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The Ethics and Practicalities of Foreign Aid


The Ethics and Practicalities of Foreign Aid

Jeffrey D. Sachs

As a lifelong advocate for development aid for the world’s poor, I am angered by the reported plans of the Trump administration to slash US foreign aid. I know how many children will die or grow up without access to education if President Trump’s proposals are adopted. I know that the financial savings for the United States will be trivial, but the costs to millions of impoverished people will be enormous.


Like everything we hear in this Orwellian age, foreign aid is a misnomer because even though it does some good, it is not designed to be altruistic. It should be called what it is: FOREIGN BRIBERY.


Foreign Aid: How to let the CIA Black Ops Teams Take Over Your Country In One Easy Step.


Foreign Aid: The Hammer In the Economic Hitman's Toolbox


"China may already be the world’s largest aid giver."

And why? To win friends now and to win their resources and money in the future.