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The Evidence Pours In: Poverty Getting Much Worse in America


The Evidence Pours In: Poverty Getting Much Worse in America

Paul Buchheit

A White House report recently proclaimed that the "War on Poverty is largely over and a success." United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley said it was "ridiculous for the United Nations to examine poverty in America."


Again, Haley’s Comment is nothing but a ball of gaseous waste speeding nowhere in particular.

Where have they found all of these subhumans?


Nikki Haley can eat dirt! Wanna look in my wallet Nikki? Wanna read my life story Nikki? Eat dirt Nikki!


I think all the people running must know this, because I think I have everyone in the Dem party is emailing me for $. I, or $5 or $30. had $20 and I gave it to Common Dreams. I have no idea who most of these people from other states are. I guess they saw the success that Bernie had with the small donations—but everyone has run out of money, even for small donations.
When so many people have no housing—that’s when you know that a nation is failing----when people can work a full time at a job and not have enough for rent---- maybe it’s time to remind Congress, that it’s WE the People, and not WEE, the People-----because the madder people get, they seem to grow BIGGER with anger----------at a certain point it seems that 1789 will reappear----and it won’t be out of nowhere. : (


Every politician wants money, even those who need it the most because very few people donate to them and corporations neglect them.

I’m talking about the Green Party.

As so many here at Common Dreams are preparing to vote LOTE in order to put a check on Trump’s Fascist dreams of domination, I have but one thing left to say.



“According to the Credit Suisse 2018 Global Wealth Databook, 34 million American adults are among the WORLD’S POOREST 10%.”

Seriously, prof, this was funny the first time. That was until everyone figured out that a family of 4 living in 4000sqft house with two brand new cars is in the poorest 10% if you figure in debt. Good step forward tho actually mentioning it in the article that you subtracted their debt from their total assets.


Haley 's parents are both immigrants who apparently saw success in the USA- perhaps their view is different- a different perspective. Nevertheless, to brush off poverty right here in the USA is not looking to reality. The numbers are staggering, and getting worse with gentrification and people being forced from their neighborhoods due to outside investors who just want to make money off of property. That should be against the law- greed kills!


With interest rates on credit cards very high, most people have zero chance of ever paying them off.
In the near future, I expect the number of bankruptcies to soar and completely overwhelm the system.
End stage capitalism.


I voted for Jill Stein in 2016 because the AP and Hillary and the "electors " had already decided------sigh---------I couldn’t see voting for either of the “Corprotists” --as they vey much like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle DUMB! ; )


You voted for the best candidate in 2016, as did I.

The Green Party had the best platform, the best candidate, and not enough money to compete in this corrupt excuse for an election process.

Stardust, I am becoming afraid that the level of cheating by the Republicans in voter suppression, has gotten out of hand and there will be no political will to prosecute those who broke laws in their quests to win at any costs.


If you want a good laugh, try to imagine the problems Moses would have had, if he’d tried to lead these Gadarene Republican swine into the desert !

Somehow, I think cucumbers and the like would come close to last on a vey long list of the perquisites of affluence they’d be pining for.and railing at Moses about. Surely, Yahweh’s work would be cut out to prevent Moses from being assassinated ?


Hi PonyBoy, and I think we all thought that Bush Cheney was the worst----- ever. - Who knew it could get worse. : (


The email address given by Paul doesn’t work!!


PHENOMENAL ARTICLE! As usual, Paul hits the nails on the heads and the ball out of the park and at their feet!

For anyone who has not read Paul’s book Disposable Americans, I HIGHLY recommend it as it is THE best book I have ever read on the topic of poverty and homelessness. Not only it is chocked-full of truth, but is copiously notated!

Having known Paul as both a friend and client over the years I can tell you that the compassion and empathy you see in this article goes deep down to his core. As such, having come across him years ago is akin to having met a unicorn. :wink:


If 3 in 7 Americans are among the world’s richest 10%, then it should be impossible that over 60% of Americans are near or in poverty, unless some of the world’s richest 10% are also near or in poverty?