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The Extinction Deniers Are Here

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/22/extinction-deniers-are-here

Please…goto this link and learn how extinction really works. It actually is co-extinction, one dies off and takes others with it.


At least I can say I lived in a time when many species were still extant. Many species were threatened and a few were pulled from the brink of extinction but the accelerating rate as more go extinct can’t be denied. (Regardless of what academic whores say for their corporate masters.) Education of the masses is key. I was taught all this stuff in the late 60’s & early 70’s at public schools. It needs to be shouted from on high to all that have been misled by the huge PR campaigns funded by the energy giants. The question is; how? Peace : 4C or 5C rise from the 1880 mean is terminal. We’re at 1.20- 1.40C^ now.


This world cannot be saved. It is like a passing dream. Progressivism is a metaphysical error; just another form of attachment to a doomed world.

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the fossil fuel barons will only care when there are no more animals left to trophy hunt. But most of the left is also in denial about extinction, refusing to face the role of vast increase in human population still going on, demanding more and more resources and habitat

Let’s hope the world lasts long enough that someday kids will be reading about a critter that used to be called a republican that went extinct.


You refer to a profound honor we are obligated not to squander. We may be witness to the last decades of the only effulgence of Life anywhere in the universe. The more we learn about natural cycles (e.g. the 200,000 year Milankovich orbital cycles, the music the our solar system’s peculiar arrangement of spheres) the more specific to this particular planet Life seems. With a “last chance to see” view like that, I feel I’m not contributing my part as a living organism if I don’t spend all the time I can appreciating Life, savoring and wondering and marvelling at the miracle. What a privelege!

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Not surprised that the Greedy Old Pricks are openly sponsoring these ecocidal sociopaths.
Noam Chomsky was correct when he called the republican party the most dangerous organization in the world. Ironically, our survival depends on their extinction.

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When we went to grade school and high school the countries school system was ranked number 1 on the planet, now we are 23/24/25th? You and I and others our age got a college degree without the piece of paper to go with it. But them yongin’s don’t want to listen to no old folk’s.

Has anyone there ever heard of 1972’s “Limits To Growth”? The 40 Year Update of Limits To Growth confirmed 1975 as the Tipping Point for what Dr’s Meadows and Randers called global population overshoot and collapse if business proceeded to do nothing in response to our pollutants.

Of the 90,000+ mostly man-made chemicals we’ve loosed into our spaceship’s biosphere, CO2 levels then were less than 290 ppm; now they exceed 415 ppm. I’m reasonably sure that none were designed to become a problem within that biosphere, nor were they designed to combine in an uncontrollable environment. NORD (National ORGanization for Rare Diseases) is just one responder to what Claude Levi-Strauss called his greatest fear - the poisoning of the planet’s food chains and our children’s quality of life expectations. (I’d insert a graphic of the population overshoot and collapse here if I knew how to do that.) Regardless, they were expected to become obvious sometime between 2030 and 2050.

The 40 Year Update of LTG expected them to become obvious NLT 2024. Fukushima began contributing its toxins to the Kuroshio Current and the global weather systems spawned above it the year before. That was to soon to know how serious an affect it would have on the least protected of us apex consumers.

Which of the 32,000 microbes in our intestines might be the weakest link to fail in my body? Yours are likely to be different from mine.

By the time a pattern has become statistically obvious,: ("Solve the problem; failure is not an option,) what option remains?


The extinction deniers did not show up yesterday or the past twenty years.
Their narcissism has been there in perpetuity, ready to belittle you at any moment that you suggest common good, the environment, or fellowship with your common man.

You see, it shrivels their profit, and their genitalia.

There was a generation that was born with the awareness that the planet cannot withstand the abuse we are putting on it. We were rendered speechless, our words silenced by self aggrandizing money accumulaters who thought nothing of what they quashed to get their wealth, which they believed was to last for generations.

I remember traveling from my third world nation to visit the movie studios that had a robot shark chase our bus in celebration of the recent success of jaws.

I returned to my country a mute.
My parents agonized over my silence, and hired speech therapists and psychologists.

I would bicycle to school in the sparse number of cars that my city had at that time - about five kilometers.

By the time I graduated high school, I could not drive my bicycle in the city traffic because I returned with it damaged to the price of new velo more than once.

I remember being asphyxiated by the fumes of the un-regulated exhausts and becoming an asthmatic

I remember being very angry at my peers, who parents literally owned the city.

I decided to swallow my anger and play along.
I will leave in humiliation and regret for now having spoken.


Unless everyone is willing to acknowledge that the root problem of all of our other environmental problems is human overpopulation, then they are still in denial as to the extent of the problem. Unless we drastically reduce human population on a world-wide basis we are just kidding ourselves that we are addressing the problem. If we don’t reduce world population to pre-industrial revolution levels by the end of this century we are doomed as a species, and will take just about every othe large species with us.

Now accomplishing this cannot be done democratically, or while respecting the right of every human being to reproduce. Just can’t. How we get there is the place where we must start. My even broaching this subject brings extreme hostility upon me for being a "Fascist Nazi Eugenicist, or similar such names. Because this is the most critical problem on the planet I will endure the hatred to be someone who sounds the alarm. In the long run it may well not matter if action is not taken and we go extinct anyway, but I will end my life knowing I tried. We have to have the discussion.

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We should first blame technology for the world’s social and environmental ills, especially those related to travel and transport which is largely wasteful and/or a luxury rather than a necessity. Decades ago I had a epiphany realization that automobiles were the primary suspect in corporate control and mass transit wasn’t playing its role in urban/suburban travel. So, I became an advocate for light rail and better buses integrated into systems that guided transit-oriented redevelopment. The then emerging planning philosophy of New Urbanism and its next step of Regionalism became the basic model that tied together what then and still today seems like the solution human civilization desperate seeks. We drive too much, too far, for too many purposes at too high cost and impact. We fly too much, truck and ship goods around the world too much. Unsustainable amounts of travel and transport, one way or another, for better or worse, cannot and will not continue. The solution is near, but will not occur immediately nor as most people are misled to believe entails: the self-driving car idea is a fraud perpetrated by the same corporate interests who derive wealth from car dependency.

What I find worse than climate and extinction deniers are the scientists and researchers, such as Dr. Chris D. Thomas, Ph.D. and Dr. Richard Tol, Ph.D., who argue that climate change and extinction is a good thing and that those who oppose them are tantamount to Luddites. (See: https://www.amazon.com/Inheritors-Earth-Nature-Thriving-Extinction/dp/0141982314/ref=sr_1_1?qid=1561306128&refinements=p_27%3AChris+D.+Thomas+(author)&s=books&sr=1-1&text=Chris+D.+Thomas+(author) and https://www.aeaweb.org/articles?id=10.1257/jep.23.2.29)

…Patrick Moore, Marc Morano, Gregory Wrightstone, all liars, all perps in the race for the end…Raze the Reich Wing…

You are so right. I vividly remember a conversation I was having with someone I knew rather well when the subject of public assistance and having children came up. Before I continue, let it be known that I am a VERY grateful recipient of public assistance. In this conversation, I said that I believed that human beings were irresponsible with respect to having offspring and family planning is almost non-existent with many Americans. I said to my friend something along the lines of, “well, what if we did place restrictions on those who require public assistance to use Norplant (a non-permanent birth-control method that is implanted under the skin and lasts five years, but can be removed)”? I asked the question in order to drive the conversation, however, I did not expect her reaction! She literally blew up and started yelling something along the lines of, “no one is going to tell me what I can and can’t do!”. It wasn’t what she said, but the way she said it that literally threw me. She was really disjointed by even the suggestion.

I guess I’m one of the weird ones, but I believe that responsible family planning is a must for a society to function and as you stated, there is NOT an infinite number of resources and space for unlimited human beings. I think many people also incorrectly think of children as things they ‘own’, rather than the individual living animals they are.

Human beings in general are extremely self-centered and selfish.