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The Energy Lobbyists Linked to Trump's Offshore Drilling Plans


When did I disparage him? What drugs are you taking? Will you share?


Okay, apologies if you weren't on the "blame the Bernie Bros" bandwagon. That wasn't fair.

Of course, neither was asking me about drugs.


It's all good. I was asking about drugs, facetiously, because I couldn't see where I blamed Bernie or Bernie bros for anything. I'm in a work together mode and that's how I'm approaching 2018 in my district. People differ on that though, obviously.


I understand your being drawn to that work together mode. Politics is about coalitions.

But you should consider the point of view of many of us who no longer share the values of a Democratic Party that's been moving steadily rightward for almost three decades.

I'm glad Hilary lost insofar as Bernie Sanders (VT-I) achieves status as a largely unfiltered spokesperson who can proclaim, "Trump didn't win, the Democrats lost," with Tom Perez standing helplessly by. By staying on message, he's playing your party as much as it's using him.

I'm glad she lost insofar as grass roots activism finds its voice, makes considerable demands, stops falling for the D-Party bait and switch, and holds both halves of the duopoly accountable.

I'm especially glad she lost because she epitomized everything wrong with your party: distrusted as hell, cozy with oligarchs, platitudinous rather than substantive, beholden and bedazzled by big corporate money, and above all, convinced that liberals have no where else to go.

I say none of that to dishearten you. Go out and build your coalition. Just don't be so certain that your party is the only game in town. These are times of upheaval...and your party isn't showing signs of understanding the zeitgeist.


I've done what you've done and all it has achieved is hard right representation in my district. So, I'm with the local progressive democratic club now and will help the most progressive candidate that comes out of the primary. The reality is we've got a hard right majority on the Supreme Court now (Gorusch lacks Scalia's libertarian streak) and money in politics and a host of other things ain't going our way for a while. But changing Congress is the first step to at least mitigating the damage. I just can't sit back anymore and hope for some grand new thing to come along. That's me though.


I support your efforts, but I stop short of believing that in lieu of 'some grand new thing,' the same old thing is suddenly going to morph into a party that wins elections by actually advocating for policy that helps working people.

Exhibit A: When asked to name enemies and specific policy proposals, Tom Perez minces words.
Exhibit B: Trump drops bombs and Democrats jump in line to applaud.

Of course, seen from a certain vantage point, we're both magical thinkers. Thanks for the chat. It's been constructive.