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The Extremist Steve Bannon Must Resign


The Extremist Steve Bannon Must Resign

Tim Koechlin

Senator Cory Booker
Newark Office
One Gateway Center
23rd Floor
Newark, NJ 07102

Dear Senator Booker,

I am resident of New Jersey, a progressive, and I vote.

I am writing to express my alarm and dismay that Stephen Bannon occupies the role of President Trump’s “Chief Strategist.”


Say rather the neofascist racist must be forced out!

But without any “checks or balances” left, how is anything the mental ginger chimp wants to be thwarted? Only by We The People, but with such malevolent evil in the WH anything can happen…


Yes, we the people. Hey , did you hear this? No more background checks for getting guns for people with mental illness! These people are mad, mad, mad! Call your rep and senator.


Thanks to Tim Koechlin for this rap sheet on Bannon.

Much appreciated.


I have a hard time seeing much difference between Trump and Bannon. Trump won the election because he strongly supports two things, putting white people first and putting America first. Those are things Bannon also strongly supports. Bannon seems to play a critical role in feeding ideas to Trump so he can carry them out. Really both Bannon and Trump have to go to get back to a federal government that supports tolerance and is willing to work with other countries as partners in solving problems rather than on a strictly America first basis which seems to now be the policy.


YAYYY!!! Now I can buy all those guns I wanted, see you at your next prayer service. :wink:


Trump’s the “Face”, Bannon’s the “Brains” classic “American Dad” scenario


We will have to surpass the ability of the goldfish. All the papers are talking about “Cognitive Dissonance”. They realize the American public’s attention might waiver before we get a chance to “take back” Congress.

We will survive this election cycle (fingers crossed: Will Trump use Nuclear Weapons to prove his Daddy Wrong?)

Side note: ever notice how subservient trumps family is to him, they are always looking down at the ground. I can’t help but wonder what kind of an unbearable monster he is to them in private: just like his daddy taught him how to be.

Of course we can’t wait to mobilize our community, staying in-tune, up-to-date and educate everyone who will listen. We can work to purge the democratic party’s corporate leadership, or work to form rivaling parties, and we will fight this fascism tooth and nail with the fourth branch of government: the press (which I am sure is not only taking on the fight because Trump represents a rivaling oligarchy, but, also because this rivaling oligarchy is almost certainly more malevolent and dangerous: Strange to think of the Koch brothers as the lesser of two evils, haha).

It’s the Supreme Court Nominations that could have decades of impact on our system of government. But to be honest The Courts Interpret Law, and Gorsuch is largely criticized as a corporatist and for his stance on women’s reproductive rights, both of which ought to be constitutional addressed (weak laws = shitty interpretations by the courts).

Just imagine if the backlash to Trump’s reign resulted in a progressive utopia. (lets not live in this fantasy, but work towards it)


I can’t agree with: “which I am sure is not only taking on the fight because Trump represents a rivaling oligarchy, but, also because this rivaling oligarchy is almost certainly more malevolent and dangerous: Strange to think of the Koch brothers as the lesser of two evils, haha”

You are assuming that the Koch brothers and the corporate MSM, controlled by a handful of elites, represent a less dangerous oligarchical group. I find that to be a very dangerous assumption. Trump is some kind of rebel opposed by most world elites, while the MSM and the Koch’s seem to be on the side of the great majority of the rich and powerful in the US and around the world, making that the more powerful and thus the more dangerous group. Virtually every billionaire supported Hillary, including the Koch’s, and they did not do so because they have the interests of the little people in mind. This large power group appears to be coalescing around a certain set of goals and policies, and from every indication it represents the impoverishment, then virtual enslavement, then depopulation, and eventually the eradication of the great majority of little people in the world, including in the US.

With the coming age of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, which will likely lead to loss of employment and impoverishment for the great majority, radical changes are coming in the very near future. Just because the large power group uses more polished and less threatening language, that does not mean they will be any less harsh when they have complete control. Also, I find it very disturbing that this powerful group with polished rhetoric uses Identity politics to divide the little people and keep them from coming together in solidarity to create sufficient political strength to keep them from being annihilated by the oligarchs.

Trump is not on our side, but the MSM in opposing him is not trying to help us either, as they plan to use this opportunity to lead us to the slaughter. If the Dems put up another neoliberal candidate in 2020, which of course the MSM will support 100 percent, be afraid, be very afraid, for that will almost surely be part of the end game.


Be proactively smart. Leave the Duopoly now. Enroll in a party unlike either in the Duopoly, that puts People, Planet, and Peace over Profit. Or, continue to vote for Corporate Slavery.


While President Soup Nazi and his gang of Crackers get comfy in their new positions fulfilling Bannon’s dream to “bring down the state”, I’m sitting here expecting my screen to go dark at any moment.

We’ll have to resort to airmail by mini-drone, or the Mighty Pigeon, to send each other battle plans for the inevitable War On Humans.


Wonder why this guy is so dark in his views? I mean he even makes fun of companies like google and amazon for hiring immigrants from Asia.


I’ve often wondered if racism might be based on sexual selection. These fascists are quite shallow and appearances are everything to them. Maybe racists hate everybody, regardless of gender, who don’t appeal to their sexual desires, or don’t measure up to the standards of their personal DNA. Just a theory…


Trump once said that he had superior genes. Most of these elites believe in eugenicsl


hmm, well… the little people are just a bunch of midgets and dwarfs. They should be able to find work, in the robotic fantasy playing out in your head, as jesters for the king… right?

But seriously…
Well… if you look at it like a business, as trump is prone to do, then the establishment oligarchy would be a restaurant that has been open for years, has a lot of good clientele, and working relationships throughout the city, Meanwhile, Trump is the shady burger joint with a Grand Open Special of Dynamite Stick Hot-Dogs and Plastic-Explosive Hamburgers: guaranteed to give you diarrhea if it doesn’t kill you.

Don’t worry about me, I understand what role Establishment Media is playing. I was really thinking more about the actual staff not the owners. It would be hard not to believe you are doing something righteous as you work to take down a provocateur like Trump. Some members of the press might even resist returning to their regular role as just another mouthpiece for the establishment after being let out of their cage.

P.S. the Koch brothers are making money because of trump, they are being their regular evil selves right now. In addition to that We have Trump and a GOP controlled congress carrying out executive orders and the dismantling regulations, eroding our government, our foreign relations and our society at breakneck speeds.


in summary: I stand by my previous statement


LOL, haha WHAT???

No seriously WHAT???

You tried to say something but… it got lost somewhere between the jumbled incoherence.


Dear Mr. Koechlin,

I hear you, but unfortunately our side lost “bigly” in the 2016 elections. We were focusing on identity politics and everyone who didn’t agree with our views was a racist, xenophobe or deplorable. That strategy seems to have turned the electorate against us and we suffered a most humiliating defeat. For the next two years i will endeavor to listen to other voices as well, instead of living in an liberal echo chamber and, hopefully, we can win a few seats back in Congress.


Sen. Corey Booker


It appears you are subject to your own echo chamber.
If you are looking for a place to promote your hate mongering you can put your soap box on the chapped part of my ass.


Good words nipples. If you continue like this, republicans won’t even have to campaign in 2018. You’ll do all the work for them, just like last year. Carry on…


This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it. [Abraham Lincoln]