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The Ethics Case Against Betsy DeVos


The Ethics Case Against Betsy DeVos

Norman Eisen, Richard Painter

As former ethics counsels to Presidents Obama and George W. Busy, we’ve reviewed more than our share of ethics filings for cabinet nominees. Seldom have we seen a worse cabinet-level ethics mess than that presented by Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s choice for education secretary.


Ethics Advice for Cabinet Nominees, by the two Authors of this piece, but in all their years of service to Obama and Bush, no Ethics Advice needed for the War Criminals-in-Chief?

That said, De Vos doesn't belong anywhere near our Schools.


So lets see... just to take a step back and get even the barest of overview perspectives...
What is De Vos' relationship to Eric Prince? (https://www.oaklandinstitute.org/erik-prince-trumps-knight-americas-new-crusade).

Ahem... so young children, whose greatest asset is their ENERGY are - according to the 'teach to the test' a hallmark of charter schools - to be subjected to even more repressive environments. That repression of NATURAL gift of childhood energy, which results in what is referred to ADHD and this *#$$! of an appointee as Secretary of Education is INVESTED IN PRECISELY THOSE PHARMCEUTICALS !!!

Distopian is a kind and gentle way to refer to this set of cards.


theoldgoat -- right on! DeVos is totally devoid of the skills and moral principles to head up the Secretary of Education office. But, I think the Department of Ed of the USA is really a 'so what' office. They often put 'so-what' kinds of people in that position. Arne Duncan, for example, was, in my view, a 'so-what' kind of a Secretary of Education. Can you name the person who followed Arnie? Me neither.


Thank You Old Goat for the linkage between over prescription of dangerous drugs to children for profit! There is also a causal relationship between many of those drugs inducing violent behavior.



I struggle to understand the motivations of people like DeVos. She comes from a tradition of selling a bill of goods to the public (in the case of Amway, quite literally so) and can somehow justify to herself, if not to the American public, that ignorance of the public school system in this country singularly qualifies her to be at the head of it. Another wholesale sell off of public goods and services, in true Republican style, can be the only thing that is in the offing.


As interesting and boring as this article is, there are more substantial reasons to block her.

She, and no one, in her family has ever attended public school. She has admitted openly of buying politicians to advance her religious agenda and for-profit charter schools. That is enough to stop her in her tracks. All other is BS.


When I think of how many people bought guns, guns, and more guns, and tons of ammo, when Obama took office, I wonder what they will do when they finally realize that Trump and fellow fascists are far more of a threat to their existence than Obama ever was? As for DeVos, the term "Christian Billionaire" tells me all I need to know. Where ARE all of those people who took oaths to "Uphold the Constitution Against All Enemies Foreign And Domestic"?