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The Enduring Case for Demanding Trump’s Resignation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/11/enduring-case-demanding-trumps-resignation


Trump will never resign, unless he needs Pence to pardon him. With the State of New York licking its chops, that falls short of being an ace in the hole. Best hope, covid-19, stroke, chicken bone, etc. I would like for him to be incapacitated but aware in order to soak in the shambles of his lie-filled existence.


“Trump will never resign…”

Exactly, as much as I respect Ralph, this is a waste of protesting resources IMO. Lets save those resources for actions where the people have a chance of effecting real change, not letting the cops crack heads for no gain.


Wrecking America? It has been a wreck for a long time. Virtually ever since the State crushed the Civil rights leaders and the antiwar movements in the late 1970s.

Trump is like that huge snowball nearing the bottom of the mountain picking up ever more mass and speed as it does so. That huge Snowball started its downward trajectory long before it reached Trumpian velocity .


With Trump still in office, prepare for an embroiling election crisis, as he unleashes street violence and harassing lawsuits before favorable judges citing the results as “rigged,” a “hoax,” and “stolen,” no matter his margin of defeat.

Mr. Nader. What you say is true but there is one other Trump, election paradigm and that is Trump may win in November legitimately.


His former attorney, ( who is now in jail) Michael Cohen has said the same thing.

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Another four years of GOP control will turn a “four year dark age” into a four century dark age.


Trump resigning would be doing the right thing. Trump will never do the right thing because it then shows he was wrong and Trump insists he is never wrong.


As soon as Trump is no longer POTUS he is vulnerable to prosecution…not from the Dims, but from state and local gubmits that will hopefully lock him up before he can escape to Paraguay.


How quickly Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Greenspan-Paulson-Ashcroft-Gates-Elaine Chao-Powell-Rice and disgraced Dean of Columbia U. Business School R. Glenn Hubbard as the Presidential ticket and administration’s Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors leading the U.S. system of financialization into the systemic trans national collapse of 2007-08 have been given the hook from Center Stage of the Toppled Corporate Caliphate Empire that succeeded the end of the Cold War industries of the previous 3-4 decades after WW II.

Balanced as it was by two super-powers who were allied in defeating the Nazis and then allied in stabilizing the world from far ends of the globe after a century of calamitous ruin for the Euro empires that inherited the Ottoman Empire and others that rose and fell throughout history.

With U.S. tax-payers returning so soon after bailing out the Savings & Loan industry as a trial run under President W. Bush’s father George HW Bush and the first S&L to fail was Colorado’s Silverado Bank run by the “other son” of George HW Bush who didn’t go into politics, namely Neil Bush, following the de-regulation under Reagan-Bush’s MORNING IN AMERICA years of 1980-88.

This sequence of events well scrubbed from mass media reportage and political history, despite the coverage candidate George HW Bush received calling his Populist Republican rival Ronald Reagan’s Supply Side fiscal policies “VOODOO ECONOMICS.” Reagan’s policies which won over too many first generation Working Middle Class Democrats just as Trump was able to woo the last three decades of RAPIDLY SHRINKING WORKING MIDDLE CLASS voters from a Democratic Party ticket led by Neo-Liberal E-CONomic stalwart and that U.S. Jr. Senator from Wall Street, Hillary Clinton.

Reagan’s policies being massive Tax Cuts for the Corporate Caliphate while spending the already pulse-less Soviet economy bogged down in an endless opium fed stupor and invasion of neighboring Afghanistan that set the stage for the fall of Soviet communism’s Cult of Personality into bankruptcy and surrender of the Cold War. Reagan and Bush Sr got to do that together in their echo chamber of conflicted interest financial advisors chaired by now disgraced former Columbia University Business School Dean R. Glenn Hubbard. Despite having his conflicts of interest outed in the Academy Award winning documentary INSIDE JOB on the perfect storm of causes for the Economic Collapse under R. Glenn Hubbard’s Chairmanship of Bush’s Economic and Financial Advisors. Hubbard led the advisory council of Bush Sr.'s son George W. Bush’s campaign for the Presidency which came up short in popular votes versus the House of Neo-Liberal E-CON Clinton VP Al Gore. Yet as the world saw, Bush-Cheney wound up winning on electoral votes as Gore took a slight lead in popular votes. That historic Presidential outcome of a President being ‘selected’ by the Supreme Court rather than elected by the body politic hinged on the close voter tally in the state of Florida that the Supreme Court got involved in deciding.

Even before the Supreme Court altered the U.S. political landscape with its nuclear bomb proliferating CITIZENS UNITED decision that further unfettered global capital as The House of Clinton had done when it signed arch Neo-Conservative Hawk and Neo-Liberal E-CONomic opportunist extraordinaire in Texas Senator Phil Gramm’s Financial Services Industry Modernization Act of 1998 that Clinton with Gore at his side signed into deregulatory law guided by the father of Neo-Liberal E-CON policy in the Democratic Party, Larry Summers who served as a lead Financial Advisor to each President including Republican Revolution leaders Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush.

The Supreme Court in CITIZENS UNITED allowed unfettered and unidentified interests to participate in U.S. elections that were already distorted as are so-called ‘FREE MARKETS’ by Pay2Play privileges and Feudal Lord dynamics.

Oscar-Winning `Inside Job’ Director Attacks Economists’ Ties to Financial Sector

The single Presidential term of the former CIA Chief George HW Bush doing so much damage in so little time, including the precursor tax-payer bail out of the Savings & Loan Industry and the invasion of Panama to ‘arrest’ Panamanian General-President Noriega, long a well-paid CIA asset, either despite or because of Noriega’s ties to the narco-money laundering system partially based in Panama and of Noriega’s deference to close Washington intel ally Israel’s Mossad, where superstar operative Mad Mike Harari had been guiding Noriega’s take-over of Panama and was less-than-affectionately known by the Panama Canal Zone trans national shipping giants as ’Mr 60 Per Cent.' That being the cut Harari shook down for any commercial or financial deal passing through the Canal Zone during Noriega’s tenure as CIA Asset In Chief of Central America, the War On Drugs budgets that kept growing and right up through the U.S. invasion to nab Noriega in Panama as Mike Harari was rounded up during the invasion and whisked quietly back to Israel.

The House of Bush keeps reappearing in different guises almost each decade since Prescott Bush’s two terms as Senator from Connecticut:

Donald Rumsfeld the budget director of the Iraq Invasion of 2003 began his career as Public Servant of the Corporate Caliphate back during Vietnam escalation and has kept getting promoted no matter how disastrous the outcomes of his policies have been to the Public Interest, because the Private Interests he really represents have done quite well for themselves and their investors.

Recall we were attacked not by secular Republic of Fear Dictator Saddam Hussein, an earlier CIA Asset In Chief for the Arab Nationalist Movement during the Cold War decades, rather the U.S. Economic Mecca of the WORLD TRADE CENTER and its Military Industrial Complex HQ in procurement at the PENTAGON along with western targets were attacked by Islamist elements funded by Washington’s other Muddle Eastern client state partners of the Saudi Royal Family through the Public\Private Partnership of ARAMCO the Arab\American Oil Corporation.

The Neo-Conservative political and Neo-Liberal E-CONomics perpetuating House of Bush’s close business ties with the Royal Family and close family social ties with Saudi Arabia’s Intel Chief as outlined in the book that turned former Nixon Paleo-Conservative campaign strategist Kevin Phillips into a pariah within the Neo-Liberal E-CONomics embracing Neo-Conservative led GOP and within the U.S. media and News Broadcast system. Owned and controlled by those Private Interests who’ve profited handsomely from Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrines of de-regulation, finance industry self-regulation coupled with the financialization of the national economy and Daddy Warbucks’ Perma War economic stimulus program and corporate welfare looters on the grandest global scale. The Neo-Liberal E-CONomics Revolution that was not televised proceeded to privatize not only the National Security State functions but also Health, Housing, Education, Environmental Protection and Social Welfare-Public Health functions along with energy and telecomm roles that were once performed by Public Interest utilities.

At least until the House of Bush’s family friends in Houston and the Enron gang (see the documentary THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM) shifted that paradigm. The House of Clinton and its donor list highlights the role the other partners in AMERICAN DYNASTY and THE REVOLUTION THAT WAS NOT TELEVISED played in cementing and baking into the doctrines of Neo-Liberal E-CONomics as the litmus test for national candidates of either political party. Neither partner will give an inch if a so-called independent 3rd party candidate begins to challenge those doctrines. See Ross Perot, the last 3rd Party Candidate allowed to participate in televised debates between the Duopoly candidates. Perot blasted to smithereens the pending NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) that both George HW Bush and young Bill Clinton and his former Republican Youth wife Hillary Clinton advocated and supported.

Ross Perot was a self-made Data Systems entrepreneurial success from Texas, who like the father of Donald Trump that got rich building Washington and tax-payer subsidized low-income housing after WW II wound up believing their own political propaganda of the bi-partisan consensus to SHRINK BIG GOVERNMENT and place the ballooning U.S. global trade deficits and the national budget deficit they got filthy rich on within the Cold War weaponized propaganda line of GREED IS GOOD and the INDIVIDUAL MUST NEVER RELY ON THE NANNY STATE.

Even though the biggest corporations in the U.S. were being heavily subsidized by the government and bailed out by tax-payers fairly regularly.

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These articles demanding he resign are a waste. He is not, and the Dems are clueless on how to impeach and be successful. It it too late in the game to try any of those as November is around the corner and the entire DP can’t even agree on how much two plus two is. DT has been plying wit fire all these years, setting them spreading them, encouraging them with fuel but if he loses (questionable as the Dems seem to have the idea of “Win” at the voting booth), he will set out to burn it all to the ground leaving ashes behind as he is led out of the White House. Oh, and the GOP will be cheering him on.

As for Stone, no surprise. He’s been teasing that act for weeks. He still thinks this is all a TV show and about ratings. Now he’s wearing a mask, and his fan base is going to love the sh** out of that betrayal. Pence is convinced he has a shot at POTUS, and he is delusional… He will be that has-been fairly quickly, an untouchable.of disgrace. N. Haley, that warmonger, sociopath, is working hard to become the face of the RP–They deserve her, and each other.


In all likelihood, Trump will be gone soon; not soon enough but still, soon. What I am worried about is that his legacy - the right of presidents and other officials to ignore law and precedent and focus only on personal gain - will live on and become the conventional behavior. Future presidents may well decide that pardoning criminals for personal gain is fine since Trump set that very clear precedent.

We need to think about constraining the president’s power and freedom of action. This could be accomplished through through Constitutional amendments and that is something we should be at least discussing.


Mr Nader is right about one thing. We cannot rely on the Demorcrats for anything. Pelosi needs to be removed entirely from Congress. But I won’t hold my breath for that. Most other Democrats are pretty worthless too. They are capitalists who will do nearly anything to see that the system remains intact.

I support the Socialists, Bernie and others, who see that we need to move away from the capitalist system which is nothing more than organized greed that perpetuates the gross inequality of life in this country, USA, and in the world.

Even if Trump looses, and to imagine otherwise is too grim to bear, don’t expect any big change with Biden who still is completely against all of us getting the affordable healthcare we need to enjoy the quality of life we all deserve. Oh yes, we will have the unbearable sociopath, the liar, thief, murderer and all around piece of shit Trump out. But we will still have the nearly do nothing shills for big business Pelosi and Schumer and many other Dems.


The idea of forcing trumps resignation by demanding it are about equal to the proverbial pigs flying; his malignant ego narcissism would never allow that; he is after all a “very stable genius”.

Far more profitable, but (almost) equally unlikely, is demanding Biden “resign”, and the DP entrenched loser neo-liberal elite dominating that private corporate club give-over control to the progressive, independent, left base, and nominate Bernie Sanders instead of uncle Joe Biden, who can barely read the teleprompter.script, much less improvise without inserting his foot in his mouth.

The DP and Joe Biden are as uninspiring as can possibly be, timid and craven, apparently counting on trump to beat himself much as Hillary and her idiot out-of-touch advisers and “strategists” did to their surprise - a stupidity and incompetence they never fessed-up to! The DP is a political party of corruption, servitude to big-money, power and the war-machine, near completely forgetting about the 99% they supposedly once represented when they had real leaders, not smarmy SOB RepubliCon-lite frauds in control!


The only way Pelosi will leave is on a gurney. She been in the Capitol so long she grew roots.

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Ha, ha, ha. You may be right about that. Whatever happens, I hope it’s soon.

Sadly, you are probably correct. Pelosi is probably counting the twenty million$ she got through the last four years by protecting the Oilagarchy and Wall Street from harm and is figuring what she will make for the next four years of stonewalling, regardless of which of the two sock puppets wins.
** There are a number of younger politicians who are working to turn this government around, to become servants of We the People and we should be supporting them and the even tinier number of veteran politicians who are concerned enough about We the People, and our survival, to work for change. If you read the Constitution, you will find plenty of things written there to throw out the majority of mafioso thugs that have slowly taken control of our government, our country, to enrich themselves and their capos beyond their wildest dreams.
** We cannot keep playing Wall Street’s game of picking one of the two sock puppets for the next four years. Those sock puppets are well paid by their masters, who don’t care which one wins in any election, because the money and power just keeps rolling in to them. They have all got to go, or we shall wind up thinking about today’s hunger, pandemic, homelessness, bad water, bad food, and mass extinction as the “good old days” as our lives as homeless serfs worked to death to try to provide food for our families just expands.
** Off the Oligarchy and its sock puppets, UP We the People.


Trump Resign? Only if you threaten his financial empire with dissolution, certainly not because of crimes committed, he’s got the Nation by the balls as far as that goes.
Trump has put the Nation to the test and the Nation has failed.
But then of course the Nation is historically doing just exactly what it is supposed to be doing.
I feel sorry for what’s happening, the cost of freedom is dire and mostly unacceptable seeing as how you can easily lose your life.
But here we are; Disney World has re opened so things can not be as bad as all that.

Ralph Nader’s summation of demanding Trump’s resignation is on target. Whether that happens (doubtful) is another story. Either way I always admired the fact that Nader maintains his strong integrity. He always stays true to himself, his message and his wanting what is best for the USA.

Please pecohen and dear readers and activists far and wide to note the difference between the uproar and outrage that emanated even from the strongest backers of the House of Clinton 2-term presidency when unfettered global capital convicted felonious Feudal Lord of High FI nance, Marcell David Reich dba Marc Rich was pardoned by Bill Clinton with that soon-to-be Jr. Senator from Wall Street Hillary Clinton’s Business Insider lobbying of her husband and the Business Law academic acumen of Clinton backer and cabinet appointee Laura D’Andrea Tyson currently a respected Financial Law faculty superstar at the Haas School of Business, the University of California at Berkeley. Y’know where all the Marxists control the Commie Occupied faculty.


Compare that with the silence nationally, world-wide and within Wall Street’s business media echo chamber where every week is THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET or BUSINESS INSIDER or MARKETPLACE or PLANET MONEY or BLOOMBERG BILLIONAIRE BID-NET NEWS or FREKANOMICS or FORBES 500 and where never an amplified or repeated voice from the Planet of the Clock Punchers or WAGE SLAVE WEEK is ever allowed to be broadcast or netcast, while Donald Trump’s ticker tape list of Presidential pardons from the middle of his first precarious presidential term onward unscrolled.

Most but not all previous presidents saved their personal favors and pardons for the political capital of the concluding second term limit’s approach. Eventually this ritual game of "Who Will the President that Saved Predatory Capitalism and the Socializing of Costs\Risks while Privatizing the Profits add to the PROTECTION and START OVER SANS CRIMINAL RECORD dance card list.

How many graduates of Business Schools and MBA holders of the last decade could even tell U.S. why the MILKEN FAMILY matters?

No need to include most recently Roger the Rabbit Stone who is a political hack whose crimes are of the nearly legislated out-of-existence variety, kinda like Capital Flight was decriminalized and indeed incentivized under Reagan-Bush then Clinton-Greenspan-Summers-Rubin’s Unfettering of Global Capital. Don’t forget the fallen via jet crash martyr to service of the world’s most sordid Third World Puppet Regime leaders that Go-Go Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown through such development organizations as AID and the Caribbean Basin initiative(s) that flowed so mightily like the off-shore flows of hoarded non-productive and non-invested currency after the de-regulation heavy lifting was performed by the Labor-backed Democrats and corporate capture of the remaining parasite plagued regulatory systems and Mass Media system.

The nearly non-news-worthy item a few months ago that the rare criminally tried, convicted (with plea bargain sparing his fully complicit brother and partner in Corporate Looting, Lowell Milken any criminal record) and recorded felon after his stint in prison along with life-time banishment from the securities industry Michael Milken the Junk Bond King and world’s richest man to evade meaningful claw-back of ill-gotten gains could get his criminal conviction overturned and record cleansed in addition to the benefits that attended his complete rehabilitation into Robber Baron Philanthropist. Without having to spend as lavishly as the Milken Family Foundation has done for decades now to white-wash their GOOGLE ALPHABET and other non-competitive search engine algorithms of the finer points of the GRANDEST LOOTING SCHEME quantified when brother Lowell Milken’s Junk Bond bid-net investment model helped sink one of the most prestigious investment house names on or near Wall Street with the corporate bankruptcy and dissolution of Drexel Burnham Lambert.


The comparison is more than a way to note how the inability of big ‘D’ Democrats of the corporate-captured kind to form the kind of bonding required to match the institutional corruption of the Neo-Conservative “Liberal” demonizing cut-throat GOP Republicans brought U.S. to where the Democratic Party Establishment has become well reconciled to deferring to ‘hiring’ the Republican Party to run government and assure the corporate-capture of the phantom regulatory systems while absorbing the revolutionary resentment-building resistance of the disenfranchised Working Class (which now includes the high tech professional class not fully solvent and idle living off their hoarded value-encrusted World’s Reserve Currency capital).

As indeed the Feudal Heirs of HI FInance\Tech\Telecomm\Health, Housing and Daddy Warbucks Military Industrial Complex portfolio and non-competitive monopolist Robber Baron Lords of Anti-Trust had normally resisted running for elected office themselves. They too were more comfortable in their gated communities and fro-licking on their Caribbean Treasure Islands having the elected inhabitants of the White House and Capital Hill report up the chain of command.

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