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The Election from Hell


The Election from Hell

Tom Engelhardt

Yep, it finally happened. In early May, after a long, long run, the elephants of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus were ushered into retirement in Florida where they will finish their days aiding cancer research. The Greatest Show on Earth was done with its pachyderms. The same might be said about the Republicans after Donald Trump’s version of a GOP convention.


We could always break the pattern to which so many of us are addicted.


The two major party candidates remind me of a classic SP episode where the
South Park Elementary kids are forced to choose among several bland names for their
new school mascot. Instead, they rebel and engage in a write-in campaign. The two finalists are Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich. It was a prescient show. It's our good fortune to have
Jill Stein.


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Something from years back -- still relevant

Selection Season

Another Pander-fest
of the cynical elite --
Bloodless gladiators
of the electronic coliseum
going at it with the
predetermined zeal
of TV wrestlers

A less than convincing battle
devoid of substance or
substantial differences,
for the Champeen o' da Woild

And just beyond
the world
burn . . .


Excellent piece by Tom E. Yes, this feels like an election from hell in a climate that feels like hell with this heat dome . . . . a heat dome that will not go away because humans continue to heat the planet unabated.

And of course the media is corrupt and damaging. And there are insane, 1984-like diversions that seem to work very well on a huge number of people.

I get sidetracked too.

It's easy for me to get side tracked by topics like "Our Revolution"----is it legit? Will it help? Is Bernie really just a sheepdog?

In the back (and front) of my mind, I know these debates are just temporary distractions from the most threatening elephant in the room:

the fact that this planet will be rendered uninhabitable SOON if humans don't remove CO2 from the atmosphere AND de-acidify the oceans.


We don't know how to do that.

Even if we did, it would be pointless unless we could obliterate the belief (delusion) that humans can have infinite growth on a finite planet. Which is integrally related to patriarchy and greed and . . why the hell are "we" even here??? Are we just an invasive species?

Tom ends his piece with a fill in the blank:

Election 2020--- there will be nothing like it. It will dazzle, entrance, amaze. It’s going to be... the Greatest Show on Earth. It will cause billions of dollars to change hands. It will electrify, shock, amuse, entertain, appall, and…

may not happen due to human induced climate change/ecosystem destruction leading to food shortages and massive civil unrest. It will not be amusing, entertaining or dazzling unless you get your kicks out of suffering and chaos.


They are all "pseudo-events" - read Daniel J. Boorstin's "The Image" - he said it all in 1961. Our Reality has nothing to do with reality. Thank you Tom for bringing it up front and center again!


When it comes to ongoing military action forget the campaigns which are of course focusing on economic issues and instead ask why these military actions are not being taken up in Congress. Obama has requested Congress to take this up time and again and has always been rebuffed. The people can have the most say through the House of Representatives but these military actions remain off the agenda. Only the President Obama is making decisions on these actions and that is not supposed to be how the government works. As far as the campaigns Trump knows nothing about foreign policy and as Mike Morrell has pointed out probably Putin has made him an agent of Russia without Trump realizing it simply by complimenting Trump to feed his ego. Clinton and Sanders both stated their positions on military actions fairly clearly in the debates. Both largely supported the actions of Obama with some rather minor differences. If Clinton does debate Trump there will certainly be some focus on foreign policy.


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I have a question for my fellow commentators: What if, as is no longer out of the question, Trump drops
out of the race. Doesn't Bernie's entire stated rationale for endorsing HRC (to stop Trump) and pleading with his supporters to vote for her, totally evaporate? Further, what if Trump's replacement is virtually
indistinguishable from HRC and even less hawkish? Would the total mendacity of the lesser evil argument be revealed for what it is? I'm very interested to hear some discussion on these issues.

BTW, I've already learned a great deal from the Comments section which brings together so many
thoughtful, principled folks.


Our local Hillbots will vote Clinton even if she is serving life in prison during her entire 8 years. Nothing will tear them away from her. They will be OK with her working from home, even if home is behind bars.

Let's not elect any president in 2016, go single for four years and find ourselves.


Does the thought of a "failed state" come to anyone else's mind?


Is Jimmy Carter healthy enough to monitor US voter registration and elections this year ?


"And if you expect me to tell you what to call it, think again. I’m drowning, too."
The current silly season is ANTI-supercalifragilisticexpyalidocious because it's much ado about negativity in such a self-important way!


" It will electrify, shock, amuse, entertain, appall, and"... repulse!


From what I'm reading, it appears many in the reptoxicon estabishment are planning to vote for that Horrendously Repulisve Criminal so Trumpollini may be old news quite soon. As far as replacing him with someone more like HRC -- when was the last election there was a halfway decent candidate in the reptoxicon klown kar?? :smirk::scream: **It seems like all the halfway decent candidates (both d & r) get kicked out b4 the primaries.


The negativity of majority of posts, I suppose, is therapy for those angry fearful folks who post; however, there is a crying need to balance with recognition of responsibility for all of us who have accepted the fantasy that we (USA) are an exceptional population. I recall FDR radio addresses and the proliferation of gov't programs like CCC. Progress that was then slowly twisted into division, materialism and competition. Our system is falling apart rapidly. That requires educating each other, sharing wisely what remains of our resources and recognizing we share one planet. It's not an easy road and it is a heavy load. Peace within is a beginning.


If The Simpsons was real, Mr. Burns would be Hillary's largest donor and he would fix it so Homer was the Republican candidate. Hmm, come to think of it, maybe it is.


Like all circuses....the day after gives forth a lingering odor of animal dung!


You ask a valid question....
Most of our education/political/MSM system preaches we are the greatest nation on earth! Well, if that is true (and we are "exceptional") then why have we arrived at this odorous junction?
All this seems to have happened before sometime in history....OH, OH! I mentioned that horrible word, "history".......maybe that's why this is all happening.........no historical memory in too many citizens of this country (and the globe)....After all, there must be an, "App" for all this!
(Or, Pokemon GO!)
We are in deep SH&% this time.....and we will pay. Dearly.