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The Exploitation Time Bomb

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/17/exploitation-time-bomb

Oh if the rich get richer and the poor get even more poor, then I guess that bands of well armed bandits will take over— but they will merely replace the current rich—and so not much will change. Maybe a new Mafia will take over, where each one owns an area and passes out the goods to take control. It’s kind of like what happens with people appointed to department jobs now----who don’t have the skill or knowledge to change anything. Or maybe America will become the New Sparta—robbing the world of goods and using the majority of the populace as the helots—so a lot would be born into a slavery proposition. Then the Climate Crisis would erase a lot of humanity and then people would start spreading out looking for a livable space. It sort of sounds like what has happened in much of world history. Which is depressing, because you would think the world had enough opportunities to get it right-----but then human nature does seem to evolve backwards before it can go forward again. : (

Perhaps instead of progressively taxing the obscene wealth of the exploitocracy

We should be working to ensure it never makes it to their pockets in the first place?


Another excellent project syndicate article. If only people were smart enough and had the time and wherewithall to pay attention we could correct so much ridiculous greedy evil ruining the world. Perhaps I am relentlessly naive, but I think the majority of people are actually truly decent people, but some of these are swayed by assorted propaganda (especially when laced with fear) and one-issue hysteria.

We should better understand why this unequal distribution of wealth happens. it is due to a lack of equal opportunities both to earn and to reside in good places, and this comes from the way our natural resources, particularly the land are/is distributed and owned. Land owners are able to speculate in this source of opportunity and will charge high prices for both its sales cost and its right for use as rent. This means that entrepreneurs have a hard time finding useful productive lines that are worthwhile to them to make. The landlords use the rent they collect for investment in durable capital goods like buildings, transportation vehicles and communications, so that they can also speculate in some of these less freely competitive things too. meanwhile our taxes are partly used for making improvements to the local and national infrastructure, which makes the land more productive etc. The land should be made free of its owners and speculation in its value stopped. This can be doe by adopting Henry George’s idea of a land value tax.

In other words, institute a socialist economy.


Whatever term you wish to use. I avoid labels as much as possible, due to their inherent limitations.

If one truly believes in a society in which we all have what we need to live a dignified life, and we all contribute to that end, as our talents allow, then there is no place for hierarchical constructs and the inequality of power and possessions that define them.

Or sumpin’ like that …

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Hi Macrocompassion:
Well the way that Trump is converting public space to corporate ownership----I have no idea what will be left. But also, in so many cities , the rent keeps rising and wages are not keeping in step. I read today that the new wage will be $15! and hour—but not until i2025! Geez, it will be worth $2 by then!Well, I will have to find Henry George and see what he has to say-----but when there is no rent control—the sky seems to be the limit! : 0