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The Existential Threat of Trump's Genius


The Existential Threat of Trump's Genius

David Macaray

When people blur the relationship between facts and reality—when they jettison what has long been accepted as the basis of “verifiable evidence”—they put themselves in the awkward position of embracing a weird and potentially dangerous form of solipsism. If we can’t trust the “facts,” then what the hell can we “trust”?


Trumps genius lies in his ability to deceive millions into believing he will do something for them to make their lives better, all the while enriching himself at their expense.


I would not honor the pus-balled orange pigs insanity with the word genius. I don't believe in kissing up to psychopathic sociopaths, sorry.


It seems the "genius" of Trump is borrowed from his friends in Russia,probably with training from Manafort, much more than Madison Avenue. It used to be called "confusion to the enemy." It's a systematic approach that's working well to advance his agenda.


Dump, like Don Draper, is a grifter. He pulled a con on marks receptive to his 'message' and is now a minority president.


The far-more accurate title is "The Existential Threat of Trump's Madness/Insanity" or even extremism! How can this creature, even giving the "false advertising" claim any substance, be referred to as "genius" in any regard!..............what it is is arrogance, criminal ego, and a pathological contempt for all others and sustainable future - not "genius". Did such monstrous rulers of the past also exhibit "genius"?
As far as trump's few (very) non-destructive actions, even a broken clock is accurate twice a day...............

When faced with such a threat, any "normalization", use of euphemism or cowardice/reticence to call a spade a spade in not acceptable, regardless how rationalized or cloaked...........


It certainly seems to be the case that many people no longer trust the MSM. People on the right consider it to have a liberal bias and that it is really pushing a liberal agenda. People on the left believe that it is controlled by a group of corporate elite and that it is pushing a corporate agenda. Are these conspiracy theories? If they are then much of the public are conspiracy theorists when it comes to the press. Trump himself is clearly a conspiracy theorist. He seems to believe in many conspiracies and hails Alex Jones for his speaking out about conspiracies. So there are differences of opinion on who controls what and the extent of control. I personally trust the MSM as a news source and believe the public should demand that journalists in the MSM should be protected and be allowed to write what they have found to be the facts. I believe the conspiracy theorists on both the left and right have got it wrong.


Recall the "credibility gap" (referring to the gap between what the gubmit told us and what was true) that we heard about from the media and elsewhere almost daily during the LBJ and Nixon eras ?

One pundit noted that it was big enough to fly a B-52 through.

By the time Saint Ron launched his revolution and the formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) three decades ago, you could fly the entire B-52 fleet in V formation through the credibility gap and it has only increased in size since then.


The MSM, especially WaPo, NYT, & CNN, helped create this post-truth universe by consistently & repeatedly peddling outrageous and destructive lies. From the bogus stories of Iraqi soldiers killing incubator babies (1990) to Saddam's nonexistent WMD's, to Gaddaffi's non-existent genocide, to the ridiculous Russia-hacking-the-election buswah, it is always the same.

Americans swim in an ocean of lies, with the result that the small minority who can still tell fiction from fact have learned to keep their mouths shut for fear of being disappeared, one way or another, from the reality created by TPTB.


Please note that the author is using "genius" as an ADJECTIVE not as a noun. He is not describing Trump as a genius (noun) but describing his actions as "genius" (adjective meaning very clever or ingenious).


He's not a genius- he's a con man.


His actions are not genius- they are immoral.


Thank you- and anyone who does not care about nature is not even worthy of the word human.


Yes, clearly - I did not refer to him as "a genius" at all, but comment that any aspect of his actions do not reflect "genius" in any sense, but are IMO ego-madness - a shallow view of life derived from an extremely narrow life experience such that he and his actions threaten our nation, people and common environment.............


Trump is a result of a totally corrupt system----Trump in the election talked of how he paid off politicians both democrats and republicans

Trump raises real issues-corrupt politicians-corrupt media-healthcare geared to special interests-broken schools-broken immigration policies-trade agreements that devastate half the country-unemployment numbers that don't seem real( I don't see a lot of help wanted signs, but hear about a lot of lay offs and businesses closing???)Yet his way to fix these issues is the real question.

And it looks like taxes on the wealthy will be cut,military spending will go up and social security and medicare will be cut-------and democrats will protest as they compromise on all these issues.

I think Trump will be our Herbert Hoover(my prediction).


Trump may not be Hitler, but Mike Pence is in charge.


"Trump is no fascist."

If fascist is the wrong word then how about an autocrat, or, dictator, or tyrant? He seems to fit the definition of all of those.


We in Amerika have been concieved in propaganda, born in propaganda, suckled in propaganda,
educated in propaganda, work in propaganda, entertained in propaganda, eat and medicate in propaganda and will likely die in hospice propaganda!

I know it's a bitch to come out of the propaganda closet so just keep blaming it on the boss nova and those pesky Russian's. Why wake up now when were so deep down the propaganda rabbit hole?!


"Trump is no fascist. " - from article.

His cabinet choices and the giddy-with-power Republicans controlling both houses of Congress and most of the state houses across the nation, on the other hand............