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The Factual Reporting by David Sirota That Stirred an Epic Freakout


The Factual Reporting by David Sirota That Stirred an Epic Freakout

Katie Halper

In recent weeks, investigative journalist David Sirota made the repeated fatal error of doing his job. He reported facts, as his wont, and the corporate media and political elites flipped out, as is their wont.


The number one enemy of the d-party establishment isn’t the r-party.

It’s us liberals.


I would add that the number one enemy of the Establishment is the TRUTH…


David Sirota is one of the best journalists around. IF he says it, I believe it (after I check it out:-) Democrats are unhappy with Sirota because he chose to support Bernie Sanders, PERIOD. Keep going David Sirota.


As soon as you see peoples calling themselves Journalists or Progressive savaging peoples that speak the truth such as Julian Assange or David Sirota wherein they label them as puppets of a trump, a Putin, a Hussein or a Qaddaffi one MUST suspect everything they say and one MUST understand the motivations.

When they are afraid of the truth and respond like Tanden did then they feel that the only think the people entitled to is the lie.

They are no friend of the working class. They are the enemy and they are the worst type of enemy. With a Trump you know what you got. These weasels try and pretend they on your side and manipulate the desire of peoples to do the right thing with lies.

If Beto was as good as a candidate his supporters feel he is then those supporters should NOT be afraid of hearing the facts.


Is there any reason, in a context such as this - critique of DNC -, that allusions such as “liberal-ish” are not referenced as ´neo-liberal’?

The clintonized neo-liberalism - starting with the bill swill - corporatized to dance the bump with Republican methodologies, is now bumping off in the mafia sense.

More a model of serving up tainted faux cake and swooning with desire to eat it too. An older image is to be hoisted by oneś own petard. When the public calls a spade a spade thanks to record keeping, the DNC true to hall-of-mirrors form attempts to build something by blowing it up. Am I supposed to embrace this death wish?

Estimates are increasingly that the economy as we know it will implode in anywhere from 12-18 months. Kabuki, anyone?


Sirota sez: “The point is that if you inherently see somebody’s votes and and quotes from the Congressional Record as negative, as an attack, what you are saying is that you think these votes inherently are bad.”

Was going to make this point, then found Sirota made it himself midway through the interview. Bears repeating.


Beto is a creation of the same bunch of Wall St. billionaires that have created


My post was interrupted by a knock on the door.


And the Democratic Party Circular Firing Squad begins to re-assemble, making DJT a shoo-in for another term.


Yes, which makes Neera Tanden just as much an enemy of this country and its populace as Donald Trump. They both are willing to screw our entire country and its people for personal selfish gain.


It is difficult to make a person understand, when their paycheck depends on them not understanding.


The automatic hatefest that erupts whenever someone with an inquisitive turn of mind insists that facts ought to matter to Democrats is funny only because we have not quite learned to expect it from the ultra-high minded and educated types who populate the Blue Screamers. We have long accepted this behavior from the Red Screamers, who are dismissed as slope-browed proles, albeit mysteriously morphed into thought clones of their petit bourgeois keepers and handlers.
A violent overreaction to facts that counter the mainstream narrative should be familiar to those who grew up watching their parents grind their teeth and spasm with outrage over the antiwar movement in the 60s, alas for a generation that tucked tail and bought the bullshit in 1972.
So half the country snarls at the suggestion that Beto O’Rourke’s voting record actually matters, and half the country is ready to lynch anyone who points out that the Taliban controls more of Afghanistan today than it did in 2001. These reflexive reactions do not attest the weakness of particular individuals so much as they demonstrate the power of the machinery behind the counter-rational rah rah boosterism we still think of as political partisanship. The left needs to realize this is not political partisanship: it is the result of a full on authoritarian attack on critical thinking.
The modern history of this attack (as a deliberate, scientifically-informed social engineering effort) began with the publication of “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays in the 1920s, which spells out the basic science behind the control of the crowd mind. Bernays was central to the deceptions practiced on the public that made WWI palatable to Americans and criminalized dissent. He formalized his practices and findings in the years following the war, and is most often remembered for designing and directing the industry-wide public relations campaign that made cigarette smoking an acceptable practice for women. This little book presented me with as many Oh Shit revelations as all the words I’ve read by Chomsky, Zinn, and Hedges combined.
The genius of the neoliberal movement as it gathered steam in the 1980s was to enlist and subvert two “poles” of public opinion, allowing for the staging and manipulation of dynamic tension between political forces in apparent opposition. Although it is something of a balancing act, carefully engineering a false divide in the public mind (while effectively “governing” behind the curtain with a single-purposed approach) has proven at least as successful and stable as the one-party approach to authoritarian rule, while allowing otherwise rational people to continue pretending they live under a democratic or representative government.
Here is a link to “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays. It is well worth its gut-punch moments of sudden understanding, but don’t read it on a full stomach.


“People love darkness when their deeds are evil.” In a day and age when journalism has succumbed to political bias, honest reporting without conjecture is extremely valuable. A backhanded thank you to Neera for throwing her knee jerk irrational fit that gave this important story about who Beto really “is”, inspired by the journalism of Sirota, the national headlines it deserves. Now is the time for complete candidate vetting, not obtuseness dictated by overlord command. It’s never gonna be “Vote blue no matter who” when who most definitely matters. Have we learned nothing from 2016?