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The European Union: Free at Last

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/28/european-union-free-last

The EU is also a continental banker superstate! How on earth does that equate “freedom” with Europeans?

Are the Greeks freer now for having tried to escape? Forgotten @Grexit already? And the penalties they received?

How about Italy’s sorry attempt? Or Spain’s?

How about those pesky Yellow Vests? And France’s resistance to the dictation of the ECB?

Is it really that difficult to understand that sentiment to depart the EU isn’t all about racism or right wing nationalism? That there are plenty of valid reasons form the Left to regain national sovereignty in the face of foreign financial rule?

This is the peril of having the professional class constantly appoint themselves spokes models for everyone else. They persistently mistake their privileges and status for a widespread normal. And they are always wrong.


The British boomers , brain washed by the billionaire right wing press vote for the demise of their children.

Less opportunity is always a poor choice .They are mostly retired with good pensions . Watch workers rights and environmental standards steadily ebb away

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Maybe England is just really stupidly arrogant. I found an old newspaper from the UK at a few market that was from the time before the war. There was a very interesting story about what happens when a few at the top decide where the future of a nation its. Nations do tend to screw this up a lot too.
In WW 1, well actually prior to that war, England decided that they were far too educated to do those, you know , dirty jobs like working with either, glass and metals, even either goods for the horses. They were the new working class with the clean white shirts.
Unfortunately those jobs were taken over by Germany—so when WW 1 began, England was really screwed------another sad trait that England seems to fall into best— and usually connected with hubris.

The United States may be back soon, but the world could certainly use
a second powerful advocate for democracy and the rule of law.

What a ridiculous statement! The world could definitely use more democracy,
but what “powerful advocate for democracy and the rule of law” does Dyer mean?
Not the U.S., it should be clear.

The Financial Invasion of Greece

The Real News

“Because they’re using finance as the new means of war. There is a war going on in Europe but it’s not a military war anymore. They’re now using finance instead of war and they’re using finance to say, we can grab your country. We can put you out of work. We can control you and we don’t have to kill you, we can just make you immigrate by taking away your pensions and taking all your money. There’s a land grab just as if it were an invasion to grab Greece’s ports, to grab Greece’s railroads, and to grab everything else. This is war.”