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The Endgame of 2016′s Anti-Establishment Politics


The Endgame of 2016′s Anti-Establishment Politics

Robert Reich

Will Bernie Sanders’s supporters rally behind Hillary Clinton if she gets the nomination? Likewise, if Donald Trump is denied the Republican nomination, will his supporters back whoever gets the Republican nod?


Sorry, I cannot see voting for Clinton. Based on her record, she will not be less of a disaster for America. I never ever thought I would not vote for President, but I am so disgusted by the slime displayed by the Democratic establishment, and by their clear commitment to the big corporations and their unwillingness to change, that I will not. Even holding my nose. Even to prevent Ile Duce from becoming President.


Robert overlooked gop ploy of keeping thump - exSanders'votes go to him not hrc.
If crews or other - exSanders' votes stay with dems .
Sanders supporters need to stay with Sanders and show the fury that the author claims
Personally - I don't see, hear or feel that fury.


"I kept finding people trying to make up their minds in the upcoming election between Sanders and Trump."

Anyone finding her/himself in that dilemma does not have a very good grasp of political reality.

Donald Trump is reminiscent of Hitler and P T Barnum - a fascist promoter/entertainer - and that's pretty terrible.

Bernie Sanders is reminiscent of Karl Marx and Hugo Chavez - a thinking and active socialist - and that's pretty good.


You want to make Bernie something he isn't. He is a democratic socialist not a socialist. He has been in politics for a long time and would be best described as a advocate of social justice capitalism. People want Bernie's openness to justice not socialism. Soc Security may be socialistic to the right wing and socialism to socialists but it is simply social justice capitalism to most of Bernie's supporters. How about not playing that socialism card that the right wing plays so much?


I will not vote for clinton under any circumstances nor will others in my family. Bernie has awakened me to how destructive voting for the lesser of two evils has been for our democracy and nothing in me is sure that clinton is even the lesser of two evils.


"We would have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric," says Charles Koch of Hillary Clinton.

That's not much of a stretch, Mr. Koch.

And it's a good enough reason for me to seriously consider sitting out the election if Sanders is denied the nomination.


The twenty five or thirty percent of Bernie backers who won't vote for Hillary under any circumstances, that's me, nullifies the Black-Latino firewall, Hillary's only ticket to the presidency. She needs the base plus the usual disproportionate minority vote. I suspect the GOP sees a real coup this time around. I wouldn't be shocked if at the convention GOP moguls choose a dark horse with a modicum of moderate credentials. Good bye Hillary, and to all a good night.


So the DNC would have us vote for Killary if she is the nominee - never mind her obvious partiality to the neoconservatives in Washington, her murderous actions in Libya, her deep ties to Wall St., support for fracking, backing from the fossil fuel industry and various oligarchs etc., etc.

The world might be a much safer place with Trump


I absolutely agree with you. I also have participated in Sanders rallies and experienced the same positive energy.


Reich ignores the liklihood that Trump will run third party if he is not nominated by the GOP, thereby throwing the election to the Democratic Party candidate, and the certainty of a center-left third party candidate other than Bernie running against Hillary who will throw the election to the GOP.


I tend to agree that many supporters of Sanders will not support Clinton if she does win the nomination as they see her as too closely tied to corporate money. My own view is that her record going all the way back to when she graduated law school indicates that she began her career as a liberal activist helping disadvantaged and she tends to support liberal causes despite receiving so much corporate money. I think environmentalists will almost all support Clinton if she is the nominee. They put climate change at the top of their agenda and will vote to keep a Republican out of office. The people who are not likely to support Clinton are economic progressives. They put income inequality at the top of the their agenda and are less concerned about a Republican winning since unlike climate change, economic changes can be reversed and are not are an existential crisis. There are also some progressives who focus on the military. They think Clinton is too likely to get us into a war and might even vote for Trump who they see as less hawkish.


The Tea Party was apoplectic because we have a Blackish President and because they are a herd driven by right-wing media. They and Occupy are NOT two sides of the same coin.

That said, disgust with corrupt partisan politics is present across the political spectrum. The 2 parties that have held away from the 1860's until now have outlived themselves and things are changing. Unless we see a close race with Paul Ryan as possible President, I will be writing in Sanders if he isn't on the ballot. I won't be voting for Clinton. A good thing about this race is that it is separating corporate liberals from the better informed and committed left.

What is vital is that we build the movement, via Democracy Spring no matter who is elected. Out of that we may build a political party but more importantly, we need to begin to build the next system from the ground up.


Yes, a massive write-in for Sanders sends a vital message.


Need I point out that democratic socialism might be subsumed under socialism?

Practically everyone here knows that Bernie is a democratic socialist and that is, as you say, social justice capitalism.
Given today's US political climate that is about as far left as it's realistically practical to go.

Bernie has no doubt read Marx, and if the political climate were different it's not inconceivable that he would be even further left than he is - which would be an even better thing.

We shouldn't be afraid to use the word "socialist" (play the socialism card) just because the idiot right wing uses it disparagingly.


Reich still doesn't get it. My wife and I are in our 70's. We phone bank for Bernie. Our extended family is totally with Bernie all the way. We have shut down our T.V. The Media has been exposed as being for the status quo entirely. Rachael Maddow, Chris Hayes, "the Lefty" and the rest of the charlatans. Disgusting. The Black Caucus sullied the vision of Dr. King. and sold out their own. How shameful. Never, ever would we vote for Hillary!! We are going to the convention. Bernie will be our next President or all HELL will break out in this country. The game is up.


" Bernie Sanders is reminiscent of Karl Marx and Hugo Chavez - a thinking and active socialist - and that's pretty good."

Bernie Sanders is Bernie Sanders. He is HERE NOW with a record of advocacy AGAINST predatory capital practices that continue to undermine and conflate governance with private profit. Bernie Sanders' critique of predatory capitalism is different from Marx and Chavez and specific to the situation HERE. We're talking about administrative practices that were undermined under Reagan, usurped by predators via lobbying and revolving doors because of the sheer scale of effective administration of programs like Social Security, and are now being subjected to a documented sphere of banker/speculator criminality from which the integrity of governance must be wrested.


Go to Bernie2016tv, Political Revolution T.V. Nicole Sandler You Tube. If you wish to get some truth. All the Bernie rallies are on Bernie2016tv. archived.


Assuming Clinton beats Sanders, her only chance against the Republicans (Trump or otherwise) is to hype up what scary monsters they are. Sanders has an actually positive change story to tell. If he loses the Democratic nomination, I hope he still runs as a 3rd party candidate. I believe he could come out of the mess that will likely be Clinton/Trump trading "you're more horrible than I am" insults. However, I am concerned that Sanders would not do this since he would be hammered in the media as the guy who handed the presidency to Trump on a silver platter by not supporting Clinton.


What's the point of this article? Does not bring any new discovery into light.

An interesting discussion on this topic is at "The Young Turks" when they discuss different scenarios i.e. Trump running as independent if not nominated(very likely)...which in turn endangers Clinton's coronation (if she is the dem.nominee)...and which strengthens the wining chances for Sanders if he runs as an independent ...etc...etc.

Wish Seth Abramson would get down to this topic.