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‘The Essence of Being Palestinian’: What the Great March of Return is Really About


‘The Essence of Being Palestinian’: What the Great March of Return is Really About

Ramzy Baroud

The aims of the Great March of Return protests, which began in Gaza on March 30, 2018 are to put an end to the suffocating Israeli siege and implementing the Right of Return for Palestinian refugees who were expelled from their homes and towns in historic Palestine 70 years earlier.

But there is much more to the March of Return than a few demands, especially bearing in mind the high human cost associated with it.



As a result of the Great March of Return (and other brave protests over the years), it appears that people are finally starting to see through the myths that make up the Zionist narrative, and its exclusive focus upon the good intentions in creating Israel, without any mention of the indigenous population displaced in order to create it.

This intentional amnesia about the displacement that is the very crux of the issue, involves one of Zionism’s most pernicious myths: a reaffirmation of “a people without a land, a land without a people.”

This amnesia is a major theme of the Zionist narrative, for to accept that they might have forcibly imposed upon an indigenous people seriously undermines the “righteousness” of such narrative.

Further, the Zionist narrative’s blindness to such displacement allows them to play the victim. As a result, the rage borne of decades of displacement can then be reflexively (but erroneously) dismissed as “Anti-Semitism.”

We should not ignore the injustice visited upon Palestine’s indigenous population by the Zionist Project, notwithstanding its good intentions in providing Jews a safe haven from horrible and systematic persecution.

Past persecution does not provide a blank check to forcibly take and/or “partition” other people’s land, and obscuring such displacement with myths is not conducive to finding a just and lasting peace.



It must be Mr. Baroud’s always insightful views that trigger something in me;
that disguises the facts on the ground from just being Israeli war crimes and beastly
inhumanity; to seeing the March of Return as an “opportunity knocks” situation for Israel.
What if a Jewish ruled Israeli government withdrew all its military to the original United Nations
1947, 53% of the land (already more than the Jewish population at that time), used its technology to
create the best ways to serve all people Arabs and Jews, thereby making Palestine a land
where we in the rest of world could witness and attest to that Jewish government as a world model,
for creating as close as possible a kingdom of God on earth.
This is certainly a purpose worthy of a people of God. That’s what history
calls the Jewish people, the Israeli Zionists being the “drifting lunatics.”



Perhaps, the belief of some Israelis, that the Palestinians exist simply to be “cleansed,” will be a precursor to a future where the roles are reversed, and the world will see “if” the Palestinians deem those Israelis worthy of mercy.

I pray to live to see that day come.

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This was the ver batim rhetoric in 1960s Amazonian Brazil, and variants are still being used, against the indigenous peoples. The fascist dictatorship (again backed by the US government ) moved ‘ṕeople without land to a land without people’. These are indeed linguistic/cognitive sleights of hand that combine in political travesty known as genocide:

  • The people without land were led to believe that this was the promised land, though the promised programs frequently never materialized.
  • The rhetorical elimination of autochthonous peoples encouraging atrocities by terrified colonists which then rationalized military atrocities and the narrative that the indigenous peoples should assimilate through ‘integration with the national communion’. There was already the dehumanization through the Papal Bulls


One of the most powerful pieces I’ve read on CD in some time.

If, like David Ben Gurion, you found a nation and say “We must expel ___ and take their place,” you should use your imagination to envision your ethnicity/religion/tribe filling in the blank.

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The Palestinians are the bravest people on the planet. For 70 years they have fought on, and no matter what Israel does to them they endure. Sadly this blaming the victim seems to be a Zionist theme. In the book, THE SEVENTH MILLION, those Jewish people coming to Palestine from concentration camps were further defamed when they were taunted, "Why didn’t you fight? At first this was considered a sin that Zionists tried to hide–but then —what a PR opportunity for “Never Forget.” Often
Palestinians are made fun of when they throw stones----but often that’s all they have—and if that story so bothers you Zionists, then please dump the story of that guy with the stone throwing—you know that David and Goliath guy.

So Palestinian lands were stolen beginning in Nakba in1948 and no doubt before too
. People ran for their lives from their villages where zionists ordered villagers outside and shot them— others ran away----and when they tried to return home—they were told they left their land and too bad. The British abandoned them, I suppose that the Zionists were easier to deal with than the native population.

The saddest and most awful thing to me is the lack of kindness to those Jewish people arriving in Palestine----who were devalued for, “Not fighting, by the Zionists.”
'Never Forget, " : has obviously been forgotten-----and imprisoning children and stealing land and dragging people from their homes and murdering Palestinian history— that’s what the Nazis did to many Jewish families-----but those who steal and torture and murder today—YOU did not experience what the Jewish people now 3 generations ago suffered-----but somehow, you Zionists today deny personhood to Palestinians , just as 3 generations ago your relatives were denied that too.

There are NO Chosen People, but there are Jewish people and non religious people of all nations who see the Palestinians suffer------and they support those tortured, attacked demeaned and starved of food water and medicine people-----and they support Palestine. There are NO CHOSEN people Israel-----but there are many individuals in the world who CHOOSE to REMAIN PEOPLE-----no matter what the word hands them-----and for that I see the Palestinians as People of the World to admire and to support in their quest for recognition—because any other action is for a person to lose their humanity.

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