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The End of Trump


Yes, it was all started to Distract from the Dem Cal Primary Inconsistencies, that cheated Us, and Bernie, out of his deserved Win, and the Unstoppable Momentum it would have given his Campaign.


Reich, why is it you never think anything through? Impeach Drumpf on a false scandal and you get Dictator Mike Pence, who, unlike the Great Orange Dope, actually holds a set of beliefs (depraved as they are) and would be even more disastrous as he moves to implement them. Believe you me, you DON’T want someone in the White House who can get anything done unhindered by the establishment as Pence would be. Having the orange-painted boy removed means that the Republicans can actually enact their warped agenda that much faster and with far more political competence. As loathsome as Drumpf is, his being in office means chaos and disorder, which slows down the far right.


Ny thought about not getting carried away by impeachment hysteria is this:
A lot people who are calling for impeachment don’t understand that if the House of Representatives to pass an Impeachment Act this does not remove a president from office. For that to happen, there has to be a trial in the Senate must take place and a two thirds vote of the senators must occur before a removal from office can take place, I would not expect T to submit quietly to such a process. He would surely be afforded opportunities to speak on his own behalf, and he has demonstrated that he can communicate with weird effectiveness especially to his infatuated supporters.

Rather than we who disapprove and are made apprehensive about this president turning the call for impeachment into a buzzword the use of which seems to offer solutions that, in reality, do not solve the problem and could worsen it. If it were go to a Senate trial and not be able to get the necessary two thirds vote. – what then? There’d be no holding T back after having been officially found Not Guilty.

I am hoping that his reactions to the outing of the egregiousness of his governance will cause his remaining support to disavow him until he comes to see that he is no longer welcome in the hearts and minds of his countrymen, and that he quits on his own. Right now that seems unlikely but this whole thing seems so unlikely that, even though I am following the unfolding mess as closely as I can, I still find myself saying “I can’t believe this is actually happening.”


Establishment Democrat or Republican. We need a new political party which truly represents the 90% and is willing to be a leader for dismantling the MIC, tearing the Intelligence complex into a thousand pieces, breaking up monopoly corporations, repealing Citizens United and making Climate Change a front burner challenge to undertake.


And what makes you think all of this isn’t being accomplished now?

Trump’s bogus commission on voter fraud won’t necessarily find actual fraud, but that won’t stop it from promulgating even more restrictive voting registration regulations. Attorney General Sessions is already walking back prison reforms and is restoring more aggressive drug prosecution policies. The curtailing of reproductive rights is already underway at the cabinet level.

As John Atcheson writes elsewhere on this site, Trump very well may not be the idiot he appears to be. The carefully choreographed chaos has the Democrats floundering. If the game is to con us all, Trump is likely a more skillful snake oil salesman than Pence.


What makes me think laws aren’t being passed? Probably the fact that laws aren’t being passed.

A Commission (you will note, led by Pence, who has actual experience with voter suppression legislation) is not a law. Executive orders and executive actions have varying legal force, unlike legislation, and are ultimately easier to reverse. In fact, the proliferation of Trump’s executive orders show his lack of patience and ability to build support within his own party for his agenda.

You don’t need to think Trump is an idiot to understand that he is inept at certain aspects of governing. Use that knowledge to act strategically.

Trump causes a new outrage and makes enemies practically every day. He jokes about grabbing pussy, and tens of thousands of people march in the streets with pink pussy hats on, ready to defend Planned Parenthood. Pence would never be so crass - but he’s the one who wants to destroy reproductive rights, and unlike Trump, he has the legislative record to prove it.


The Repubs are hoping to beat the clock, the impeachment clock as it ticks down on Trump–Their window of opportunity is shrinking daily, but they hope by sticking with Trump through hell or high idiocy they will be able to realize their agenda–repeal ACA and “tax reform” (both of these are tax cuts for the uber-wealthy)–As long as they are in the majority in all three branches, they have a chance–This will all prove out by 2018–How inept the Democratic establishment is will be revealed, the possibility that the Repubs, hitching themselves to Trump’s coattails have overreached once again,all ot this will probably be revealed in this defining election, unless something really big and crazy (like Trump) happens before then!


As others have reminded us, if it’s not Trump, it’s Pence. If not Pence, then Ryan. If not Ryan, then (I think) Orrin Hatch.
Seditionists can’t lose.


Reich inhabits a somewhat difference universe than we do; that’s how he gets it wrong.


Hysteria is never a good platform for decision, and I keenly take your point on President Mike Pence. I tender, not in refutation but in despair, President Donald Trump.


Well spoken! Thank you.


No one here likes Trump.

I would simply offer that in terms of rallying grassroots liberals from slumber, he’s just what the doctor ordered.

Of course, whether or not the grassroots demands plenty instead of settling for the D-Party slow-boil brand of corporatism remains to be seen.


The democratic establishment is not merely “inept” but evil. Both parties are evil twins and anyone or any article that slams down one party without giving equal treatment to the other would be rejected by many, if not most, Americans.


Well said. Impeaching Trump is the same as giving the GOP a free pass for the next ten years. The GOP actually look like saviors for installing Pence right before the midterms and Congress remains in the hands of the GOP. Pence runs as an incumbent in 2020 and wins the next two terms. I’m with you; suffer the idiot until 2020 and then oust him with a less despicable Democrat (unless a third party candidate manages to rise through the array of ballot laws and the corporate owned news to win the presidency in 2020.)


Were Trump to be impeached it would negatively taint a Pence presidency. Pence has been part of this administration as much as has all those Trump branded Band of Billionaires appointees. You seem to think that a majority of Americans would just automatically go to sleep and allow Pence to become another disaster for America!

Seems unlikely that a Trump impeachment would have little effect on a Pence presidency. Heck there may even be calls for him to resign! If that happens there would be calls for special election. Interesting times anyway you look at it.

Also the mainstream press is not frothing at the mouth over this stuff. Contrast how it behaved when Clinton faced impeachment! The press is covering it but seems reluctant if you know what I mean?


… and just exactly what did he do. … good old America … guilty of something (not sure just what) until proven otherwise


don’t see that at all … most seem satisfied with their own tribe of psychopaths


Ah so you want Trump to be judged only on a technicality. To you the sharing of classified intel on a whim isn’t what matters it is that technically he can do that. Well the presidency is not a throne and the job (along with the nuclear launch codes etc.) is far more than ‘he can get off on a technicality’ legaperspective.

This is not Trump USA that he can do what he wants when he wants it. It is Our USA and … he can be fired for not being up to the job. Obstruction of justice worked for me… lest we pretend after all.


Pence will not be left unscathed with the Russia investigation. As VP (and during the campaign), he, too has lied all along and despite all his display of evangelical fervor, his closet is full of skeletons. He knew about Flynn and his foreign dealings…Pence was leading the selection committee throughout the campaign and after the inauguration. Did Pence not order vetting of Flynn? Why was Flynn NOT required to go through another high level security clearance BEFORE stepping in as NSA? They all knew and thought (as a result of their stampeding hubris and arrogance) that no one would be more the wiser or catch on. Dangerous and diabolical dunces.


Those millions, I think, could be counted among the Sanders and Trump voters, and especially among those who decided not to vote at all. These are people who’re sick and tired of a system that pretends they have a choice in either party, and that the vices of one party indicates the virtue of the other. Their common reply: A plague to both your parties!!!