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The Failures Of Western Reporting in Gaza

The Failures Of Western Reporting in Gaza

Vijay Prashad

If you are a Western journalist and you have to report from Gaza, the best thing to do is to treat the Palestinians as a threat.

Their bodies are weapons, their existence is dangerous. If a Palestinian is killed by an Israeli soldier, the most appropriate thing to do is to call it a “clash.” Clashes take place when two armed forces confront each other.

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US lamestreet media is nothing but part of the corrupt, greedy, sycophants of oligarchs who run this country. They are in collusion with these sycophants around the world. They are responsible for the atrocities around the world and here in the US.


As has been pointed out by Jewish apologists, criticizing anything Jewish, like Israel, is probably Antisemitism, so Israel should be given a free pass, and its critics smeared or ruined. Powerful forces see to that…


To the US MSM, it’s always the Palestinians who “started” it. This blindness comes from over-consumption of the Zionist narrative.

According to this narrative, it’s never the Palestinians responding to being dispossessed and caged into open air prisons, but the poor Israelis responding to “terror.”

It’s not the Palestinians upset at having their land forcibly “partitioned” out from underneath them in order to provide primarily European Jews a safe haven from persecution, it’s Zionists simply “defending themselves” against hordes who are attacking them for no apparent reason other than their “anti-Semitism.”

When it comes to “peace talks,” it’s not the Palestinians agreeing to part with nearly 90 percent of historic Palestine despite having been forcibly imposed upon all these decades, it’s the Israelis who are graciously parting with their land to these irrational and ungrateful natives.

What started out as a propaganda ploy and an effort to ease the consciences of the well-intentioned, has now transformed over time into the frame through which all news MUST be portrayed.

That is why this carefully crafted and nurtured narrative poses such an obstacle peace and should be exposed whenever and wherever it is spouted.


The decent people of the US and the decent people of Israel have a lot of work to do. We must get our police under control, and stop the needless deaths of our citizens, especially people of color. Israeli’s must get control of the Zionist forces in their country to stop the needless killing of Palestinians. Will either of us accomplish these goals ? The future does not look bright.


I saw Prashad give a speech at a fundraising event at USC. He’s an awesome human being.

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It isn’t a “failure” of western reporting it is decades of subversion of our press and journalism to cater to the Israeli/zionist narrative! The world press has been targeted for decades, to blind the world to Israeli racism, ethnic cleansing, murders and brutality by the IDF.

Israeli extremism and racism is a malignancy on the world. “Clashes” my ass, they are intentional provocations and IDF brutality and violence against unarmed activists against israli occupation and racism to justify their murders and maiming by the IDF!!
Rachel Corrie
Brian Avery
Emily Henochowicz
Tristan Anderson
Tom Hurndall
Caoimhe Butterly
Munib Masri
Bianca Zammit
nine activists killed on “Gaza Freedom Flotilla”
And the thousands of Palestinian victims of Israeli racism!



“Iman Hams, a slight girl of 13 wearing a school uniform and toting a backpack crammed with books, wandered past an Israeli military outpost on the Gaza Strip’s southern border with Egypt”
“It’s a little girl,” a soldier watching from a nearby Israeli observation post cautioned over the military radio. “She’s running defensively eastward. . . . A girl of about 10, she’s behind the embankment, scared to death.”

Four minutes later, Israeli troops opened fire on the girl with machine guns and rifles, the radio transmissions indicated. The captain walked to the spot where the girl “was lying down” and fired two bullets from his M-16 assault rifle into her head"

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A16886-2004Nov27.htmlPlease read about the murder of Iman Hams and her IDF murderer;s acquittal!


If one were to inquire of a typical M$M consumer what Gaza is, the reply would be that it must be some cool new app–a Trumpian would no doubt fill in the “details” about exactly what it does and top it all off with a slew of superlatives.

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Public Broadcasting, Public Radio and The Newshour, are near the core of our media problem, especially regarding war policy, the M.E in general and the Palestine Question in particular. How PB covers stories is the yardstick by which MSM journalists judge their work. The significance here is they depend on public contributions, are subject to public input and therefore the single most productive place to stir the pot for competent journalism. They have been carrying water for Israel for decades, so it won’t be easy.

The problem is that public broadcasting was undermined years ago when corporate America forced public broadcasting to “compete” with the mainstream media by being primarily dependant on corporate sponsorship for their survival. Once the PB system has to kneel before the altar of corporate dependency, the writing was on the wall.
Public Broadcasting only works when the broadcaster is wholly dependant on the public treasury for its survival but accountable only to the general public for its content and focus. Once private corporations enter the mix, the bias becomes immediate and inevitable.
Simliar PB systems are constantly under attack around the globe. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, originally wholly dependant on public funds for day to day operations, also saw its budget slashed under right wing governments causing it to cow-tow to the corporate money trough and forcing the broadcaster to become more amiable to the 1%. BBC and other public networks around the world are the first to take a hit anytime corporate parties are elected.

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Ironically, I believe that Israel has appropriated the final solution as its own policy.

Exterminating Palestine and Palestinians. That’s obviously what’s underway.

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You’re absolutely right. Since outright extermination (along the lines of Native-Americans) is frowned upon these days, Zionists have decided that they will make life so difficult for the Palestinians on lands that they covet, that the Palestinians will either die off or leave.

In the meantime, they will continue to build illegal settlements in the hope of changing “facts on the ground” so that any future withdrawal (and meaningful two-state solution) will be rendered effectively impossible.

They will mouth words to the effect of we want “peace talks,” but these so-called talks will constitute little more than dictation, with its inevitable rejection becoming an excuse for more war/land grabs.

It is a testament to power of perseverance that the Palestinians have refused to allow themselves to be entirely ethnically-cleansed all these years despite the hardships they have endured.

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