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The F-Word: No Other Way to Describe Trump’s Fascism 2.0

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/31/f-word-no-other-way-describe-trumps-fascism-20


If Trump is not defeated in a landslide - there’s a problem.


I love Ralph and so appreciate all he has done for the Progressive cause in this country. But wouldn’t we all be better served if he devoted his time and energy on promoting (again) an alternative to the duopoly which brought us Trump…like the People’s Party or Green Party?


Not right now - this is not rocket science.


Biden is not going to win. He won’t give the people what they have wanted for decades…their piece of the american pie.Polls show trump has risen to within 1 point of biden’s once wide lead in the swing states. Biden’s hidin, Harris is a topcop and in reality, they have nothing in the D platform to attract voters. We all snicker when Polousey claims not to want a debate, and we all know why. The Dem party we have yearned for is dead and has a dead candidate and agenda. Once again I’ll vote Green…a party I can believe in to do more that stuff their collective coffers. My donations are going to progressives only.


It seems to me that what “the people” want is entirely unclear. At least twenty or twenty five percent appear to be outright racists or religious right fundamentalists.

You don’t get rid of Trump - you will be a fascist country the day after the vote.


No shit. Hard to believe how many of the so-called “progressives” posting here refuse to acknowledge that reality.


Friends, face it, Trump has had to somewhat lay it between the lines up until now. Should he “win” come November, whatever semblance of filter he has been using will be off. The message will be “Kill 'em”. I wouldn’t be first on that list, nor would I be last. Think about that. I play bridge with a 102-year-old German man (family was Lutheran) who at 15 was so vehemently against Hitler that he was strongly advised to emigrate which he did. The stories he tells reminds me of what is going on with Trump. We need to not restrict ourselves to him, but ponder the powers behind him, where the real threats lie. They are hidden to a large degree. Biden may not be perfect and we know that there is to a large extent a duopoly, but Trump and the Republicans need to be sent packing ASAP. This is war! To think otherwise is to be naive.


If the Democrats want to rid the US of Fascism then they have to encourage the natural enemy of fascists , that being the left to join their party.

They are not doing this when they go after the same votes the Fascists go after as they ignore the left and when they take all of the things the left wants off the table.

The Democrats see keeping Fascists in power as preferable over seeing Socialists come to power. Trump would never win an election if the Democrats moved left and got those 40 percent of people that do not vote to start voting rather then go after Republican voters .


The Democratic Party’s highest priority is, once again, maintaining their take of corporate money.

The GOP’s highest priority is to make the 2020 election the final election in US history. Can you say one party rule ?


I’m shocked that so many people actually, seriously, honestly think that electing Biden will protect us from fascism.

Why? Who is proud of his role in drafting the precursor to the Patriot Act? Which party is doing everything it can to delegitimize as “fake news” anything which opposes the approved corporate news?

Why try to protect us from fascism by defending fascism? It makes no sense. Fascism is all around us. How can our representatives ignore all of us when we ask for the military budget to be decreased by a mere 10%? Would any functioning democracy force 300 million of its citizens to choose either Trump or Biden as their leader? Look at what our “representatives” do: do they (ever) work for us? Who do they work for? Electing Biden is going to change that how?

What is it you’re trying to defend? An illusion? What is our “existential” crisis? The only thing I see in danger of ceasing to exist is the facade the ruling class uses to manipulate us. Why shouldn’t we demolish that facade?

Fascism wasn’t created by Trump. He exposed it. Not intentionally, but by blatantly exploiting the fascist system he found in place.

Our system won’t be fixed by electing Biden. Electing Biden is not even going to “buy us more time.” It’s not merely covering up our wounds with a band-aid. It’s much worse than those things. It’s anesthetizing a seriously ill patient who is coming out of a coma and demanding medical attention.

The elites and the MSM are not afraid of Trump: they’re afraid of us. They’re afraid Trump will wake us up. They want Biden to put us back to sleep.

The problem is not to protect the system; it’s to replace it. And the more blatantly obvious that our system isn’t what it pretends to be, the better.


If I could “like” your post 100 times, I would.


Very good point.

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People are saying the decision between Biden and Trump is either poison yourself slowly or get a bullet in the brain. But no with Biden it will be a lethal injection. And likely one of those that cause immense agonizing pain before you die.


I was committed to voting 3rd party for the top of the ticket as I have for the last couple of elections, that is, until the Trump convention. The only difference between what we would have seen in the 1930s Nazi Germany and the Trump convention was a different flag and a different language.

That being said, the best outcome of this election will be a democrat Congress. That is if, and it is a big IF, a democrat Congress will actually do their job as one third of the government.

One concern I still have in voting for Biden, is that I suspect that a democrat Congress is more likely to put a check on Trump than a check on Biden. That they will put a check on either, though, may just be wishful thinking on my part. When the Military Industrial Congressional Complex and Wall Street come calling, the duopoly stands at attention no matter what wing of the party is in the White House.


Yes, I constantly say one party rule because that is what we have now. One party with two wings that work in unison for the same outcome.


It isn’t that they don’t acknowledge that reality, it is just that they don’t buy the line that a Biden Presidency leads in another direction.


Two more “F-Words”: ‘FRAUD’ and ‘FORCE’.   ALL religions are based on the former, and nearly all religions rely on the latter when questioned or resisted.

What does voting have to do with it??   Even if it’s a landslide for Buy-Down – which is NOT very likely – Tweetle-Dumb will claim the election was rigged and refuse to relinquish power.  Delete the last five words of your statement, MS, and then we can start talking about “How??” . . .

If the White House needs a VERY thorough fumigation to get Trump and his pet pests out, who should be in charge of the fumigation?