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The End of War Is Just a Beginning

The End of War Is Just a Beginning

Allegra Harpootlian , Emily Manna

Here’s a question worth asking about America's seemingly endless global conflicts: if you kill somebody and there’s no one there (on our side anyway), is the United States still at war? That may prove to be the truly salient question when it comes to the future of America’s war on terror, which is now almost 18 years old and encompasses significant parts of the Greater Middle East and North Africa. Think of it, if you want, as the artificial intelligence, or AI, question.

We the People have allowed the American Military and the corporations that support them to run roughshod over the American dream, and reduce our nation to being the bully of the world.

Without the cooperation of the parties of the Duopoly, this wouldn’t be possible, however, since 95 to 97% of the voters pull the levers every 2 to 4 years for these convincingly corrupt parties, we remain tied to their war on terror and the terror on the world through the spread of weapons and the constant threat of nuclear war.


Your use of “levers” here is reminiscent of mice or birds pecking at levers in a Skinner box. I think they get a greater reward from the mad scientist than we get from the duopoly, however.

Tulsi Gabbard appears on Fox News.

It quite obvious the role that the main stream media has here and it to keep that Military spending going.

She takes him to the woodshed here and her composure is so very noticeable.


That may be the first thing on FOX i have managed to sit through since Lee Camp’s live interview, in which he rightly called FOX a festival of ignorance.

You must be a youngster Joe.

All of the old voting machines used little metallic levers that you pulled down to register your vote for a particular candidate.

When you exited the booth, you slid the larger lever to open the curtain and automatically registered your votes and reset them at the same time.


Hi PonyBoy—wow that sounds like a great way to vote. No pregnant chads, no moving votes around ,no electronic machines changing votes, and no felons in charge of mail-in ballots…what a great idea----why did this change? NO easy way to cheat? : )

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There’s this fraught concern with “mistakes”

Shouldn’t we be afraid that this is gotten “right”?

Does “precision” in immoral and illegal wars make them somehow less abhorrent?

If the premise is inhuman, it doesn’t matter that its prosecutors are, as well.

Of course I remember! Probably older than you, too. No, I was thinking of the illusion of voting–you pull that lever and expect something–and you are trained to do it, trained to believe that at some very important level it matters. Pigeons tasked w pecking such levers receive more benefits than we do. They get something good. We get more of the same.

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Other questions worth asking:
Is war natural? Are we interfering with evolution and playing god by avoiding war?