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The EU-Turkey Summit Exposes Our Inhumanity to Refugees


The EU-Turkey Summit Exposes Our Inhumanity to Refugees

Nick Dearden

Europe is disintegrating before our eyes. Open and democratic societies cannot be built on fear and hatred.

Today the European Council is meeting to discuss giving billions of euros to the brutal Turkish government to keep the thousands of refugees trying to get to Western Europe inside Turkey. At the same time they propose authorising NATO to patrol the Mediterranean. Europe is now a grand version of the gated community, patrolled by private security guards, surrounded by a sea of misery.


Two wise quotes:

"Migration simply brings those of us in Europe face to face with the reality of the world our leaders have constructed."

Notice how the above refrains from using the one-size-fits all WE frame which conflates what is executed in chambers of power with what The People purportedly support.

And this quote which in theory MIGHT educated Donald Trump and supporters:

"What we call a ‘migrant crisis’, is actually a crisis of global injustice caused by war, poverty and inequality. A ‘migrant crisis’ assumes the crisis is caused by migrants. It misses out what those people are fleeing. That might be war in Syria; but the number one cause of global migration is escaping grinding poverty and hopelessness in any number of places."

Of course, climate-related crises can also be added to the refugee cauldron.


There a canard being advanced that these refugees flooding into the EU are all from Syria. This coupled with articles published by western journals laying the blame on Russia and Assaad , this used to promote more Western Intervention in Syria and a change in its government.

This an absolute and utter crock. 4 out of 5 of these refugees are from other States be it Libya, Chad, Afghanistan, Iraq or a list of countries too numerous to mention. The flood of refugees from Syria started before Russia intervened and was a direct result of the NATO countries, The Turks the USA and the Saudis trying to destabilize that country.

The refugees from Libya and Afghanistan and Iraq are fleeing wars prosecuted against them by the Western powers.

France and Italy wanted to reassert their influence in North Africa. The USA wanted to entrench its hegemony in the Middle East and surround Russia with its military bases. Western based Corporations wanted access to the rich resources in the African nations. Latin Americans and peoples from the Caribbean flee poverty due to US inspired Coups orchestrated over things like a Government wanting to raise minimum wages (Honduras) or nationalize its resources (haiti).

The inhumanity being displayed is the inhumanity of capitalism which is a system based upon extraction of resources as cheaply as possible so as to maximize profits for the 1 percent. That one percent HAS no humanity and any that support those so called "job creators" as they place the blame on the worlds power had best wake up and smell the coffee because they are being conned.