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The Existential Madness of Putin-Bashing


The Existential Madness of Putin-Bashing

Robert Parry

Arguably, the nuttiest neoconservative idea – among a long list of nutty ideas – has been to destabilize nuclear-armed Russia by weakening its economy, isolating it from Europe, pushing NATO up to its borders, demonizing its leadership, and sponsoring anti-government political activists inside Russia to promote “regime change.”


Few Americans are aware of these facts. Thank you Robert for stating them so clearly.


Cold War propaganda (1948-1989) making the Soviet Union appear exponentially more threatening to the US than it ever was proved to be profitable beyond belief for the military industrial complex (MIC) that now sees an opportunity to paint Trump as some sort of Russian connection that only Clinton can save us from. Hopefully boomers, who were subjected to this stunt as children will not fall for it like many of their parents did, and hopefully younger generations are astute enough to call the bluff of the rthose pushing their fear buttons.

The MIC knows that nobody will enable a restarted Cold War sooner or more efficiently than Clinton.


I have personally talked with 2 gray-bearded ex-hippy self-identified lifetime liberals who are parroting the 'Trump is a pawn of Russia' BS.

You'd think they would see through it, but it's like they forgot that they hated Nixon & Reagan for this kind of crap.

All they have left is a zombified kind of Democrat partisanship...that, and a particularly empty brand of Identity Politics.


Agree with everything here, though I think Parry is way too soft on Obama. He needs to review the record a little more. Nuland is in Obama's State Department, after all, and the Obomber keeps repeating manifold lies about Putin ("aggression," the shootdown of the Malaysian airliner, etc.) and we know he can't open his mouth about Syria without lying. That said, I still very much appreciate that Parry won't let go of this bone, and I also realize that, bad as Obama is, a president Hillary will be far worse.


"In many ways, it’s not Putin who should worry Americans but the guy that might follow Putin.

WRONG. It's not Putin that should worry Americans but the idiots in the White House who should worry Americans. As they do many people in the ROTW.

As for existential madness; does Reich mean "existing madness". What in the name of Jean-Paul Sartre is "existential madness?". This use of "existential" seems to be an exceptional existing Americanism, as does the use of two words when one would do.