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The Endless War With Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/09/endless-war-iran

“Legislation won’t restrain the president. But continued revelations of misconduct might do the trick by refocusing the White House on domestic scandals (provided Trump is not tempted to keep wagging the dog).”

Seriously? There have already been plenty of accusations and reports of Trump’s many wrongdoings besides what the House impeached him for. His cult-like base remains unswayed, and many independents see him as being picked on. Even if evidence is rock solid, it won’t matter. The Democrats had a chance to enact legislation that would have limited his war powers and stopped him from committing the very act he just committed, the assassination of a figure like Soleimani, but they backed down. And it’s funny how they impeached him on the one hand, on “principle,” but on the other they turned around and voted right along with Republicans to hand him $738 billion to keep waging perpetual war.

Forget trying to nail Trump for things he should have been nailed on a long time ago. The best, the only, hope that Democrats have is growing some balls and showing some smarts – decide to stand with the people instead of their corporate sugar daddies and stop resisting and hating progressives and progressive policies and embrace them instead. That way they can easily trounce Trump in 2020 and be done with him once and for all. But that ain’t gonna happen. The Dems are as knee-deep in this cesspool of oligarchy as the Republicans are.


I think this is quite a sensible post. The situation still seems dangerous even though there is no fundamental reason for US-Iran conflict, the US doesn’t even need their oil. What can help: rallies here and around the world opposed to escalation, especially from pro-peace Muslima nd Jewish groups; leadership from Europe, Russia and China to defy US sanctions and do business with Iran; demands that the US, Israel and Iran cool the bellicose rhetoric; work for cease-fires, arms embargos and negotiations to end the wars in Syria and Yemen; promote human rights for the ordinary people throughout the region; work for compromise and reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.

Iran aids the Palestinian resistance and that is unacceptable to Israel, its lobby, AIPAC, and its neocons.


This was fairly insightful up until the really bad advice on moving to the Senate impeachment trial.

Pelosi’s House can subpoena Bolton. Then take the matter to court if/when Bolton refuses to comply.
Or Pelosi can easily stall until Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman testify in court in early February.
By that time Trump will “blurt out” more self-incriminating blather and so will Rudy.

So relax, Nancy. Time is now on your side. Let Trump stew. Let Rudy sweat. It’s fun, man.

I have a problem with this article. The issue is that while he alludes to the 40 year war on Iraq , it still boils down to this conflict being a TRUMP issue and a problem with the Republican administration.

This is not a TRUMP issue. It is an issue with the United States of America, its Corporations and its Empire. That there are lows and highs in the rhetoric against Iran through different Presidencies, that Cold war against Iran is very much bi-partisan.

It started with Eisenhower deciding Iranians could not elect the President that they wanted and continued through to the present day. While the Shah in power ruthlessly killing those that opposed his power all was fine between Iran and the USA. Once the Iranians decided they wanted to rid themselves of the Shah the war on Iran was started anew.

The USA in fact supplied Iraq with chemical weapons during the Iran Iraq war and encouraged the Iraqis to use them.

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You forgot the holding hands and singing kumbaya with the Dalai Lama.

C’Mon Barry, what are you smoking ??? The U.S. has had a hard on for Iran ever since they kicked them out after giving them a bloody nose. The ONLY nation on the planet, that stood it’s ground and told them where to go. (Yes, I know, Iceland did the same, but did not give them a bloody nose) What the Iranians did to the Americans, caused massive loss of face and extreme nightmares that they didn’t control all the World. Something the U.S. simply cannot forgive or forget. They will spend the rest of their days, agitating, waging their proxy war, and sanction after sanction until Iran cries quits or the bombs and rockets start flying and WW 3 arrives. Make no mistake about it. No talks or waffling on is going to cut the ice here. Besides, the U.S. has already made it abundantly clear to anyone with even half a brain, they are not interested in any talks, agreements or whatever. All they want to see, is the white flag of surrender, and the Iranians grovelling in the dirt. Problem with that scenario though, is what comes after that, should it ever occur. Something I seriously doubt, any American has even thought about.