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The Endless War to Preserve American Primacy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/15/endless-war-preserve-american-primacy

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“And, in other news, water is wet … .”

It’s not as much about primacy, as it is about profit, After all we spend as much on our “defense” as the next 10 largest nations combined, we prove our primacy well enough with those numbers.

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This short essay of mine on America’s claim to manifest destiny may also help clarify the reality.


There are two Americas. One is the America of the capitalist clique who threaten the world’s security. This is the America the people of the world has learned to detest and fear.

Then there is the other America — the America of working people with a revered record of sympathy for people of other lands in their struggles against kings and despots.

This is the America that has held out the hand of comradely friendship to the oppressed people in the world and at one time offered security and sanctuary to the persecuted. This is the America that must take the power from the exploiters and parasites. The American working class can open up the way to a new world. They have the power in America. All that is necessary is for them to understand it — and to use it. We believe they will do so. We believe the real America — the America of the working people — will help save the world by saving itself. This is America’s true “manifest destiny”.

What are we debating here? After nearly 20 years of death, destruction and failed policy that has led to a failed state at home it’s time to just get out!
Those of us who were called “traitors” at the beginning of war knew it was wrong then, and it isn’t any less wrong today. I sadly believe we will still be in the same place four years from now.

I just read your piece, Alan - it’s good of you to share it here with us.

However, there really is only one America, at least insofar as Zahra and her young son are concerned. Both will be murdered in early February as part of our sacrosanct, direct-debit tithes to Tel Aviv, albeit via double-proxy in this instance.

To your credit, there may yet have been two Americas - albeit once upon a time - the first remaining as defined. The other, however, is now mired in self-interest such that it can only be described as the America that didn’t make it - the minute that any of the unwashed masses get to extricate themselves from mostly self-imposed financial indentureship, they shall immediately aspire to join the upper tier, slavishly adopting the pomp of the latter.

Let us not waste effort on the rehabilitation of our countrymen. That half of them would join our McArmy to “Defend our freedom and protect our way of life” is proof enough that the lot of us are bereft of even the semblance of a Classical Education.

Why make such a big deal about this? Well, don’t … and you end up where we are today - The Marching Morons.

I think you are expressing a pessimistic belief attributed to the railroad oligarch Jay Gould who thought he could hire one half of the working class to kill the the other half. I hope he is wrong and at times throughout the US history events have happened where he has been proved wrong, Apache.

Jingoistic patriotism is not only an American trait, sadly. The idea that there can be rags to riches, the so-called American Dream, that upward mobility exists everywhere. Everybody who buys a lottery ticket does so under the delusion that somebody must win and it will be them, despite the astronomic odds against it happening.

But what inspires me and it is happening even now under the pandemic, is when bad things occur…an earthquake, a flood…the cooperative altruistic empathic side of humanity comes to the fore. Capitalism as a system that promotes individualism will not let us share success but working people will share their miseries and our adversities. Strange, isn’t it?

As for the plight of the Palestinians, we can look at the behavior of foreign nations and the disregard they display for the suffering but in comparison we can look towards the response of working people.


I admire - and celebrate - your optimism.

Maybe it’s my age getting the better of me in that I’ve seen too much stay the same to ever expect it to change, aside from anything cosmetic.

Thank you, though, for sharing the clip about Celtic - that truly made my day.

Apache, i’m no youngster myself. Sometimes, i see little change in the world with tragedies repeating themselves everywhere. Progress not just stalled but in reverse.

But then i see how attitudes and beliefs have also fundamentally changed with the years. Racists are condemned and have to disguise their prejudice and go underground. The LGBT community can show themselves and stand for and get elected to public office. Women’s liberation where females are taking their rightful place in the world. Perhaps we didn’t stop it in 2003 but hundreds of millions understood the invasion of Iraq was a lie and millions took to the streets. And now people actually care about Nature and the environment, the younger generation often putting us oldsters to shame with their commitment to stopping climate change.

Oh, i can still offer a litany of negative things but from my younger years i have personally witnessed friends, neighbors and co-workers change positively. So yes i do have hope.

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