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The Elephant in Paris – Guns and Greenhouse Gases

The Elephant in Paris – Guns and Greenhouse Gases

Nick Buxton

There is no shortage of words in the latest negotiating document for the UN climate negotiations taking place in Paris at the end of November – 32,731 words to be precise and counting. Yet strangely there is one word you won’t find: military. It’s a strange omission, given that the US military alone is the single largest user of petroleum in the world and has been the main enforcer of the global oil economy for decades.

Thank you for this brilliant assessment, Mr. Buxton. And this, in particular:

“A close look at military climate change strategies reveals that they are all about securing borders, protecting supply-routes for corporations, controlling conflicts around resources and instability caused by extreme weather, and repressing social unrest. They turn the victims of climate change into ‘threats’ to be controlled or combated. There is certainly no examination of the military’s own role in enforcing a corporate capitalism and fossil-fuel economy that has caused the climate crisis.”

Lately, there’s been a lot of noise about (and emphasis upon) meat-eating. The numbers suggest that this newly formed (in terms of much of human history) habit is the major driver of climate change. And while I know it’s significant, I find this argument to be propped up to protect the military… since its footprint is far worse.

Missing from the usual calculus is what it costs–in the way of not just fossil fuel but every resource under the sun–to rebuild all those cities that have been bombed back to the Stone Age. The costs are incalculable.

And I thank you for also pointing out how the atrocious military budget cannibalizes the very funds needed to engender genuine national security in the form of a nation with infrastructure secured to offset the ravages of now inevitable paroxysms of climate chaos.


Thanks Siouxrose for the positive feedback. This article will be explored in much more depth in a book coming out shortly by Pluto Press - Secure and the Dispossessed. I also recommend highly reading going to IPB.org for their working paper Demilitarisation for deep decarbonisation


The problems of the military reducing greenhouse gases are similar to those in the commercial sector. Commercial aviation and commercial shipping need alternatives to oil for energy. Similarly in the military alternative sources of energy are needed for planes and ships. Also, alternatives are needed for tanks and other land vehicles. If solutions can be found for the commercial sector most of these solutions should be applicable to the military.

You are more than welcome. I would be interested in that book.

By the way, I am a professional astrologer so I find it symbolic that it’s “Pluto Press” that’s publishing your book.

When the powers that created the atomic bomb looked out upon its vast powers of destruction, Oppenheimer was quoted as stating, “I am become death, the destroyer.”

Original star seers lacked the technology to recognize the outer planets: Neptune (Poseidon), Uranus, and Pluto (Hades).

According to the mythological pantheon that either gave rise to, or ran parallel with the study of Astrology, Mars was the undisputed champion (and god) of war.

However, once Pluto–as planet or planetoid–was discovered, it was recognized by astrologers as the upper octave of Mars. Translation: Pluto’s discovery coincided with the onset of a league of weaponry that went way beyond what Mars’ former armies could establish in the way of warfare and kill numbers.

Pluto, known as Hades, is the god of the underworld. Note, too, that Pluto and the underworld extend in language frames that describe criminals as underworld or underground characters, and Pluto finds its way into Plutocracy which is the antithesis to an open, Democratically run society.

I have written a good deal on the relationship between Pluto’s discovery and a spiritual inversion of the Divine precept: “Let no man tear asunder what God hath sewn together.”

In my mind, the detonation of the atom bomb was a critical moment for mankind. That is when Mars, in the form of the ancient armies facing each other in the fields and doing hand to hand combat morphed into a vast machinery of death-delivery.

This was the point where godlike powers of destruction mesmerized enough (mostly) men within the military-industrial complex to unleash these barbarians (and their unchecked, secret societies and use of covert powers… key to which is the assassination of any leader, foreign or domestic who dared to inhibit their dark ambitions). They have worked against Creation (and Universal Law) since as can be seen in aggressive war after aggressive war plundering the green earth, and any plants, persons, animals, or things upon it.

Your work in exposing this Beast as not just the major threat to all sentient beings on account of its disproportionate use of fossil fuels, but also as the entity cannibalizing funds necessary to re-tooling civilization so as to ensure its survival ties in with Pluto. And that’s because Pluto also represents the rise of the phoenix, the rebirth that follows destruction.

Thank you for your efforts to raise consciousness. The Military Industrial State thrives because so much that it does is done underground in ways that hide (from the public) its true aims and objectives.

I hope you used Einstein’s quote about “the next war” being fought with sticks and bones.

Dr. Steven Greer made an excellent point at a recent conference in Europe. Like many others, he is totally convinced that more intelligent space neighbors have been visiting our planet for some time. In fact, the visitations sped up when human beings began playing with nuclear weapons. These implosions go out into space and probably reverberate through the vibratory grid that science is yet to understand. Author Gregg Braden calls it the Matrix, I believe.

What Dr. Greer pointed out is that if space visitors ONLY have contact with those inside the military (as per their vast cover-up and Secret Space Program), then these visitors are getting a very narrow exposure as to what human beings are all about.

In any case, nice “chatting.” And good luck with your new book!

I would strongly recommend that you view the following 14 minute documentary where Dr. Steven Greer explains the energies that DO exist, and what portions of established economic systems are thwarting their usage… and why:

If “they” can work against “Universal Law”, then the “Law” isn’t very “Universal”, is it?


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Question for the Democratic candidates tomorrow:

When the military is the greatest polluter and used to protect the oil it burns instead of our people, why do we keep pouring trillions into it if less Americans have been killed by terrorists at home than die on its highways daily?


We can also look to restructure the economies to reduce the need for commercial aviation and commercial shipping. Much of the military forces of the world need to be greatly downsized in a just world.

That would reduce the need to transport things and people. Car based passenger transportation can also stand major reduction in the western world.


In that case, why don’t you rail against “Pluto rules”, rather than “Mars rules”?
Are you afraid of Pluto?


I would not expect military forces to be downsized much in the foreseeable future. Through solar and wind power the US military should be able to reduce it greenhouse gas emissions for electricity and there are options such a geothermal for heating. Finding solutions for planes and ships is clearly going to be difficult. And many land vehicles such a tanks seem like a problem. I think most of the reductions in the near future for the US military are going to have to come from alternatives for electricity and for smaller vehicles. My guess is if the US as a whole keeps reducing emissions the military component of emissions will keep growing in percentage since the military has so many planes and ships and various types of heavy equipment.

Well, once the worlds’ merchant shipping made good use of wind and wind alone. With modern knowledge of aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and near instantaneous knowledge of global weather systems, there could well be a place for modern sailing ships. As for aeroplanes, the past once proved that they are not necessary. For intra-continental travel, high speed railways. For extra-continental travel, ships with a primary sail drive and a secondary power drive.

And who on earth really wants tanks stamping across their backyards?


“hand to hand combat”

Coventry? Portsmouth? Liverpool? London? Dresden? Tokyo? I suppose that the bombers could get shot down.

We can always count on Lrx / RobertL for a “status-quo friendly” approach to the unprecedented, whole-systemic, biospheric and civilizational crisis of climate chaos, and the specific industries and institutions that have delivered it.

We’d better get about the business of finding alternative energy sources for the world’s preeminent military states and corporations. We wouldn’t want to consider the option of shutting the war machine down. That would be so, unrealistic. Far more realistic to only imagine warfare stretching endlessly into the future…

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If only Captain Midnight could seize control of the proceedings, and foist that question on the candidates, while 15 million people watch…

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Thanks for your work, bringing the key role of the military into climate-crisis focus. i await your new book to come out.

For anyone else, here’s the link to the Demilitarization for Deep Decarbonization paper that Buxton is not allowed to post a link for.

There is also an elephant of which other elephants seem unaware. Huge institutional structures, especially ones that are highly “toy” intensive, have momentum; and just like in physical systems, the bigger and
faster the greater the number. Military structures have the greatest momentum of all and the US military is preeminent here as well. It is designed for destructive missions, its people from top to bottom are trained and steeped in that mind set and skill set. The world’s militaries will not be controlled by “civilian” systems – standing militaries never have and never will (an understanding clear to the Founding Fathers of
the US).

Once created and allowed to develop their own control systems, militaries are like avalanches; one hopes that they will devour others – the ones “we” want devoured – but they will always devour something (Mary
Shelley had it down!).

They will not be disbanded (see Iraq), they will not be defunded (see everywhere), they can only be very slowly redirected until some significant portion of their understood mission is not destructive, but
constructive; this has almost never happened on a large scale.

Recognizing some of the consequences of these facts (as this article does) may be a good first step, but is completely inadequate as a cure.


The UFO part is never expanded upon with any evidence whatsoever in these talks Dr. Greer gives. We’ve already been through the UFO nonsense with Area 51 and Groom Lake, where my room mate actually flew these things being reported as UFO’s. They had no vertical stabilizers to reflect radar energy, so they did indeed look like a hollywood version of a flying saucer.

They were instead, huge frauds on the US taxpayer. The “Spaceship” everyone kept seeing was the “Gold-Plated” B-2 “Stealth” Bomber which turned out to be a subsonic turbofan-powered machine which is actually visible on radar.

We got screwed paying one billion dollars per airplane, the cost of a space shuttle, for a questionable design which can not do the job it was advertised to the Pentagon to do.

Same with the “Wooblin’ Goblin” the F-117 “Steal Fighter”. Another UFO by Greer types at the time, It was put together so poorly they are all grounded now. They don’t have UFO engines. They are just standard turbofan technology. The supposed UFO he shows at Nellis is a video of such poor quality, it could be anything. A lifting body, a ballon tumbling in the persistent mountain wave at Nellis, many other things I’ve seen a million times as a jet pilot over 20 years.

So this UFO talk coming from this man, severely undermines his credibility, IMHO. Plenty of conventional vehicles rise 10,000 feet a minute. His talk is not at all technical. His talk is theoretical astrophysics and subatomic particle physics in this video, which are so speculative they border on superstition. Incredible claims require incredible proof. How about a picture of these supposed aliens? How about a lucid description of this “Free Energy?”

I’ve been around Aerospace all my life, and even lived in Aerospace Valley. Nobody would take this guy seriously. This magic propulsion he refers to must be proven by known physics, and their aren’t any.

The man’s a fraudster taking advantage of people who have no aerospace background. The military and Washington D.C. are full of these kinds of guys. He’s not even an engineer. He’s a medical doctor lecturing outside of his field of training. The MIC probably has him conning you guys so he can beg for funding for another Star Wars fraud to make us all even poorer than we are now!

I am sorry to see YOU take this position.

Dr. Greer has interviewed over 200 professionals–pilots and military personnel among them.

There are hundreds of interviews with aging military men who took oaths back in the l940s and after–in never disclosing the Secret Space Program and all that’s taken place with alien craft and contact–that have come forward. With no loved ones left to lose, their truth is coming out.

These interviews are taken from lots of credible individuals… not just Dr. Greer.

YOU are way off on this, and while we have been friends in this forum, it’s often the friend sent in as “good cop” to retain control (as in silence or the “art of discrediting”) around this topic.

Dr. Greer is VERY well-spoken, has been invited into prestigious circles, attracts audiences all over the world, and has a very humane–weaning the world from fossil fuels–ideal and objective.

Time to educate yourself, T.J.

“… it’s often the friend sent in as “good cop”…”

Your record remains perfect, SR! No “legitimate” poster has EVER provided a “legitimate” criticism of ANYTHING you’ve ever posted here! Strictly, universally, and eternally, EVERY criticism you’ve ever received here, has been from the “tag team”! In your mind…

“… well-spoken…”
“… prestigious circles…”
“… attracts audiences…”
“… humane ideal…”

= No evidence. Incredible claims do require actual proof, no matter how “well-spoken” the person.

And, no matter how intensely you desire to believe…