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The Era Of Climate Migration Meets Violent Borders


The Era Of Climate Migration Meets Violent Borders

Alexandra Tempus

Less than two weeks before Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson had announced that the United States would hasten the widespread deportation of undocumented Haitian migrants from the US, lifting the protections they’d been given after the fallout from Haiti’s disastrous 2010 earthquake. In the chaotic wake of Matthew, he announced these deportations would be suspended but only temporarily.


Well, Alexandra, are you ready to acknowledge say...oh..I dunno..how about over population for starters? I don't see it in your article. Not even a mention. Hunh? 7 Billion humans all spewing and using co2 and it does not rate a mention..too sticky a problem for PC, with its limitations on freedom of expression, to handle I guess. Or how about the millennial (mostly) New Left dream (constantly promoted by Public Radio et al) of the Techn-Fascist Fun Future? Oh..sorry...I meant to say the "Driverless Car/Cashless Society/Internet Of Things Surveillance State". Because you see, Alexandra, also...not mentioned in your article is the little reality that, well, for example, some of the only mining operations one can see with the naked eye, no glass needed, scope that is, from the orbiting space station...are 'rare earth element' mines. Big as Tar Sands and some say even more poisonous and destructive and almost 100% dedicated to use in....electronics. Now I may be sitting here with my 8 year old laptop...but I do not have a new 'smart phone' every 2 years...nor ANY of that nightmarish 'technology' (hey, if I want to wear a monitoring device, I'll try being a criminal first..see if I can get away with it..then IF I'm caught..they can put a smart phone...sorry..'ankle monitor' on me and watch everything I do, but I'm not going to 'volunteer' for 24/7 surveillance)...but do we hear a single solitary voice from your realm in 'media' suggesting that 'tech' is not only a massively destructive nightmare for the environment, but is at this time akin to radioactive waste in its longevity as a pollutant? Nope! See, the New Left and folks such as yourself, Alexandra, you want it both ways. And it cannot be done. The delusional state is now scary-fascinating...with mega powerful players like Y combinator ceo literally stating 'the AI will save us all'. Wow! Basically a new religion and equally facile and demented...I mean if 'captcha' is still all it takes to defeat "AI" than I don't care that it can use an algorithm ro beat some guy at soduko..its not going to 'save us'...anyway..whatever. Bottom line is, until you can actually tell the truth..offer inclusive, real solutions..not denial and rationalization plus nightmare controlling bureaucracy...you're just whistling Dixie. Sorry!