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The Empire Expands: Not the American One, But Trump’s


The Empire Expands: Not the American One, But Trump’s

Nomi Prins

President Trump, his children and their spouses, aren’t just using the Oval Office to augment their political legacy or secure future riches. Okay, they certainly are doing that, but that’s not the most useful way to think about what’s happening at the moment. Everything will make more sense if you reimagine the White House as simply the newest branch of the Trump family business empire, its latest outpost.


In politics, following the money has always been essential to enable us to circumvent fake news.

The Trump money web that was huge when Trump took office, is growing so fast that it will take the likes of Prins (who knows where the bodies are buried in the financial sector) to enable us to meet this unprecedented challenge of following the money in the age of Trump.


How is this not enough to Impeach and Jail, the whole lot of them?

The use of 'our' Military to murder innocent men, women, and children should have been enough.


This story, like so many in the lib/prog media today deflects attention from actual U.S. global imperialism to the ins-and-outs of the corruption of a (maybe) billionaire who happened to be (s)elected as the Duopoly's mouthpiece until he gets bored - or is kicked out.

It has served the purpose of the ruling plutocracy in the U.S. The ALL-TRUMP-ALL-THE-TIME meme successfully distracts from actually understanding the horrible systemic reality that is crushing us - not to mention trying to do anything about it.


We read this information on Common Dreams and marvel that our fellow countrymen do not demand this corruption be dealt with!

One thing that has recently become obvious is that our press is pro Trump despite Trump's supposedly bad mouthing it. Don't believe that con! Trump may in fact hamstring freedom of the press as he threatens to do but somehow our press seems strangely unconcerned about it. A corporate press is a ponderous thing and it can exert a tremendous amount of power simply by omission of the news.

Why aren't all Americans up in arms about what looks like the most corrupt administration ever? Ask our press! They all (mainstream press) jumped on the bomb Syria wagon real quick didn't they? Our democracy is weak without freedom of the press. Real weak and apparently on sale too!


Well, Nomi is certainly correct that Trump is a virtual poster-boy for EMPIRE, and a true embodiment of an EMPEROR if we ever had one --- and that EMPIRE is the key factor that we should all note about this ninth selection of a phony faux-Emperor as our president.

However, what certainly disappoints me is that with Nomi's use of the key term, and word, "EMPIRE in the title and half a dozen time in her fine article that no one commenting here even mentioned the mega-problem of EMPIRE?

Anyway, while People and "Workers may 'Resist' and Unite Against Trump on any number of Action Days" --- they will never accomplish anything until they focus on and EXPOSE the EMPIRE:

Trump is just the latest puppet and faux-Emperor/president of the Empire.

However, today, the only effective Resistance to Empire is to fire a; loud, public, sustained, but peaceful "Shout (not shot) heard round the world" to call-out, 'expose', consistantely and non-violently confront this current Empire with an essential Second American "Political Revolution against EMPIRE" --- against this first in the world; 'effectively-disguised', 'truly-global', and 'crony-capitalist-fueled' EMPIRE, which has already 'captured', controls, and nearly fully "Occupies" our former country as its nominal global HQ, while merely 'posing' as America.

As our forefathers and founders knew, there is nothing illegal, and in fact it is essential, to declare independence from and openly confront an Empire which is oppressing people as 'subjects' in all their political, economic and social spheres of their own lives and land.

And as Thomas Paine thought and Patrick Henry really meant to shout-out, "Give me Liberty (from Empire) or give me death."

Just like the old saying goes, "Can't see the forest for the trees" --- Today, too many people "Can't see the forest of Empire for the trees of issues".

Well, as John Lennon sang, "You say you want a Revolution, well that's OK ... but it's got to be a peaceful one".

Of course while the Beatles sang "We all live in a yellow submarine" --- today, the reality is that "We all live in an Empire submarine" and it will continue to hide under the sea and be invisible if the effin people don't WakeTF-up, eh??


One Great article Naomi- But I would make one minor change, and that would be:

"The two Bush presidents, with a business and banking legacy that snaked back a century, ""were elected, not handed power".

George Bush Junior was unconstitutionally "handed" the Presidency, while close votes were feverishly being recounted, by our illustrious Supreme Court-


This looks like a real case of a violation of the foreign AND domestic provisions of the Emoluments Clause of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution. Of course, the Orange Anus has no respect for our founding document just like the loathsome George W. Bush, who once called it a "goddamn piece of paper". Trump recently said that the Constitution was "archaic".
No one can hold a candle to the treason of Rethugs but I am very doubtful that Trump and his sleazy family will be stopped, much less prosecuted for this. This infamy is just part of our "new normal".


It will not be possible to impeach him while the Republicans control the Congress.


Amen to that Brother.


Not until he becomes more of a liability to the Republicans.


"..'expose', consistantely and non-violently confront this current Empire with an essential Second American "Political Revolution against EMPIRE" --- again"

Can the people do this - consistently and non-violently confront Empire - even when the Empire, after years of manufacturing consent and obedience through its ideological state apparatuses, not to mention its alliance with the corporate controlled mass media, is ready to reply non-violence with violence? It was such conditions that forced the communists in Russia and even more so in China to resort to violence (often described as countering oppressive state violence with revolutionary violence).


Larry, yes, Americans can "do this" because there is no other Empire. The Chinese and Russian people knew that the empires in which they were overtly treated like 'subjects' could and would use force (although the Russian people got past any fear and openly confronted their purely state-based Empires).

Now with only one Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE left standing in the whole world, and because the metropole of this hidden Empire is only 'posing' as a functional (even exceptional) democracy --- if only 3% of 'we the American people' go into the streets and loudly 'call-it-out', expose, and peacefully confront it with only our free speech rights as an EMPIRE, it will collapse almost immediately (and certainly before the end of the summer) [Or as the great American historian Joseph Ellis notes in his definitive book on the American Revolution against Empire "Revolutionary Summer":

“The British approach was decisively imperial, top down from George III,
through Lord Germain, to all those converging ships and men. The
American approach was decidedly republican, bottom up, dependent upon
broad-based popular consent from that enigmatic entity called “the
people.” To repeat, nothing so sweepingly democratic had ever been
attempted before, for the quite sound reason that a poll of the
people was almost assured to produce a muffled or divided response
or, worse, a chaotic cacophony.

What seems most historically significant, at least in retrospect, is how
true each side was to the core values it claimed to be fighting for.
It was the coercive power of an EMPIRE against the consensual potency
of a fledgling (democratic) republic. History seldom provides pure
embodiments of such contrasting political alternatives, but in the
summer of 1776 they were both on display”

Ellis, Joseph J. (2013-06-04). Revolutionary Summer: The Birth of American
Independence (pp. 49-50). Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Kindle

BTW, Larry, Justin duRivage’s brand new book, "Revolution Against Empire" at Amazon (June availability):

From my reading a review of his Yale Ph.D. dissertation, which presumably prefigures the book, it appears to me that duRivage comports, but goes beyond, Joseph Ellis' "Revolutionary Summer" in more deeply documenting the nature of America's First (and only successful) Revolution against Empire as being overtly focused and understood by America's colonial leaders as being a confrontation primarily and essentially against Empire itself, and a political economic and social confrontation against the very ideology and structure of Empire --- as Ellis noted in his four year earlier work.


Thanks, Pony-Boy, for your understanding, support, and efforts against Empire yourself.

Now if you and I can just get 3% of these media/propaganda-deluded American fellow citizens to believe the truth of our ability to overcome and peacefully overthrow this God-damned that has temporarily ‘captured’ our country — the world will be a safer and better place for our kids, and grand-kids (in my case).

Sometimes I just can’t understand why more Americans "can’t see the Forest of Empire through the trees of issues” that the media/propaganda-sector of the Empire, the CFR Think-Tank-sector, and the damn dual-party Vichy-political sector of this Empire are using to divide, distract, and delude people with all these effin little "identity-issues", other ‘issues’, bigger (but still subordinate) ‘symptom problems’ (like never-ending wars, WS looting, vast inequality, racism, spying, torture, terrorism, et al.), and our entire “ailing social order” [Zygmunt Bauman] — which the deceitful Empire uses to divide us, just so that “we the people” ourselves don’t see the effin EMPIRE for what it really is.

Again, Pony-Boy, thanks for seeing beyond the little crap and diversions to the metastasizing causal cancer of the EMPIRE.


You read the word Empire and then I guess you stopped reading and ran off on a rant! This is about Trump's economic empire and even says so in the title. You should be embarrassed and might try reading the article before you rant.


Hey, Flea-brain, what I wrote was fully aware and complimentary of Nomi's focus on Empire, her repeating of the word 'empire' 6 more times in her article, and that her focus on 'Empire' was "certainly correct".

Perhaps, flea-brain you did not read or comprehend what I actually said, which is this ver-effin-batim:

"Nomi is certainly correct that Trump is a virtual poster-boy for EMPIRE, and a true embodiment of an EMPEROR if we ever had one --- and that EMPIRE is the key factor that we should all note about this ninth selection of a phony faux-Emperor as our president.

However, what certainly disappoints me is that with Nomi's use of the key term, and word, "EMPIRE in the title and half a dozen time in her fine article that no one commenting here even mentioned the mega-problem of EMPIRE"

The only thing I regretted, flea-brain, was that no one else reading this fine article by Nomi said a damn word about EMPIRE, you flea-dope.


Hi amacd: I returned to this country sometime last year or so, and left all my sources on the "revolutionary war" and other books overseas, so you really have the advantage of me. Thus, what I write here will lack much needed citations, and therefore crave your indulgence.

My take on the War of Independence is that it was one envisioned and pursued largely by the moneyed class, though like subsequent wars the promoters sought the consent of as many people from other classes as they could. To this end, the propaganda war was truly wide-ranging - from the taverns to the churches to town centres, from sermons to hortatory speeches, from simple pamphlets to long essays, the case for independence was very well publicised. Perhaps it was this effort to get as much support as possible from the masses that caused Ellis to term it as a democratic struggle, in contrast to the "top-down" approach of England.

However, I see the denial of voting rights to those without property, and even the difficulty in financing the revolutionary war as signs that the war was not as popular among the masses as attempts to make it seem so. That was why Thomas Paine was very important, and why, because Paine related to the masses in a way most of the "Founding Fathers" could not, he was later ignored by the oligarchy he did most to support (in the War of Independence). I also wonder if history would've been different had the French not played a part in paying for Washington's troops, and didn't use their navy against England. And the war was as bloody as they came, perhaps just next to the Civil War in terms of casualties. All this, in addition to what occurred in other revolutions, led me to question whether it's possible to effect a revolution, today or any time in history, without violence and bloodshed.