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The Failed Record of the Establishment: Why Talk Is Cheap in 2016


The Failed Record of the Establishment: Why Talk Is Cheap in 2016

Peter Bloom

The 2016 election is defying traditional political expectations. On the Democratic side the once inevitable frontrunner Hillary Clinton is fighting off a surging Bernie Sanders while Donald Trump has emerged as an unexpected and dangerous frontrunner for the Republicans. It appears that this is the year “anti-establishment” politics has become mainstream. Indeed both Sanders and Trump are favorites to comfortably win the upcoming New Hampshire primary.


Trump certainly has gone outside previous boundaries for presidential elections, not only with his xenophobic policies but also with with plain crude language that no politician has ever used. I don't feel Sanders has gone beyond the boundaries to the same extent. His single-payer health care proposal would essentially expand Medicare, a single payer health care system for older people. He has proposed free tuition at public colleges and universities but the US had that last century in California and within New York City. He wants to expand Social Security. There really is no reason to label these type of proposals as socialist. In the US these are known as part of the social welfare state or simply government programs. Now if he proposed to nationalize the fossil fuel industry then yes it would certainly have to be called socialist.


Hillary has been exposed, she is the Borg.


This article seems a little "too Bernie", but thanks! Please note that Trump self-funds more than any other, 2/3rd of his war chest is from individuals. Also, Trump has the same inverted trust poling as Clinton (I think, though compiling polls are hard to read). The desire for a Strong-Man is what I see driving his numbers, but, to fair to your point, also his mocking of the GOP establishment. One telling thing, mentioned somewhere else on CD, is that Trump is not asking anything of his supporters, only that they unconditionally love him.


I welcome their hatred. Unrealistic FDR.


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