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The Establishment Still Doesn't Recognize The Political Revolution That's Happening


The Establishment Still Doesn't Recognize The Political Revolution That's Happening

Jeff Weaver

The path ahead for real progressive change is becoming clearer and clearer.

It’s not about a single leader. It is about a movement of millions Americans who want a better life for themselves and their families, and leadership that gives voice to those universal aspirations.


Personally, I think there are just too many people in this world!


Predictably the Dem establishment so-called “leaders” (read: sellouts) do not support universal single-payer health care whatever its called - they undermine all attempts to make it reality.

The Dem establishment are wedded to campaign-contribution bribery and subversion by the for-profit health care industry. Schumer, Pelosi, Clinton clone Sean Maloney and all the others selling out HR676 and Sanders near-companion bill are quislings and betrayers! They are the “leaders” and supporters who anointed HRC as candidate, while sandbagging Bernie Sanders and screwing America, leading to the current nightmare of the mentally-ill trump and his regime of destroyers!

Bernie Sanders is the most respected and popular politician in America for may good reasons, while the Dem DLC, Clinton/Obama sellout camp of timid complicity undermine any real unity to stay the utterly failed course from Bill Clinton thru Obama to Hillary and her pathetic candidacy!


Even the ones who claim to support some form of Single Payer/Medicare For All are vague at best, suggesting they support it “in principle,” as a “good idea,” 'phased in" as a “public option” etc., _ad nauseum. The fact is that they are looking for ways to obstruct and stall Medicare for All (the Conyer’s Bill) and Sanders is not challenging them because he’s still jockeying around as a compromised Duopoly Dem instead of going independent. But he sounds awfully good.


Universal health care is light years away from what Weaver terms “universal access to health care”.

As Senator Sanders told us earlier this year “we all have access to owning a Rolls Royce…if we can afford one” (or more).

“Access to universal health care” is no different than access to a Rolls Royce and Obama’s ACA got us closer to “universal access” but got us FURTHER from universal health care with the weasel clauses and poison pills ACA author Liz Fowler included in the 2000 plus pages of the ACA.

The “establishment DOES recognize the political revolution that’s happening”, they simply don’t care about it as the dumpster fire in the White House and GOP controlled Congress push through their agenda , mostly without formal legislation…a double win for the GOP since Congresscritters can’t be accused of legislating their agenda when they run in 2018.


The article mentioned the youth of the country are ‘getting’ it. Well some of us old timers ‘get it’ also and are chomping at the gums, sorry no teeth, for some major changes to occur. The democratic establishment, the old ones beholden to bankers and big pharma and others have got to go. The profit motive HAS to be removed from most if not all aspects of healthcare to be competitive with other rich nations. The only ones holding it back are the members of congress beholden to the big donors,(the corporate vultures) to their campaigns. This has to end or nothing good will ever happen to average citizens making less than $125K a year, ya know to ones that don’t count but need help the most. i.e. I have access to a drug thet would cre a chronic illness of mine. Even if Medicare covers 80-85% of the $95,000 cost, I still cant afford the almost $20K out of my pocket. The drug might as well be on Mars as far as I’m concerned. This is just one instance of countless others winch affects the dismal state of healthcare in this nation. Many many suffer because of the profit the is skimmed from the top in a protected protection racket,


Thanks for providing one of the millions of examples of Weaver’s “ACCESS to universal health care” NOT being anything close to universal health care.

Gotta love that “universal ACCESS”, LOL !


If you go back to Jesse Jackson’s platform in 1988, you’ll see a call for universal health care. At that time, the DNC did what it does best and undercut his candidacy at every turn. Imagine if the Democrats had adopted a call for universal health care in 1988 instead of waiting until 2017? As a US citizen who is ineligible for subsidized health insurance or Medicare, I’ll be dead from a lack of medical care long before Washington passes this legislation. In the not to distant future, I’ll have to choose between extending my life or leaving my wife with what piddly saving we’ve mustered and she comes first.


So sorry to hear that the MIC has priced your cure out of reach. That is sad. Speaking of people who would like to help all in your situation, which situation could be affordable for people in your shoes if we would transform the MIC into universal single payer: Our charity efforts such as weekend marathons are REALLY making us foot soldiers in favor of the status quo MIC … We subsidize lousy or too expensive care and not enough people question the privateer profit-driven status quo vs. costs shared by a nation. And this is one way classism so insidiously pervades our society, because if things are hunky dory for some the others do not really matter.


So sorry for your outlook, which is harsh indeed, but that is not God’s fault, as no doubt a more loving way of life for our country would be the loving God’s will.


My wife suffers from CF which is not curable and which will kill her someday. One of her meds costs 330K a year and is way out of our ability to pay for it. Fortunately the CF foundation has grants and between them and my employer insurance, we don’t have to pay for it. Otherwise, my wife would be dead by now. So I feel your pain and understand your problem.
My wife and I are lucky and we know that so many people don’t have what we have and therefore suffer or die from some illness.
I don’t know if this helps, but is there some foundation or something that you could get a grant for your medicine? It took my wife a long time to get all the info and set it up, and it requires constant maintenance to have it working. She gets quite frustrated at times with the process. But she does get the medicine.
All told her costs are probably over 400K for all the different medicines and equipment. Like I said, we are the lucky ones. I wish that it didn’t need to be that way, that some of us are lucky and many others are not.
Good luck to you. Maybe someday, money will not be the factor for having good health. It would be nice if all of us could be ‘lucky’.


What really gets me is that we not only have substandard healthcare, but we pay far more to have it.

I have had this argument with conservatives and the sticking point is always that they don’t want to pay for someone else. And yet they totally ignore the fact that they already pay for others. They refuse to accept that fact. So they are willing to make sure that healthcare is not for everyone. And pay more for that reality. When if they truly wanted to save, universal healthcare would save them tax dollars, with better healthcare. They can’t seem to get it into their heads that when someone who can’t afford healthcare ends up in the ER, they are the ones stuck with an expensive bill, not the person who went to the ER. And they pay far more than if that person saw a doctor regularly and had their health monitored and health issues taken care of so they would not need the ER.
They don’t understand that when someone can’t pay the ER or hospital bill, that the rest of us pay. I have never had a conservative say, oh wait we could save money? It always boils down to that someone is getting their money and they will bite their nose off to spite their face. I am not paying for ‘those people’. The hate from these conservatives is amazing.
Oh and often these conservatives are poor and needed such services themselves. They tell me that they deserved it while those ‘others’ don’t.


The USA is already paying enough to receive universal health care. We just don’t get the services. The profit takers are milking the system.

The health care profiteers are spending millions in their effort to misinform the American people about the true nature of American health care. There are examples of these insurance industry employees right here on Common Dreams.


Trump is doing his best to address that problem.


You and all the rest of all us humans will be dead because of the lack of a sustainable environment for life long before any skeleton of the Democratic Party or the Repugnican or any other long deceased party in a long defunct national political and social entity that was once the USofA has ceased to exist. And the dolphins that have abandoned Planet Earth will have long since wished us a heart felt farewell with a “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish”.


Glad you mentioned Jesse. I still think he should have been our first Black President!


Paying for “others” health care is exactly what insurance is based on. (hey if ya never get sick then all them big-buck premiums y’all are paying cover someone else’s health probs.) Then on top of that Big Insurance takes a cut of up to 30-40% out of the pot of health care dollars-more, if they could get away with it. Yet that seems to be hunky dory.


I know that, but after listening to Trump and republicans in congress, they don’t seem to be able to grasp that concept. When I listen to these people explain insurance I wince because they seem so clueless. As my wife who worked in insurance tells me, it is the average of large number of those who don’t need it that fund those who do. No matter what kind of insurance.
The problem is that universal healthcare access lessens the profit for too many. Insurance would suffer, unless we went through them for everyone and the costs of procedures would have to be brought down along with medicine. So you have the doctors, insurance and drug cos. against it.
I thought we were greedy and selfish back in the 50s, but it has seem to have gotten worse. They really want an everyone for themselves world. They don’t understand at all how it was by working together that we have prospered.


I nominate Shirley Chisholm first African American woman for president. She ran before my time in '72, but in reading about her she sounds like a great candidate.


I consider Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean to be the undercutters of the American People’s wishes. They are out there fighting against anything Sanders does. They want a new group that will follow their CORPORATE LEAD, and are working towards establishing it now, one that will block and fight against the Sanders proposals, the ideas of the PEOPLE! Hillary is a BLUE DOG. So is Howard Dean!