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The Establishment Remains Hostage to the 'Rules of Espionage'


The Establishment Remains Hostage to the 'Rules of Espionage'

Robert C. Koehler

“Trump emphasized the need to work together to end the conflict in Syria” . . . and “emphasized his desire to build a better relationship between the United States and Russia.”


A beautiful shift of paradigm.
Sort of like my commitment not to vote against people/policies (lesser of two evils) but to vote for the future I want.


Excellent analysis from Koehler, as usual.

It's good to hear a voice of reason and calm critique amidst the high-decibel hysterics (to which more than a few here at CD, both among staff and commenters, have long ago succumbed).

Amidst all the brouhaha, it's good to remember a few essential points, and Koehler helps us do this:

'And suddenly I find myself careening backwards in time: The Bush administration has launched its war on terror and is preparing to invade Iraq and the mainstream coverage of this is sheer public relations for the invasion, completely dismissing the global opposition that has erupted across the planet. Fifteen years later, nothing has changed. The war and its subsequent ebb and flow of surges, the rise of terrorism, the collapse of the Middle East, the global flood of refugees — all of this is covered with a shrug, in a contextual void. And the planners and supporters of the invasion — the war-on-terrorists — remain securely in power, alarmed, apparently, about only one recent occurrence: the election of Donald Trump.

'In the Post story, the only window on the larger reality in which we live is in that last paragraph, when a White House statement talks about “building a better relationship” between the United States and Russia. Such a statement has potentially world-changing consequences . . . except, alas, it’s not reported as news.'

These are the kinds of things we need to keep front, rear, and center in our minds.


Yammering and propagandizing summarizes the status of the press.


War is the business of the USA, any who object, must be destroyed.


Sound and fury

And the stultifying significance of nothing


“Trump" . . . word

i felt so happy to see a robert koeler post today. i thought. 'oh goody! this won't be about #45 .' so i had to laugh when i read the very first word. however, i am not disappointed in the least by koehler's message. we who remain dedicated to world peace cannot afford to be drawn into inane identity politics.
Nonetheless, I feel the need to rescue this paragraph from the rest of the Post’s story, which details the latest manifestation of Russiagate in Trumpville.
The president, apparently in a moment of reckless, “off-script” conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, allegedly tossed some classified data — which came to us via an ally (Israel, according to the New York Times) and so was supposed to be handled with ultra-secrecy — into the evening’s festivities:
“I get great intel,” he said to the Russians, an unnamed official who was present told the Post. “I have people brief me on great intel every day.”
So, OK, the president was boasting like a college sophomore after his fourth beer and, in the process, he violated “the rules of espionage.”

during an interview yesterday with amy goodnan cia whistle blower, john kiriakou, said that the president unlike any other citizen has the legal authority to declassify whatever he/she wishes. so muck fir equality under the law, huh?


Agree with all. You are a treasure, Robert C. Koehler.


oops! I meant so much for equality under the law. :hushed:


Thank you, Mr. Koehler, for another good piece of writing based on a good piece of thinking.
If progress is to be made, the message must be clear. You consistently find the core of the matter (buried in the chaff of distractions) and clearly expose it. Keep up the good work.


Someone called it "political porn"...the news hosts are foaming at the mouth and tumbling over their words while they spit over their tongues. this is in defense of nothing