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The Failure That Never Happened—And Three That Did


The Failure That Never Happened—And Three That Did

John Atcheson

The Failure that didn’t happen

The Clinton campaign, and the Establishment in the media, the Democratic Party, the punditocracy, and assorted other self-interested corporations and PACsters are desperate to bring Sanders down after his Wisconsin victory made it 7 of the last 8 primaries for Bernie (including the ex-pat primary).


I agree that the so-called establishment is desperate to bring Bernie down and the spin just makes one dizzy! We hear over and over and over again, not that Bernie has momentum and has won 7 of the last 8 ( and even Arizona looks suspect) state primaries but that HRC has a HUGE LEAD IN DELEGATES!

What the MSM pundits seem to forget is that Bernie has millions of followers on face book, twitter and other social media that do not subscribe to the pundits spin for Hillary that she is unbeatable because of her delegate lead. They have been saying that ad nauseam, but the good thing: NO ONE IS LISTENING!


Not unlike the Kennedy-Nixon debate where the latter, clearly dripping in sweat, lost to the poise of the former, still attributed to the difference of advantage between audio or visual, the spin of powerful interest-backed and career desperate punditry remains a problem. Today however the consequences of past policy judgment calls come home to roost with increasing rapidity and compounding intensification.

The addiction of the system to 'advancement' by means of extraction in all senses and forms would be comic were it not so tragic. This system has been set up to fail at the same degree to which it imposes impoverishment - again in virtually every area of (non)consideration.

I once heard a definition of 'tragedy' as being a situation where catastrophe is recognized, but a choice is made not to avert it. By this definition, the mass media is tragic at an unprecedented scale. It is something that happens to the 'evil' "other", not oneself, as exemplified by scores of cartoons with which many baby boomers were saturated. There is no "other". We ARE all, in terms of consequences, subjected to the dissociative projection of Wily Coyote.


A little off-topic, but have to recommend this vid by John Oliver about how much time legislators have to spend raising money. I think this is how the machine keeps control over lawmakers. They are obligated to raise $ even if they don't need it, so the people who can afford $, and the party system, have much more influence. That's why those embedded in this system will never reform it. This is partly why I will likely not vote for Shilllary over a Repub, not matter what. It's better imo, to go through 4 years of hell, if it means next time, we can have solidarity and get behind someone who will really change our corrupt system.


Just to add something, it is fun to watch the Oligarch-Stream-Media discredit itself with every passing moment. No matter what else happens, it will be a good thing if this campaign hammers in one of the last nails in the coffin of these propaganda monsters..


Rather strange comments by Bernie on the Israeli settlements. He needs to think through foreign policy. In one of the debates he was asked about what he would do about Afghanistan where the US has about 10,000 troops and he ignored the question and reverted to domestic economics. He had no answer about the future of Afghanistan. No question Bernie has not done his homework on some very important issues. Clinton appears to have a superior intellect for dealing with complexities but Bernie seems smart enough to provide better answers.


But if you read the transcript of the interview instead of the manufactured hype about “bungling” the interview, you’ll see that Sanders handled himself well.

True. Just read it. Example:

...And if the only thing that matters to you is making an extra buck, you
don't care about my family, I think that's immoral. And I think what
corporate America has shown us in the last number of years, what Wall
Street has shown us, the only thing that matters is their profits and
their money. And the hell with the rest of the people of this country.

It's both hilarious and pathetic how this kind of sentiment simply doesn't resonate with the corporate media, even as it's a growing tidal wave with the people...


Clinton is not a failure... from the perspective of the people she works for.


Do you refer to the complexities of continuing the disasterous US occupation of both Afghanisatn and Iraq, and our continued support for both their illegitimate puppet regimes.
I realize you are an unabashed Hillary fan boy, but even you have to realize that her experiences in the foreign policy realm have been so very distasterous to so many innocent people.


Still laughing!
It's amazing that, here in the dark and bloody year of our lord 2016, that we are about to walk into the voting booths and like Wile E Coyote, we will be pulling the levers, or poking the touch screens, and then putting up our little umbrellas and waiting for the rock to crush us.


Fortunate for us in real life the scope of possibilities are not limited to or by the four year ritual. Breaking through the hypnotic media suggestion that people should believe that to be the only option and then go back to sleep. Its never stated explicitly, but none of the other forms of civic engagement ever receive such attention. Gee, now why might that be?

I'm reminded of the premise of the movie "The Manchurian Candidate". Unfortunately the hypnosis would seem to be instead to get us to actively slay all motivation for collaborative grass roots governance.


Could be ALL 3:

"Ms. Clinton is either a slow learner, or she lacks judgment, or she’s responding to her constituency … large multi-national corporations with deep pockets."


Look, I have compassion for you. I really do. Shilling for someone like Hillary--whatever the hourly fee or salary has GOT to be a lousy gig.

But here's the thing: Sociopaths typically have higher I.Q levels than persons with healthy functioning consciences. While I hardly concede the point that Hillary has a "superior intellect," if SAID intellect is used for nefarious purposes--such as promoting wars of aggression (which incidentally qualify as THE gravest of Crimes Against Humanity)--than this intelligence is hardly a bonus. It becomes a moral ball and chain since ultimately, every human being faces a post-death judgment encounter that is based on their levels of understanding and how they behaved... accordingly.

Mrs. Clinton will have MUCH to answer for... Universal Justice is hardly as fickle as that which has been devised by human imperfections.


The term is disastrous.


Hillary's "experience"

... the whole world saw,
and every decent soul recoiled, at the true face of NATO’s answer
to the Arab Spring. An elderly, helpless prisoner struggled to maintain
his dignity in a screaming swirl of savages, one of whom thrusts a knife
up his rectum. These are Europe and America’s jihadis in the flesh. In a
few minutes of joyously recorded bestiality, the rabid pack undid every
carefully packaged image of NATO’s “humanitarian” project in North

Hillary: "We came, we saw, he died" (insert cackle)

One of the real scandals involving HRC's emails were the lies that invading Libya was for humanitarian reasons. Her emails show that Libya and its water irrigation were bombed because of the gold and the power Ghaddhafi would have had if he brought irrigation and a new gold standard to all of Africa for the purpose of their independence from America and Europe.

"Newly leaked Clinton emails reveal disturbing truth about what Hillary advocated for while she was Secretary of State."

Read More: http://www.trueactivist.com/facebook-is-censoring-a-massive-leak-of-hillarys-emails-that-could-end-her-campaign/


Yes, there are times when not answering is better than spouting "answers" that produce calamitous results. Even worse when the answers "happen" to follow the narratives of the corporate-military-industrial complex. Bernie knows the powers-that-be when the matter is foreign wars and decided to tackle them later from a position of strength - when he became POTUS. We do know, however, that for Bernie to put right the domestic economy a genuine cutback of the military is a must. This requirement alone would be a disincentive to further needless wars and destruction of peoples and nations that had never done any harm to the United States.


We should not call these "Trade" agreements. These should be called, at least by the progressives, what they really are: Enriching the Global Oligarchy Agreements.



Is there any evidence for this claim? Also, isn't this a generalization and therefore liable to be false by your
own doctrines?

So "don't worry and be happy" as "Universal Justice" will take care of everything?



The word is disastrous. A "term" is a noun or a noun phrase. "Disastrous" is clearly an adjective, not a noun.



You say 'Hillary appears to have a superior intellect for the complexities...' but you give no examples of that intellect. The media has been promoting that theme but to judge from her record just where are these examples of when she was so brilliant? I can't remember one example of her being notably so intelligent either as a senator nor especially as Sec of State. In fact her term as Sec is notable for incredible blunders that caused the rise of ISIS and destabilized more regions in the Mid East and Africa. So even aside from her support of the war in Iraq which certainly didn't show all that much intellectual brilliance... Just where do you see examples of Hillary's supposed intellect?