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The Election Travesty in Wisconsin Is a Wake-up Call for the Nation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/10/election-travesty-wisconsin-wake-call-nation

Don’t make the mistake of putting this all on the Republican party.

They’re all in on it.

Believe it.


Won’t the corrupt courts continue to be standing by to overrule attempts to reduce voter suppression ?


The election travesty in South Carolina (the dem primary) when Bernie and any progressive 99% possibility, was sabotaged by the same demographic that screwed us and themselves in 2016 being hillary’s “fire-wall”, shouls be a “wake-up call” - all the states that would in the general, go to trump, but they decided the DINO party candidate (along with the DNC’s dirty-tricks, and voter suppression).
That sellout breathed life into the moribund-near death biden campaign and his “never change” agenda promise and again was instrumental in aiding the DINO DNC eliote corporatists, denying America (and themselves) a sustainable, just, egalitarian future.
Some people will never see where their leaders come-from and who they serve - and its not the 99%!
Now we are stuck with a supremely weak candidate, our issues betrayed, a pandemic that will help voter suppression and perhaps help the malignant narcissist criminal, and sideline/betray any possibility of a progressive president for more generations. Damn the DINO corporate-whore scum and those who, like lemmings, support them and sabotage their own and everyone elses future!


Who runs this country, again? Please tell me, and quickly, before Covid-19 renders the question mute. Who made this call to continue the Wisconsin primary, as originally scheduled?
Did the SCOTUS interfere, once again, in our game. Balls and strikes or the Houston Astros model of umpiring? Americans got " homered " by Wisconsin Republicans and The Usual Suspects in high places. So typical and patriotic of them.
Buying states; on the cheap no less, as the Kochs, Bradleys, et al have figured out, is sometimes less expensive than buying national elections. After all, they didn’t get all that money without " greasing the political skids " along the way.
Feel like surrendering? That’s the whole point of their political exercises, isn’t it?


Besides the Federal Supremes and WI State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos other names in this dastardly deed are WI Supreme Ct. justices Rebecca Bradley, Brian Hagedorn, Annette Ziegler and Patience Roggensack. Remember them.

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Dear Emphyrio,

I get your immense frustration, and it is tempting to search for specific people or groups whom we can blame. But it is my conviction – you may not agree – that there is enough short-sightedness and downright stupidity to go around, encompassing everyone. The whole human species has not been making wise choices for quite some time.

The problem in the South is particularly tragic. One of the products of slavery and Jim Crow terror was to promote the central role of Christian faith and Black churches in African-American life as an adaptive mechanism. What freedoms and opportunities that could not be had in this life were promised in the next. The perverse outcome of this is that church leaders have now become “sheepdogs” for the corrupt Black Caucus and the DNC leadership. But it is important to note that White voters in South Carolina, even if the voting machines were tampered with, apparently voted for Biden in almost the same numbers. And even if the voting machines were tampered with in Massachusetts, it is clear that Bernie won at most under a third of the vote; many more people of all colors voted for the Establishment candidates. It’s a HUMAN problem, not any one group’s problem. As a species, we are just not competent enough to control would-be human predators or to react and adapt intelligently to problems before they are fatally staring us in our faces.

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You are accurate in your analysis and very thoughtful comments - I am frustrated and angered, mostly at the controlling entrenched DP players and corporate media that manipulates voters and message, and somewhat less so at the demographic groups that allowed themselves be so manipulated that it has had such a destructive influence, IMO, on this very critical election - couple that with the pandemic and its effects on the election and I am over the top.

That said, I still see some “leaders” as betrayers of the people to serve the status quo and vulture capitalist system to throw their weight behind the DINO biden machine, and people didn’t think, they reacted to support the same clinton/obama frauds as in the past. Thanks, peace…

Republicans will suppress democracy, but conservatives do not equal Republicans.

When the wrong words are used, the wrong message is sent. I oppose the anti democratic practices of the Republicans. I am sometimes conservative.