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The Exceptionally American Historical Amnesia Behind Pompeo’s Claim of ‘40 Years of Unprovoked Iranian Aggression’

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/20/exceptionally-american-historical-amnesia-behind-pompeos-claim-40-years-unprovoked


Thanks for this!! Americans may ignore their countries criminality however the rest of the world has not and does not. Just try wandering around in many countries with an American flag on your clothes.
The tragic result of all these American crimes is that the entire planet is adopting the American way. More killing to ‘solve’ problems, more environmental destruction, more inequality, more arrogance, more ignorance but more patriotism, more crap food, more illness and more misery. USA #1 planet wrecker!!


“Truman demurred, but his successor, Dwight D, Eisenhower, was game.”
This is interesting, and if true, makes Truman a liar, and his letter in the Washington Post (that ran in the morning edition, and removed for the afternoon edition) one month after Kennedy’s murder, a denial about his real guilt and involvement in setting up the CIA as “operational”, not just as intelligence analysists, something he denied in the letter.

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To expand a few points on a small part of the article, the limpet mines, supposedly. Remember that Mike Pompeo graduated from West Point in 1986. So he should know better (but then he has been a liar for a long time), you’d think. It was in engineering management so I’m not sure what that includes but I doubt he would have been ignorant of limpets which were invented in WWII.
A limpet mine 4 feet above the water line makes no sense. Limpets are designed to be deployed below the waterline by divers. For several reasons.
1 - to avoid detection of both mine and diver
2 - to use the density of the water to send the blast into the vessel at a location which can sink it (a blast above the water can make a hole, but won’t let in water, and more of the force of the blast is directed outward because air can’t be pushed against like water weight)
3 - not to mention how hard it would be for a swimmer, for what reason, to stick a bomb 4 feet above the diver’s swimming location.
4 - what exactly is that vessel doing? Surely not bomb disposal. (a) limpets usually have anti-handling trigger which would go off if touched or pulled off (b) they have no bomb-disposal armor and (c.) are all clumped together toward the bow where they would all get blown up if the thing goes off.
5 - video - has to be (a) video from something else and (b) what happened to all that razor sharp (by comparison) video we are otherwise shown. This is extremely poor quality looking more like 1960’s cc camera footage and (c.) notice the constant change in angle (perspective). Edited? probably. More than one camera. Who knows, if so they are all terrible quality. Or, maybe that terrible quality is supposed to impress us as real. If that is from a drone camera the change in view angle is too much too fast for something so high and I would expect better quality from a sub-$110 drone from Walmart.
And again, a graduate of a military academy is pushing this as real? But you can bet at least someone on the staff which put this together knows better.


Look on the bright side. Trump’s minions are so incompetent they can’t even pull off a false flag incident successfully.


Hi drea dancer:
Wow, thank you for all that information, and specific information at that.When I saw the stupid video, I knew it was a fake, for as you said, why would a group of people try to take a bomb off a wall? Geez, do these government people think that if they make up stupid stories that we will all believe them because they are the government? So thank you for making clear all the really amateur wordy hocus locus of Pompus Pompeo.

To forget the past is to forsake the future

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Thanks for that incisive analysis!

Wasn’t the US working with Iran in Northern Iraq ??? And yet the US aides Saudi Arabia in the continued bombing of Yemen—strange how this stuff is left out in all the analysis by corporate media----just try to comprehend all the 9/11’s inflicted on the people of Yemen by the people of the US.-------Sanctions are an act of war-------Iran has every right to play a role in its region of the world.


Great stuff, Brett Wilkins rocks. Thanks CD for publishing his work.

Any honest researcher can learn all these facts easily. The US corporate media serves up such a load of endless crap. Even if the US government and military are this deeply corrupt and neck-deep in decades of lies, any “reporter” who participates in accepting and forwarding such bilge should be deeply ashamed of their “work.”

And any school that does not teach real history is just another cog in the vast machinery of lies and war. “It takes a village” to enable such non-stop crimes against humanity to be carried on.


“All the Shah’s Men” by Stephen Kinzer (2003) explains the whole story.


Just weeks before W invaded Iraq, I was in Amsterdam. I had grown a big beard as an attempt to hide my being an American. I was very ashamed as I knew W was going to end up murdering many innocent people.

I ended up drowning my sorrow, for what was to become the worst foreign policy disaster in the history of the United States, in the Coffee Houses and Red Light District of one of the most lovely cities on Earth.

As described in Gareth Porter’s book Manufactured Crisis, USA policy is the only reason that Iran ever got into the enrichment of uranium! When the Shah was forced out in 1979, Iran had an almost completed nuclear power plant; the country had paid $1 billion to both receive and have nuclear fuel reprocessed in France. The USA forced Iran out of this agreement, making them lose their billion dollars investment in the process, forcing the country to produce the required nuclear fuel themselves.


Thank you!

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I don’t understand your comment regarding Truman. My best and only guess is you have misunderstood the meaning of the word demurred since you seem to be using the quoted remark to say Truman lied when he denied supporting something that the article says he objected to.

Historical amnesia R us. Revisionism is rampant and has gone from history to become contemporaneous. That anyone would buy this BS is beyond comprehension. Who are these people, both the buyers and the purveyors of such falsehoods?

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I love Grand Funk Railroad. Thanks Mark.