enjoyed the Circus when I was young enough to be entertained by it.

This Circus, is not only, not entertaining, but highly destructive to our children’s futures.


Sad to say, I feel the same way. Seems to be a no win situation.


I don’t know if it is possible for the 99% to highjack the Democratic Party, but that seems to be our only remote chance of establishing a democracy. Right now the front runner has to be Trump, as pretenders like O’Rourke, Schummer, Biden and others are fed to us by corporate America as ‘real solutions’. In reality too many Americans now realize that the game is rigged. The problem is too many Americans still don’t understand ‘how the system is rigged’ and therefore play into the system by not voting, watching MSM, or voting for the lesser of two evils.
No mainstream alternative media exists which ensures that most Americans will remain in the dark for the foreseeable future. Our corporate distractions like sports, reality TV, our “troops” and constant updates about the stock market keep most people in check. When people do speak of a ‘revolution’, it is usually misdirected (like blaming Trump for everything) at the wrong symptom or else the anger isn’t channelled into anything constructive.
The good news is that (with the help of Trump as well), we have realized that the corporate stamp of disapproval goes a long way in endorsing a candidate these days. While Sanders will be marginalized, demonized and outright ignored, people, particularly the Millennials, will reject the corporate narrative about Sanders. Therefore if the Democratic Party is successful in jettisoning Sander’s from the Party’s choice for President again, Sander’s has a legitimate chance of winning as an independent. In the meantime though, the really bad ‘reality show’ will continue.


Dear Chris,
I love every word that you write and take it all to heart… but I still believe in hope and I see it in the young radicals who are demanding that their democratic socialism with all it hopes and fears be heard. There really isn’t any other hope. But truly most people want what they are demanding… even my 85 year old Republican aunt would have voted for Bernie if she could (“What he says makes a lot of sense”).
I don’t write to disagree with you but as a prayer for the future, for the children and our beautiful planet. We can’t give up, now most of all while there might be a little time left for the Green New Deal to mitigate or even reverse some of the terrible harm already done.


I don’t think Chris is telling us to give up or that what he says is inevitable. It is just what he says will happen if the corporate controlled state continues to do what it wants unabatted. If anything what he is saying should convince us to work even harder. To fight against the dying of the light, even if it is unlikely to stop the U.S.'s plunge into oblivion.


Thank you for saying what I needed to hear. But it is hard for some, for me and for many people I know and have recently heard from, to act at all now when it seems so hopeless and we have our own deep troubles to cope with–some of which Bernie mentioned in his address tonight. That is also in the Master Plan of the corporate state, embarked upon by a small cabal when the sixties radicals (including me) threatened their absolute control. Now some new young radicals appear at the very brink of disaster and we should do everything, everything we can to help and encourage them against great odds.


Political scientist Thomas Ferguson (author of the “Golden Rule”) says that “elections are moments when groups of investors coalesce to invest to control the state.” That explains why the Establishment is still so pissed that the candidate with the big money behind her didn’t win in 2016, and they still can’t let it go…


Traitors all who put money before country.