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The Empire Comes Home


The Empire Comes Home

Danny Sjursen

Counterinsurgency, Policing, and the Militarization of America’s Cities.

American society is embracing its inner empire. Eventually, its long reach may come for us all.


Excellent essay Mr. Sjursen -

I’ll pass it along to my comrades at Veterans For Peace . .

And in fact, our National Director and our Board have an analysis that is very similar . . They call it “Peace at Home, Peace Abroad.”

 PAX Dude


Mr. Sjursen is spot on here. And, they are coming for us all who object to a militarized police. That’s why they get paid the big bucks, pretty much. They’re paid well enough not to care who they kill.
The local media, in the. good ol’ U.S.of A, rarely covers illegal or unethical behavior by the police. They focus on the peripherals of the story, instead. They are a fearful and cowardly bunch. Same way for the locally elected city and regional officials. Most all are cowed into sucking up to the PTB; even millionaires wouldn’t stand up to Ol’ Weinstein, fearing his chickenshit paybacks and bully boy threats. Trump’s blustery tactics scare our politicians into kissing the ring, as well. They’re so worried about losing an election and privileges, they act like they were raised on milquetoast and birthday cake.
We 99s get Mafia Capitalism, or worse, at home or abroad as a result. Chickenshit runs through the veins of most of the people we’re told to look up to and admire. Heroes are hard to find these days.
So it goes…


Excellent. And speaking about the war on drugs, this is a book that details that attack on cannabis and how it all began. Written by

  • Richard Bonnie (then John S Battle Professor at Law at U of Virginia school of law and director of the university Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy

  • Charles H Whitebread II, George T Pfleger Professor at Law at USC Law Center and faculty member of the FBI National Academy at Quantico, Virginia.

The Marijuana Conviction (1974 originally). A History of Marijuana Prohibition in the United States.


As a strict Constitutionalist I am at a loss for any ideas that can stop the further escalation of militarism within the U.S.
While our history shows we have since our beginning that instead of a representative republic under a form of Democratic principles, our elected representatives have always overridden national interest and instead of governing within its Constitutional confines have bastarized those principles in favor of economic interest.
Capitalism is a monetary system, not a system of governing, but somehow we went into Corporate Capitalism along the lines of Roman Economics, whereby the powers that be, industrial, financial, military and political personages no longer risk own fortunes for investments but have full access and limitless funding with Sovereign National Funds.
Government is the primary Industry , and it is not perceived by the populace at large, but gradually the old smoke and mirrors has dissipated and it is now in plane view.
The Empire cannot exist under a Democratic system of governance and vice versa a democracy of any type cannot exist within an Empire.
Whatever the populace allowed in past was because of the once great wealth of National land and resources upon them that gave easily available sustinence to the greater part of populace, today the Empire needs a greater proportion of sovereign resources in order to finance its continually expanding territorial gains.
Rather it’s needs for controlling the far reaches of Empire, over 1000 foreign militart bases, not counting its’seaborne communitys.
The amount of discontent is mounting as more and more native born find less and less opportunities to earn a satisfactory standard of living, a dissatisfaction that at any moment could become outright hostile to the governing powers.
The gradual militarization of police is but an extension of Empires overseas methodology used to subjugate the conquered nations.
A populace with a true full time unemployable 30-40% with 28+ % above that used to administer the
Empire is unsustainable without military intervention overseas and the selling of all our national resources profits in the hands of the few.


One thing that should also be mentioned about the Empire coming home - overlooked because a lot of progressives are unfamiliar with guns and the gun culture - is that the gun culture we have, here at home, has also been militarized. Very few gun shops can remain in business by selling classic sporting guns, now. They rely, heavily, on sales of legal-to-own military style, high capacity semi-automatic weapons, both rifle and pistol. The lion’s share of space in most gun shops is now devoted to these guns, with sporting guns usually relegated to a small section in the corner of the shop. Gun owners who don’t own one of these military style guns are fast becoming a minority.

One of the results of this militarization of citizen-owned guns, of course, is that any attempt to restrict access to these guns or restrict magazine capacity meets with staunch resistance in the gun community and, indeed, just leads to a run on sales of these guns. Gun stores cash-in, big time, when talk turns to restricting these guns. Very common guns in homes all across the country, now.


very good points here, ‘hidebehind’! sorry to see that so few have commented on this article–although right now ‘jeneastra’ is also replying to your post. in my opinion this sjursen offering is one of the most important i’ve seen of late because sjursen addresses the correlation between the american empire overseas and the growing police state here in the u.s. i especially like your observation that “The gradual militarization of police is but an extension of Empires overseas methodology used to subjugate the conquered nations.” after all, an empire is a control freak and eventually preys on its own citizens. i feel confused by your opening words, “As a strict Constitutionalist . . .” because in that document are the foreshadows of imperialism. for example, we have the 2/3 description, the fact that in most of the original states women were excluded and millions of first peoples had no path to citizenship in their own land. also, the majority of the men who wrote the constitution were slave owners and that odd institution was embedded in the very cornerstone of this experiment in democracy.

for those above mentioned reasons i do disagree with one point danny sjursen makes, “Something tells me the exceedingly libertarian Founding Fathers would be appalled by such arrogance.” actually, these were wealthy land and slave owning men who spanned the political spectrum from far right to left just as we see today. well, today the gloves are off in public as well as hidden behind closed doors. very quickly after ratification of our constitution the idea of “manifest destiny” became widely accepted. that tells me that the american empire was already off and running.


" It may be something of a cliche’ that distant wars have a way of coming home, but that doesn’t make it any less true."

Exactly! Like I have posted for a long time; the American Empire has a history of illegal wars; murdering innocent civilians; assassinations, political lies and economic, fascism in order to maintain it’s hubris, hegemony and world wide Empire. And it will have no compunction to do the same thing domestically, if that empire is threatened as much in America as it is in foreign countries.



I agree that there are serious problems with police abuse and murder that we need to address, but it irks me when I don’t see any caveats written when the Michael Brown case is used as an example of the problem. His death is NOT the best example for us to use when making our case for reform. See https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/wp/2015/03/16/lesson-learned-from-the-shooting-of-michael-brown/?utm_term=.09c03fdfef3b and am sure many other places. I still remember hearing Dorian Johnson on Democracy Now, and I now have to remember not to believe everything I hear on that show (still one of my favorites) - guests can still lie.


An excellent analysis…especially for a young guy. Only thing missing is the why. The why is the age old practice of one tribe stealing from another to maintain their currently unsustainable lifestyle and justifying it to the tribal members either racial discrimination, a false flag attack, unacceptable treaty demands, or a bat shit crazy president that the citizens can’t get off their fat asses to throw out. Make no mistake, Trump is not the creator of the 30% of the population who are deplorable, but he is the enabler of the the same equivalent of cockroaches who scurry out from underneath the toilet when the lights are turned off. Trump has turned off the lights. It is up to us to get off our affluent, ambivalent asses and turn them back on. Let’s throw the malignant narcissist, admitted serial pedophile felon, tax cheater, business swindler, business failure, Oh wait…did I forget to mention SERIAL LIAR THAT ONLY A MORON WOULD BELIEVE? Throw him out by popular demand because, given the makeup of craven cowards in congress, that’s the only way it will happen.


I do agree with your take upon US , not Articles of Confederation, but acceptance of Constitution and the Minority of the Wealthy originators.
In fact Jefferson and Franklin in later years admitted the Document had a Monarchial Bias.
When I say strict Constitutionalist I do it in ideal of limited government, not from viewpoint of the wealthy originators but from eyes of populace of that time.
I have been lucky to have a genealogy that saved letters and publications and even public records of ancestors, and been privy to other letters written by the common man saved in private, Colleges, and miseums of our early years.
My ancestry in US begins in mid 1600s’.
Books and publications of times shortly after or near by actual participents or witness of events were happening are best resources, and should be read today by those who interpret by today’s standards.
I when asked to describ wether a liberal or conservative always reply with, I am a diehard Liberal; Because my Constitution is the most liberating Document for the common man in that we are able to govern ourselves.
Should there be ways to improve upon the original document; Most assuredly.
But we needed to do it before it’s founding principles were shredded to pieces as we see today.
Lots of truth in black guns becoming primary weapons of choice and damn dead on as pertaining the militarization of minds.
As once a hardline believer in Constitutional militias I soon found out that only part of Constitution they worried about was 2nd Amendment.
And they could not or were so self delusional they could not comprehend why it was established.
And as to their knowledge of history they were full up on B’S memes that were mostly histori am lies.
THEY of Christians do not even want non chritian, and yes many do not want any other skin pigments than lack of any whites in their orgs.
Sorry to carry on but time, even if too late, means we should not give up fighting against injustices.
What worth are high ideals if you do not reach for them and stand for them, no matter the consequences to self?


This rings true especially when you have been jacked up by some meathead cop recently returned from a combat zone. After explaining to him that the Constitution applied to his interactions with me, he backed down but was smirking and smarmy. A letter to his captain was dismissed with the explanation that the interaction had been investigated and everything was according to procedure. Completely unprofessional all around, I just don’t understand how people put up with this sort of policing.


I’ll take the word of a criminal over a cop any day.


This is one of the best essays I’ve read lately. Major Sjursen connects all of the dots, and a true and frightening picture picture of our present reality has emerged.


Thank you for writing this very important article. I hope people read it & wake up to what is going on around them & take steps to stop it. The honor & integrity of so many of our institutions have been so degraded lately. The most important one being our democracy.