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The End of Asylum?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/25/end-asylum

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Vote, and/or march.

I love this essay and I’m glad it’s getting play around the liberal/left blogosphere. I take a minority position on immigration on the left, which makes me less than popular at cosmopolitan parties.

But I’m as ferocious a defender of the right to asylum as one can be, and I’m livid that there are people deliberately conflating the two issues.

The grant of sanctuary is one of the oldest civilized human traditions on the books—a place where the safety of the most endangered would be guaranteed and sacrosanct. Asylum is that very old tradition writ global in a modern world. Its essence is mercy, a moral quality so endangered that asylum may be one of the very last institutional expressions of it.

We can’t afford to lose this last redoubt of our better selves.

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I think it fair to say that “asylum” was getting out of hand, it was never intended to apply to virtually the entire population of violent countries like Honduras or some Mexican states. The US cannot be expected to allow entry on that scale.
Solutions have to include development initiatives in such places, better access to birth control to reduce the unsustainable population growth, and sharing asylum havens with other countries such as Mexico where there s a common language and more similar culture (same kind of thin in the Middle East where Europe cannot be expected to allow entry to vast populations from entirely different cultures.
Since the US shares some responsibility for the poor conditions in Honduras etc we should pay to help improve conditions in those places.