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The Essential Pundit Take: ‘Trump Became President’ by Bombing Syria

The Essential Pundit Take: ‘Trump Became President’ by Bombing Syria

Jim Naureckas

“I think Donald Trump became president of the United States” last night, CNN host Fareed Zakaria said when asked about the significance of Trump’s airstrikes on Syria (New Day, 4/7/17). “I think this was actually a big moment.”

His explanation is worth quoting at length for its distillation of the classic pundit attitude toward presidential violence:


These people (mostly men) are disgusting relics of bygone eras when barbaric violence was glorified because to their tiny reptilian minds it represented some kind of power or something. That we’re still functioning like throwbacks to the Dark Ages is beyond pathetic.


So Zakaria thinks it is America’s role to “enforce justice in the world” by bombing other countries.

I’m the slime dripping out of your TV set.


Zakaria is a jerk and nothing he’d say would surprise me now. I’m more confused about what Leonard Cohen is saying on the page “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_We_Take_Manhattan” - he says it is a song about terrorism but then talks about the attractiveness of terrorism at least on the psychic plane - huh? I love his album “The Future” and have listened to a few interviews - he’s a strange guy, and I don’t really get this song at all. And of course Williams is an idiot for using this as a quote in this context.


The media often avoids context. So, what is the context Trump and the presidency? For starters, he rejects the most basic American values such as democracy, freedom of the press, freedom from unreasonable search, all people are created equal, etc. And he is aligned with white supremacists and conspiracy theory people. He supports torture. And is hiding his business interests which makes it impossible to know if he acting in his own interest or in the the interest of the United States. So how can ordering some missiles launched against a sovereign country without any overall strategy or without even consulting Congress turn Trump into a president? He has a long way to go to even begin in any way to measure up to just about all of the presidents who preceded him. And he is not protecting us from the greatest long-term threat we face, climate change. In fact, he is putting this country which he is supposed to president of in harms way. Completely unacceptable. Fareed Zakaria needs to do some deep thinking about what he is saying.


It seems to be a refrain bellowed by people who think bombing shows moral
strength. Maybe they should be dropped into a conflict zone for a few weeks
so they can experience the joy of American justice first hand.


Yes. They should be short-jumped into Idlib.

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Yes. How much do you think this neo-con, con, con, con artist gets paid for spouting his
bellicose nonsense? Quite a bit, one can suppose. He is a “Public intellectual.”


I am in full disgust with corporate media. Also, I am becoming a conspiracy theorist. What if Trump and Putin planned this together and of course Assad went along with it as not one of them care about collateral damage. It is well known that a warrior President, or great athletic or singer or ??? gets the attention and is put on a pedestal and admired by corporate media and the a good part of the world. Call me crazy?


Is there anything dumber than a pundit? They don’t think. In place of thinking and gathering evidence and verifying accuracy they merely “word average” other’s words and “word extend” other’s statements and borrow assessments in order to claim conclusions they think will show they’ve thought about their topic.


again with the "trump became president " bit…it is like they are having to convince us all that he can do it… what a disgusting display of sycophancy…am wondering who got to Fareed in order for him to pimp trump like he did because it wasnt that many weeks ago that he did a piece on trump being a “bullshit artist” it was quite well voiced actually, and now we get this drivell about him becoming presidentiall? something happen to change your mind Fareed? or are you now just another pimp for Trump, maybe you should rewatch your “trump is a bullshit artist” segment,or…maybe…you are just a bullshit artist yourself, in any case your editoriall was pathetic, plain and simple.


“By the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air”, our flag was still there among the millions of dead men, women and children worldwide for the glory of the American regime.

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"Is there anything dumber than a pundit?

Hell Yeah!

Let’s take the opposition in Congress. Maybe a couple whined a bit about Trump breaking Constitutional and International Law by militarily attacking a country that posed no threat to the United States without getting congressional approval.

But did they collectively threaten the President or the Joint Chiefs, that if it happens again, they will begin War Crimes preceedings on the Generals that carried out the unauthorized orders to strike?

No, spineless Democrats don’t want to rock the boat.

"Is there anything dumber than a pundit? "

Hell Yeah!

Us, for continuing to vote for these supporters of the 1%.


Great Enrollment Tool Natureboy!

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Reagan invaded Grenada, and Bush invaded Iraq --to improve low ratings.
Now, Trump.


I’m not certain how long the positives will last. Is he just gonna bomb everyone till his poll numbers go up? I just don’t think it’s sustainable, especially if his so-called objectives aren’t met. Assad launched planes from the same airfield we just bombed. Is that a victory? Seems like our “message” certainly didn’t get sent. What I do know is I dumped cable back in the mid 2000s and that continues to be a good decision, maybe one of the few and best I’ve made in my life.


DDP doesn’t appear to Get the Money Out of our voting system.
Currently, I’m not ready to trust online voting with something so important.


Killing–both legal and illegal–has been the national sport, since FOREVER! Why is it at all surprising, then that Zakaria, Williams, and their ilk praise Drumpf for his military adventurism. Besides, it’s so DIVERSIONARY!!


In a sense the pundits are right, but for the wrong reason.

The reality is that you cannot really be president of the USA undil you have taken actions that make you a war criminal. I think it was the late great Alex Cockburn who said that all US presidents, beginning with George Washington, have been war criminals “with the possible exception of Warren Harding who was too busy lining his pockets with bribes to commit war crimes.” Now Trump has joined the list of presidential war criminals. So in a way, it’s correct to say that now that he has committed what the Nuremberg Tribunal decided was the supreme crime – A Crime Against Peace – by attacking another nation that posed no threat to the US, imminent or otherwise and without UN Security Council sanction, he is indeed truly a president of the United States.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


“…the President of the United States…does have to have this broader Moral…Purpose.”

And he’s describing the perpetrator of THESE events?

Ask the innocents, who had the bad luck of being born in a Country marked by the United States for Conquest, about the Morality of the people raining Terror and Death down on them and their loved ones.

I would believe THEIR side of the story.