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The Essential Ingredient of Democracy


The Essential Ingredient of Democracy

Adam Eichen, Frances Moore Lappé

We need more than good-heartedness to save our democracy. We need the courage to act on it.


“Democracy dies without citizen defenders.”

“Ask not, what your country can do for you, ask, what you can do for your country.”~JFK~

Now, is the time for citizen involvement in your country’s government.

It’s not going to be as simple as driving to the voting booth, and then returning home.

There will be long days outside, yelling at the top of your lungs.

You’ll be hungry and tired.

You’ll be fulfilled.


Courage? As PonyBoy says , involvement…I personally like the term participation, it’s yours, you own it, do you own a home?, do you mow the lawn? that’s participation…these people you elect into office, you hired them, don’t like the job they are doing for you fire them, during the hiring and firing stages there is a big gap, most times, in that time you tell them what you want them to do…it’s that simple…you don’t just hire someone to do something for you and then just walk away do you?, thought not…


“citizens grasp that their well-being is tied to the well-being of others and also act on this awareness. ”

Too few citizens do realize this. We really are all in the same boat and there are holes in the floor. If people expect everyone else to work to plug the holes so they’ll stay safe and dry but do not themselves do any hole plugging, and a majority are like that, everyone will certainly hit the bottom.

The only chance we have is if we all work together to keep the ship of state from sinking by doing more than they might think is their share.


We the people have to participate in saving of our democracy. However, I think you need to go back and study recent and long studies of animal behaviors and brains, co-existence in their community, communication and working together to solve their proplems and food foraging.


Democracy = Voting

Autocracy = Not voting


Ditton is right- the key ingredient is participation. But how you participate makes all the difference. In fact, all commenters so far make good points.

If you keep voting for Big Money candidates you will keep getting Big Money legislators. If you don’t want Big Money candidates you have to tell the candidates what you want and vote against them when they do not deliver.

That is the purpose of One Demand. Citizens that want small contribution candidates working together with other citizens that want small contribution candidates to demand small contribution candidates by voting for small contribution candidates and voting against Big Money candidates.

Citizens using the basic tools of democracy provided by our founding fathers for citizens to participate in selecting our representatives. A Union for Politics.


You will also find there my petition to get Ralph Nader to address the One Demand campaign financing approach and more info is available at the One Demand website.