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The Epic Battle To Get Justice From Chevron

The Epic Battle To Get Justice From Chevron

Nick Meynen

“We’re in front of the International Criminal Court now! We’re just about to get in. I’ll let you know when it’s done.” He hung up, went in and dropped the time bomb in an office.

Forty minutes later he called again. “We did it!”

Thank you, Mr. Meynen. This is such an important subject!

It’s precisely due to groups learning how to fight corporate control of resources that belong to indigenous communities that probably led some lawyers to dream up the TPP and TIPP.

Those treaties will allow courts with the moral bankruptcy of Judge Kaplan to decide who pays in cash and who pays in blood, destroyed ecosystems, and their children’s futures.

This battle is also global. Whether speaking about the tribes trying to keep India from bulldozing some of the last of its precious forest lands, to battles on Japanese islands to keep the U.S. military and its rabid base-building out, to battles among Canada’s Indigenous tribes to block the tar sands rape of sacred lands, etc. etc. etc. Add in the oil magnates destruction of water and land in Brazil, Ecuador, and the Niger delta…

The list of atrocities is long.

And yet corporations, using strategic language and inverted arguments, insist (and hire topnotch lawyers to make this erroneous argument) that the 1% has the right to plunder what belongs to everyone else!

I will send a donation. I hope others will, as well.