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The Establishment’s Massive 'Intelligence Failure'


The Establishment’s Massive 'Intelligence Failure'

Graham E. Fuller

President Trump. The very words hit the ear as a shock; the mind is not ready for it.

And that is exactly the problem. We could not see it coming. Among other things this tawdry and interminable election represents a massive American intelligence failure. Not failure of IQ, but failure to grasp reality — now a deeply engrained American characteristic. We not only fail to perceive and grasp reality abroad, but now even at home.


"America is the only democracy in the world that has no left" is spot on.

Those of us who continue to be as left as we were when LBJ occupied the White House (Green Party tally confirms how few of us there are) have had to endure decades of being labeled spoilers by Democrats and commies by the American Taliban (formerly GOP), marginalizing us to the extent that we could barely whisper our agenda in past elections and had to remain mostly silent in 2016 as previously condescending Democrats became hysterical through most of election 2016, turning their condescension to vitriol.

For nearly half a century US leftists have had to be comfortable living in a nation where being correct plus three bucks buys a cup of coffee.


The author writes:

"The Nation has to rank high in this regard, a publication largely dismissed by the Establishment as marginal, ideological and crank. So did other sites like Truth-Out, Common Sense, Real News, Real World News, Consortium News, Tom Englehardt, and Reader Supported News."

Pretty sure he means Common Dreams, not Common Sense (which appears to be web site for worried parents).

Also i would not rate The Nation high in this regard, as they shilled so strongly for the Clinton Campaign.


Perhaps The Nation's rankings are based on the low bar set by the New York Times and Washington Post ?


Spot on!


Yes. The schilling started to get on my nerves, too. Haven't responded to their recent renewal letter.


Which takes us neatly back to the Coup d'Etat on 22nd November 1963. Murder Inc.


Fuller's reference to the 'intelligence failure' of the establishment is spot on. Not withstanding our growing national angst in the face of escalating inequality and corporate lawlessness, TPTB just didn't get it. From what I can tell so far, they still don't. And they probably will not - until we shove it down their throats. That will happen. The very few can oppress huge numbers of people for just so long. In France, the people cut off their heads. What will we do?


Let's not forget the corporate media...

A topical example of media groupthink can be seen here.


We're hearing the "shock and awe" of those who simply weren't listening. People pointed out from the start that if Clinton were selected, a Republican would be elected. There were a whole lot of clues. Step back and look:

The Reagan Democrats of the 1980s moved to the right, merging with the Clinton wing in the 1990s. The Clinton wing enacted more of the right wing agenda than Republicans could have ever dreamed possible. Much of the Dem voting base opposed the Clinton agenda as he ended actual welfare and took the first steps to "reform" Social Security. Hillary Clinton played a key role in formulating the welfare "reform" agenda that tore so many poor families apart, plunged so many into permanent poverty. Many Dem voters rejected the Clinton agenda in 2000, rejected it again in 2008, and still rejected it by 2016.

Add in Hillary Clinton's long record of support for military aggression, topped with the hard work she did in 2015 to sell the TPP to Congress, stick a Bold Progressive button on her lapel and tell the ignorant masses to vote for her. Good plan...


If we can be painfully honest, much of the media marketed to liberals began trying to sell H. Clinton as a "bold progressive" last year. The last time I watched it, the network had changed their name to MSNBClinton.

We can also note that certain liberal media began trying to sell H. Clinton while railing against the TPP, even as Clinton was still working on trying to sell the TPP to Congress.


We may learn down the road that, an error in the programming of electronic voting machines resulted in the failure of the system, cabal, shadow government or whatever one calls the self appointed ownership, as the true source of Trump's win.
Then again, those in the shadows always seem to get presidents onboard with their agenda and Trump certainly knows how to play ball with those guys. Just look at his slave laborers building his resort in Dubai as one example of how he uses the system's laws to his advantage while those less fortunate suffer.
On the bright side, perhaps in another four years of more of the same or worse, Americans can find a way to put aside the propaganda fed to them daily and vote for a Jill Stein. Clinton certainly wasn't a viable alternative for making changes so many desire and she might have been worse on foreign policy in any event.


And yet, I still wonder if, somehow, in the 3D game of chess that is Politics 2016, we have yet been Played again, in a way that we are not yet aware of.


It can't be stated often enough that this is where it all started.

The CIA, aided and abetted by the Military, FBI and other entities wrested our Democracy from our hands and have kept it to this day.

I recently heard a Jim Garrison interview from the '90s where he pointed out the obvious, that since then, no American President has so much as mentioned President Kennedy's name, as if he had never even existed.


Dear Howling Coyote

I'm with you. Tonight is a good night for howling too as the biggest brightest moon in 70 years is about to happen.

Jim Garrison was the real deal. God Bless him for his courage and intelligence.