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The Faces Behind the Wall: My Experience at the US-Mexico Border


The Faces Behind the Wall: My Experience at the US-Mexico Border

Zarefah Baroud

Nothing prepares you for Juarez, Mexico. The human grief, but also the resilience of the human spirit that I have witnessed at the US-Mexico border compels morally-guided solutions, certainly not walls.

On December 15th of last year, I joined a local delegation from the Washington state area, as we headed first to El Paso, Texas, then to Juarez, Mexico.



1948—The birth of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights------1948 and Palestinians began living their daily terror and land theft, and in America, the Japanese American citizens were still trying to recover from their theft . Truman beat Dewey----- and "The Buck Stops here, " hmmm that ended up costing a lot, didn’t it. And yet—the Korean war is still going-----weird that after WW 2 no one in governmental America could find it in their hearts to have peace.
It seems like all empires at a certain point turn into nazis—I think Israel was first, and America not far behind with not recognizing black people by the 1950s, who fought in WW 2. A person would think that would bring them some peace—or even recognize these citizens as having rights. And after all those years of the UN, why can Peace get a chance?
What I see happening to people from Central and South America and Mexico----is the same horror being passed along person to person and government by government. I wonder why so many still believe that dissing others because of their heritage, their language or their skin color or their religion------ why does that somehow make people feel superior? Because, if there really were superior, people of the world----none of this would be happening.



The author’s Arabic name puts her in extra danger being near a border that FOX (faux noise) serially warns its viewers is being overrun with criminals not only from Latin America, but also from the Middle East.



And the FOX viewers believe every word of it, to the exclusion of everything else. In his VIP suite in hell, Herr Goebbels must be in awe of the totality of illusion in this country.



There is no more accurate or succinct description of the 21st century US than “totality of illusion”.



How many FOX viewers know that their hero hires illegal immigrants? I wonder, because their hero just fired multiple longterm employees during the shutdown:

Why wouldn’t this be a big issue on cable news? Flat out hypocrisy, easy to cover.



And the fact that many unwitting believers of the Fox Noise continuum are a danger to our country, and are too damn ignorant to see that they are acting as traitors, is sad. We thought this shit could only go down in some Nazi-like country.

It’s like North and South fighting each other for freedom. What a stupid loss of life.



Some empires dissolve more or less graciously, without committing atrocities or exploding in rage. The British Empire is a good example. Although it didn’t wane totally peacefully (it attempted to take over Suez and co-conspired with the US in installing the Shah in Iran), it retired rather gently. Another example is the so-called Holy Roman Empire (which was essentially Germany and Austria during the Middle Ages). It dissolved voluntarily after more than a thousand years in the early 1800’s, and left behind the apex of human civilization.
The problem is with uncivilized, brutish empires, such as the Mongols and the US. The Mongols caused enormous destruction before retreating, and the US might very well cause the end of civilized humanity.

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Let’s try to be objective about this. When ignorant Trump says “walls work”, he is right. There is no doubt that walls work. The issue isn’t whether walls work but rather whether investing in a wall is the best use of 5 billion dollars.
Here is better alternative. Rather than spending 5 billion on a wall, select half million white trash families and give $10,000 each to educate their trashy white children. Those children will learn to read and write, will be able (with great effort, obviously) to acquire skills and good jobs, won’t feel threatened by brown people anymore, and will no longer worship Trump. Of course, this would have to be implemented by a Democratic government, Repugnants don’t like the side effects of education.

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HI Monckton: sigh-------- Britain’s height was under Victoria-----after that—it slowly turned into Grenfel and their “cladding” was showing in how witless they were! With Theres May( the clone of Thatcher) they still are. When they venture alone they sadly seem to lose their sense. Rome’s ending was much more interesting with the those Goths: Visigoths, Ostrogoths and all the people lurching after power. After all Rome had 2 brothers sharing the world at the end there, one east and one west. The Mongols did well for a while—but that’s what all nations do----they all fall—like humans, countries don’t last forever either. Sadly, it looks like the Earth might not allow us to continue Hubris and Karma just seem to go together, but I wish they didn’t . : (



I’ve lived here on the Juarez/El Paso border for 61 years, married to a Mexican-American girl with 3 initially illegal grandparents. I don’t think you can get a clear grasp of what goes on here with a simple visit.