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The Evil that Guns Do


The Evil that Guns Do

Michael Winship

The firearms lobby suggests that because morality can't be legislated, the evil of gun violence can only be controlled by... more guns.

Mourners gather at the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign where Greg Zanis, a retired carpenter from Chicago, placed 58 crosses to honor those who were killed during the Route 91 Harvest country music festival shootings in Las Vegas on Oct. 6, 2017. (Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images)


Actually, we can legislate moral action. We do it all the time. Everything from “Keep off the grass” to laws against murder and rape. We cannot legislate moral thought or values in that one may think it is perfectly okay to walk on the grass or murder one’s enemies. We can also legislate to reduce the factors that might make it easier for one to ignore laws governing moral action such as enacting stricter gun controls modeled on those of Australia.


“Guns” do NO evil. It is the people who wield the guns that do evil. No more so than knives, cars, baseball bats, cigarettes, and cholesterol “do evil”

Inanimate objects are incapable of moral acts. PEOPLE are capable of moral acts. Therefore, you hold people responsible for their actions. Or do you want to revert to the Middle Ages, where animals (and inanimate objects) were “executed” for killing people?


The egregious act of gun violence, in Las Vegas, was horrible, but compared to the evil gun violence that the US military has been doing in our names, it is miniscule.


Why is it that the worshipers of guns can only see their beloved guns “saving good people from the bad guys”? How about all of the ACCIDENTAL deaths, like that two year old riding in his mother’s shopping cart, who took the gun from his mother’s purse and innocently shot her dead with it? This stuff is going on all the time, but politicians owned by the NRA won’t allow the creation of a database where records of that sort are easily looked up. Why does the NRA never admit that their beloved, easily-accessed, guns routinely convert depressed people who could be saved into headless corpses that can’t be saved? Blood in our streets. Blood in our schools. Blood in our workplaces. Blood in our homes, bedrooms, and even our shopping carts, all because of a misinterpretation of the Second Amendment of our Constitution.