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The End of the Rule of Law: The 12 Impeachable Offenses Committed By Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/25/end-rule-law-12-impeachable-offenses-committed-trump


Anyone for a baker’s dozen? 13 is a lucky number.


Until we get a Peoples’ Congress, unbought by corporate interests, all this will continue unabated.


Do I hear 14, going once, going twice, let’s hear 15…16…


As I and others have suggested before, the impeachment process could be–and should be, for all the good reasons stated above–a refresher course in civics for a nation which seems to have forgotten everything it once knew about the subject. That we’re either uninformed or disinformed about the subject is not our fault, but rather the fault of people like Twump, who find law in general–and Constitutional law in particular–an impediment to achieving their desires.


I would submit that there is a sphere of influence of powers which have ‘institutionalized’ operatives whose task it is to introduce entire spheres of malfeasance and form them into institutionalized juggernaut.

We have as example the likes of Pompeo and Bolton (coordinating the nefarious machinery to undermine sovereign nations as corporate lackeys at the highest administrative levels); Cheney and Kissinger (the Janus version of “diplomatic communicators”; and press people Sharah Huckabee Sanders and Kelly Ann Conway institutionalizing the Breitbart version of whatever it is supposed to be that they are doing - much the Janus image too.

In toto (not unlike the fictional pup of OZ) ginning up broken mythos is what predatory capitalism is specializing in. It has over the centuries “invested” in a bizarre ideology of lie, kill, steal to waste, and the net result is what can only be expected: that is what it can do. Ethics, coherence, sustainability and human dignity are all “costs” to be sacrificed (externalized) in the now lionized Milton Friedman masturbation mentality of “economics” of Manifest Destiny, the perverted ooze issuing from the Doctrine of Discovery..

Yes, history is NOT just in the past.


No David, as Hedges and Fein make plain, limiting impeachment to the Ukraine imbroglio is not “a good start.” Such a devious course of complicity and collusion, leaves the Constitution and the Republic in ashes.


Fein sez:
“Many of the Democrats in the past have been complicit in these violations.”

I’ve no doubt Madam Speaker would be happy to hold a magnifying glass to the works of Chump and his crime family. Regrettably, she has traded in that simple People’s tool for a gilt-edged mirror after being seduced by its shiny frame.


The list left out the fact that Trump hasn’t paid taxes in over two decades. In any case, the list was far more comprehensive than anything I have seen so far. However as Chris Hedges points out, the impeachment hearings will focus on one, narrow aspect of his corrupt presidency due to the fact that the Democrats committed the same crimes before Trump entered the White House. This is a classic case where the the establishment will replace one corrupt leader with another corrupt leader and then tell the public to rejoice in the removal of the first crook.


“A People’s Congress.” So with 435 House and 100 Senate = 535, that’s like, what, about 7 down, 528 to go? We’re on our way!


It may have escaped your notice, but the whole system of campaign finance as currently allowed by post-Citizens United law is bribery by any objective definition of the word.


“free” education, medical, and wiping out student loans is called operating a government by the people and for the people. It is a “platform,” by which we the people can choose who we want to be our leaders. As citizens of any country we have the right to perceive the “world-view” of a person running for election. This is totally contrary to the coercion,manipulation, and bribery used for “personal” gain (to insure his re-election) that trump is perpetrating upon this country.


A good draft that needs filling out. I would start by adding (unedited, off the top of my head) . . . .

  1. A failure to promote the general welfare such that he has demoted any and all concern for the public good—to the degree of actively emiserating the majority of citizens and taxpaying immigrants seeking refuge. His constituency has never been to serve as president of all the people and in the name of the people but rather to fulfill the needs of, by, and for the rich and corporate sphere . . . . He has sought to sell public lands and what belongs to the public treasury for private gain and so squandered the public wealth and public health invested in the greater environment. . . .

  2. Crimes against nature, failure to act as steward of
    the environmental sphere . . . . to the point of mass endangerment of lives and limbs and the right to breathable air, clean water, unpoisoned lands . . . .

  3. He has failed to affirm the constitutional framework of the US as well as its democratic ideals that place sovereignty in the people; in fact he has worked against a government based upon three equal branches operating in terms of separation and balance of powers. He has transmuted the powers belonging to the presidency into an abuse of kingly power arrogated to himself and usurped from the other branches, and ultimately from the people.

  4. As far as the Appointments Clause goes, this needs further expansion on the sinister nature of his crimes—namely that he has in all cases appointed as directors of the principal departments such persons whose aim has been to undermine and dismantle the fundamental purpose of those very departments, to the detriment of the public good . . . . (e.g., the EPA, Justice Department, Labor Dept., etc.) . . . .

  5. Crimes against the International order of sovereign nations . . . . and the confirmed framework of international law . . . . provoking continuous disturbance of the peace in countless nations . . . .

Feel free to refine, streamline, further delineate charges—


I know this is not impeachable, but how sick is this? Yesterday the pardoning of military war criminals and murderers, today a game show patterned on a Roman coliseum mob deciding a man’s fate by raising their thumbs up or down.


Trump will probably be exonerated by the Republican criminals and cowards in the senate, but to me it doesn’t matter because Pence is just as bad and being a Bible, trumper who believes in the rapture! Is in some ways worse and will no doubt pardon Trump.


It’s also a direct result of the long, slow decline of our public schools and the ever-shortening attention spans of children – and now adults – ever-increasing addiction to instant entertainment.


This article should be reproduced on the front page of every newspaper in the country, and read in its entirety on every news show on television — especially Fox “news” and CNN.


Bullshit. It’s not “free stuff” it’s investment in public goods, just like police and fire protection, highways, libraries, schools.


Wow, is this a great country or what? There are people in DC who can only dream of sleeping in digs like this, thanks to the jive turkeys who staged this spectacle.

one of which will be condemned to death by the TV mob.